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  1. Hello. I have a problems with controlling volume on my HP laptop using volume buttons placed on a laptop case. volume is fixed on zero position and i can not do anything with that. It makes a lot of problems like no sound on video websites playing from adobe flash player (youtube, google video etc.). Heard that many people had this problem. Do anyone know what is the reason?? Please help me.
  2. Question for XPero or for anyone interested. What do you think about changing the colours of graph showing used space in disk properties window?? It would be nice to see finally sthg else than the rubbish purple...
  3. Windows 98 Shell and Skins

    what about the litestep litestep is free see @ litestep.net
  4. Forum and Opera 7.54u2 problem

    Hello. Well i finally install opera 8. And after quite long configuration it works like i wanted to. I used v9 beta since build 8348 or maybe earlier, i don't remeber cause it was updated recently i like it because of many speed improvements. To alsiladka - i have to tell you that i like to be up to date with software so i used the latest upgrade to opera 7 i even used win me when no one want hear about it after many data lost and i have no problem with this system after disabling some features and optimization.
  5. boot logo suggestion, laugh

    That's good But Dels maybe you should add the link to this picture http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/7515/bootlogo8cs.gif EMD, is the progress bar moving or not? Are you using it on your system?
  6. Forum and Opera 7.54u2 problem

    Yeah i think you're right but v8 needs some changes in configuration to work and look like 7. And it's just the power of old habits. i used v8 when it was beta. Maybe i should try now?
  7. Forum and Opera 7.54u2 problem

    I just don't want ot update opera to v8. I prefer v7. But fortunately i found the solution.
  8. Hello. I have a little problem with with a forum mainpage. It cannot be loaded in 100% in my browser (Opera 7.54u2) because it is starting to load the page all over again at the moment when images should be loaded. I noticed this problem about month ago. I remember that i have this problem on msfn forum about year ago but i remember that it was quickly resolved by the script changes (i think). Please help me.
  9. usb-files for windows 98-se

    Try to replace those files with the original one's. If not work maybe try THOSE drivers by Maximus. You can download them HERE.
  10. [wallpaper]simply... Windows.

    Looks great for me !!! It's really looks fresh and clean. Awesome as usually Greetings!
  11. Xpize 4 Suggestions

    i know that it is drawn dynamically But i think that there is some way to change although the color
  12. Xpize 4 Suggestions

    Wow i was looking for soft like Replacer for such a long time About XPize v4 - I was thinking for a long time about changing the graph showing the disk percantage alloction. Even changing colors would satisfie me and the Scan Disk icon is old (or maybe i'm wrong)
  13. Winrar Cutomization No Longer Needed.

    This is great! right now i'm downloading themes. It looks great. So fresh. Finally i'll open the WinRAR with PLEASURE Thanks.
  14. 2.0 Rc2

    So i would like to make it but i'll need a lot of your help Do you agree? If you do please send me on e-mail some useful infos like what localizable and nonlocalizable patches do i need, some scripts etc.
  15. 2.0 Rc2

    Gape i have a question about Polish translation. I'm waiting for it but Polish translator did not release it yet. And my question is: did Pablo contact with you about the sp2.0?? Because i think he discontinue works with sp. Maybe i am wrong so if you know something please tell me about it and i'll be waiting patient. If i'm right maybe you know is there someone who wants to make a PL localization?