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  1. I recently built a computer using a MSI 865PE Neo2-P motherboard, and a p4 processor at 3.0 ghz with HT technology, recently the motherboard fried and i got a replacement under warranty, my problem is, now the processor heats up pretty badly when i play games, even old games, i have a 256 mb vid card so thats not the problem does anyone know what the right temperature range for a p4 3 ghz processor is? i read on another forum that i can't hurt the processor by overheating, it will just shut down first, right now i am using a program from msi to shut down the computer if it gets hot, but this disallows any gaming. how can i lower the cpu temperature? the system temp is around 45-50*C usually but the cpu will shoot up to around 65-70*C when gaming, otherwise around 43-48*C
  2. what will lame mp3 do, can it retrieve my lost filesf?
  3. Where in indonesia? can i get it online? Di mana? Bisa pesan di internet?
  4. i bought a sony atrac3 mp3 cd player and with their wonderful atrac3 format burned my entire cd library onto cds, glad for the space saving format. now when i try to play the .atp files on my computer it won't work, and the only way i can listen to my cds is on my cd player. does anyone know of a converter to gain playability on my comp?
  5. http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mai...ail.php?UID=528 i believe thats the motherboard i got. my problem is that i cannot find in this country the prescott/northwood processor, but can find other socket 478 processors....is that good enough? • 865PE Neo2-PFS [Gb LAN, SATA]
  6. www.limewire.com not a specific mp3 site but an excellent prgrm
  7. hey i recently bougtht the msi neo2-p motherboard w/o realizing it called for a p4 northwood/prescott processor. i was wondering since it said socket 478 in parentheses if any socket 478 processor would be compatible. help!
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