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  1. LOl , it means letting WLMe outside the control of the firewall
  2. Thats like saying do not want to use XP because it is do different in looking and features from the previous one. Common man , grow up. give the new versions a try , they are awsome!!! go for 9 B1 i would say
  3. This beta is 5367 and the last TP build was 5371!!!! Makes no sense to me!!!! Also , rather funny that none of the TP should ever crash for me and the Beta gave an error right at the first start after the new install!!! Had to repair it before i could even use it
  4. Opera 9 Beta 1 Released I know it has been posted in the softwares section , but since we ha this thread running from so long , i thought it to be appropriate that the Major beta release should be posted here too!!!
  5. Maybe pinned now , i have added the symptom and the solution in the first post so that anyone who has the problem can get quick access to the solution.
  6. Hve you got any firewall installed and running? Maybe letting WLMe out of its jurisdiction for a while could help!!
  7. Well , actually that is not the case for live mail!!!! They have not yet provided us with any invitations to be shared among friends and family. What we people are sharing over here are invitations we recieve on our dummy ids which we do not use
  8. http://www.filehippo.com/download_microsoft_antispyware/?561 Here you go
  9. Sorry mate , the original ones please me more
  10. Sorry for being humorous , but couldnot help laughing at the topic title How To type in Japan? Well , if i am not wrong , maybe you could sit in front of the comp. and type using the keyboard !!! Japan or USA , i believe that is the most common and the best way to type
  11. Well i had heard the new successor to Vista was Codenamed Vienna!!! Its useless to talk on the next version right now , who knows when Vista comes out finally and then onto the next one!!!
  12. New Build - 1347 released on April 12
  13. New Pre-Easter-Mid-Weekly Release BTW , did anyone finf out the Easter egg added in the last release?
  14. LOL , why does it say holes of MSFN ? Any one would like to explain how this translation took place?
  15. Hi Welcom to MSFN . Next time , just have at the forum name and description before you post Have a nice time with us all!!
  16. I disagree , what is the problem with discussing the pros and cons of what you are using? If you do not like it , bettter not to get involved. Diff. people , diff. views BTW , WolfX2 , shouldn't your sig. read Formerly instead of Formally ?
  17. I agree that the product is not as good as it was in the Beta 1 Stage , but this fix worked for us!!
  18. Mid Weekly/Pre Beta RC - 8348 Reported as different from the usual betas , is because it is a Pre Beta. Not a stable beta.
  19. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=69632 We already have a topic on this http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=915105 Here is the MS Article on this Beta Issue.
  20. Wov cool BTW , is it the latest release? I heard they have released a build 5342?

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