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  1. APRIL FOOLS TRICK!!!! Nice Try Dude But what you said was little too much to digest, and hence it gave you away
  2. I know. But whatever infections of spyware before SP2 have all vainished now. Few of the major factors are ActiveX Blocking and Prompting, Which goes for downloads as well. BTW , i am amazed why i have never expreienced the wrath of a VIRUS even though i have no Anti Virus?
  3. Try installing Windows XP Alt - Tab Powertoy once. See if it works
  4. Homepage Bored of the default shortcuts made by XP and other Apps. on the Desktop? Want more functional shortcuts on the Start Menu and Desktop? Have a look at this http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/6128/screenshot0038ck.jpg http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/2188/screenshot0040kp.jpg I have been using them , Once you aquaint yourself with a basic idea about them , You can change them to suite your needs . And it is not at all tough , it is easy like helll!!!
  5. http://herby.virtualplastic.net/ I am gonna create a new thread for this. Just go and have a look at this.
  6. It it not just Windows Classic Theme. Even XP has it inbuilt. What it does is , it changes all your resources to those present in Windows ME . Like XP patches all the Non - XP resources to XP style , it patches all the XP resources to Non - XP
  7. Never had to worry about viruses and spywares after installing SP2. Believe me , running my comp. smoothly without any Anti - Virus. SP2 , you got to have it man!!!
  8. /ME says - Yeah , that like it
  9. Strange . Apparently the software which it removed was nothing but the definition update. So when the defender did not find any previous definitions , it simply installed the only definition file available to it , that is the current one. But after doing it last time , i have not had to do so again. It has been updating regularly and smoothly since
  10. If you downloaded the Pro. Edition , i presume u must have paid for it and downloaded !!! If that is the case , maybe you could contact the site from which you downloaded. And if this is not the case , then i presume this falls in the catogory of warez , and discussing warez is not allowed on the board .
  11. Got the link from the signature of one of our members , not able to search who it was. Some really startling facts over there , for me atleast , if not startling then atleast not what i used to think before Seeing this i did not mention some of the exiting realities mentioned over there , but i certainly request you people to have a look at it. I am not posting it over here for reasons like i hate firefox or like that , no , even i have been a firefox user at one time , but i just though you should know what the myths we believe in and what are the realities
  12. Guyz, lets just keep it simple. Post Email ID. If lucky , you recieve your Invite. Next step , be sure to strike off your Email ID
  13. Oops must have overlooked it. Neways , Wolf74481 , you can bookmark this for quicker access . Thats what i do for the frequently visted threads
  14. The topic is not just a list of OSS but also some good freewares.
  15. Just one ques. before even i included to the list? Only open source ones or even the normal freewares?
  16. Actually , i do not remember it being sticky ever !! Forgive me if i missed it , but the previous sticky threads did not include one on browser!! Bookmark it
  17. Sent . @wolf 74481 , You can distribute to those who ask now onwards. I have sent mine to the 2 who have asked till now
  18. Wov thanx , this is what i wanted strange no one mentioned this before. Anythn similar for Explorer?
  19. Guys , whenever i open My Computer or My Documents or any other drive from my shortcuts , they always open in a small Window , i then have to maximise them Even all my IE links open in a small window . I have set IE to open Maximised , but it seems it happens only when you open the shortcut which you configure. Any way to make Explorer and IE links open maximised?
  20. Even i tried that , but seems to be giving some problems. Not able to insert Smilies I have posted this suggestion the IPB forums. Lets hope they make a change quickly
  21. Guys , i do not know how to put it , but this is the simplest way. My GF , indian , has just shifted to The USA and wishes to do a MBA course in the future. She is not a graduate yet , so min. 4 years study is left as far as i know. After that she shall be eligible for the MBA course. She lives in Dallas. I have not been able to get any verified and a nice source of Info on the Course , Eligibility and Etc. I would appreciate some nice help fom you people. I am not even aware of the complete educational system over there, she has not yet briefed me up on that or i would have been able to provide you with more info. What i need is not info for Indians to obtain Visa , then go to The USA. She lives in The USA and studying in high school presently , wishes to do MBA in future. Hope you would help me
  22. Wov prathap that was cool , was not aware of it till now !! Coming back to topic , how can i post it in there forum ? Mind guiding me . Or can someone with some influence on that board do this , it would create more of an impact.
  23. For me opera has never allowed rich text editor while posting replies or topics. I have put up this question with the Opera Developer team loads of times in their weekly build blog. Atlast yesterday one of them answered me - " the site needs to stop blocking Opera from using the rich text editor." I guess this means that now opera supports rich text editing if the website allows opera to do so. Now my main Ques is , is this something IPB controls or the Admins can change this? I am an Opera user and it is very troublesome without the rich text editor. Can anything be done about it please?

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