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  1. The PC did not come with any install discs or software discs. (HP Pavilion a1410Y) When I set it up, it suggested that I create the discs. When I went to the wizard to do it, it said it required 17 CD R's. The PC does not have a DVD burner.
  2. When we bought our new HP desk top, it was suggested by HP that we create a set of re install discs. This would take about 11 DVD R discs and 17 CD R's. Could I just put this data on a USB flash memory? If so, how big a flash memory do we need to buy? Thanks, John
  3. "Double-click the Ntbackup.msi file in the following location on the Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM to start a wizard that installs Backup: CD-ROM Drive:\VALUEADD\MSFT\NTBACKUP " Are they referring to the Dell supplied "Operating System Reinstallation Windows XP Home Edition CD Rom"?
  4. Backup utility does not appear in tools. I tried to run ntbackup.exe and it is not there either. Am I supposed to download this from a disc that came with the computer?
  5. It has been brought to my attention that my wife and I need to do this on our Dell PC. I went to the Microsoft site and looked at their instructions. It says to use the 'backup utility.' I am not sure about where this is and I have a natural hesitancy to mess with the registry as the last time I did, the PC ended up in the repair shop. I am not all that computer skilled. Is there a safe and fairly simple way to do this? Thanks, John
  6. THank you! That did it. I wish I knew a little more about what I am doing with computers.
  7. This was working after the PC came from the shop, but for some reason I got a message "Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be loaded." I was advised in a chat with Comcast to uninstall OE6 and reinstall. I uninstalled it but then I could not reinstall the new download because when I did, I got a message, "Setup has detected a newer version already installed on this system. Setup cannot continue." So, where is it? I don't find any reference to Outlook Express in the remove/install program
  8. My computer was in the shop with a problem and Windows 98SE had to be reinstalled by the technician. In the process, the games that came with the computer were lost. The only Windows 98SE cd rom is a copy I had made a while ago and I was unable to reinstall the games with it. The message I get is : "The file 'cards.dll on Windows Second Edition CD Rom cannot be found. Setup could not find a file on the specified path. If the path appears below, make sure it is correct. Click ok to try copying again." the path shown in the box is C:\Program Files\Creative\WDM_INST. I am not at all a computer person. Is there a way to restore the games? Thanks, John
  9. Well, Takeshi, as I said - or thought I said, I am not all that sharp with computers in the first place. I am just trying to solve a problem that I am not at all sure about. I am assuming it is in a registry issue. If I wasted your valuble time, I am sorry for that.
  10. I attempted to download IE7 but it really caused a problem. It seemed to install OK, but then I ended up with the new icon and 4 shortcut icons. Whenever I clicked on the icon to open IE7, the computer loaded for a long time and locked up and nothing happened. After two or three reboots, I finally went to system restore.
  11. Takeshi, I am sure that your linked web page is what I need, but I am pretty apprehensive about fooling around with my registry as that is what caused the problem in the first place. Perhaps I can ask a tech person I know.
  12. So, if I download Firefox can I reverse it and go back to Internet Explorer?
  13. There is this web site that I frequent, www.rusc.com. I am a member and I used to be able to go there each time without having to log on. Now I have to log on each time I enter. No big deal, I guess, but it was nice before this. I went to the tools and did what you suggest with no apparent relief. If I only had a brain.
  14. Thanks. I do think the problem is in the registry and I don't think I have the skill to go there and make changes without help as that's how I created the mess in the first place.
  15. Our Dell PC went into the shop last month and since it returned - it lost some drivers due to stupid operator error - I have to reenter login names and passwords on most of the web sites I frequent. Also, on varous sites, past searches would still be there. In other words, if I go to IMDB or e-bay to look for a name again, I have to re type the name, whereas before, if I typed just the first letter, it would reappear. A few websites will still remember my login and allow me to enter. some will not, but they all used to. I am not very good with computers, so I hope I am making my case clearly enogh. John
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