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  1. sorry i did not see it before. checked it now. wont comment on anything but will let you people decide which one is better and and which one you want to vote in to get a result.
  2. Well i did not find a suitable thread for such a hot topic like browsers. Although i do not have a very varied list of browsers available in the market. I choose 4 of the top browsers. Please excuse me if i hav left out any of your favorites. you can specefy the name and cast your vote as a post . i shall add them up here with the others. Also i did not add browsers like avant because they use internet explorers core . so lets just talk about the cores. let us see which browser rules Ok here is some comparision if u need one before making your choice. A comparision between more than 20 of todays various browser engines Various features have been compared like General information Operating system support Browser features Accessibility features Accessibility features (cont.) Web technology support Protocol support Image format support Security Now i think you have got a source to back your choice.
  3. although we have an answer here would like to tell that Reak alternative is not a patch it is just codecs which will play real media files in wmp. also you have a quick time alternative on the same site which will play quicktime files.
  4. so xpero when wil it b coming out? any headons?
  5. where is the coder of this awsome programme... man we are waiting for the next release full of tweaks. can we add a section for hardware centric tweaks?
  6. guyz, u have A as the floppy drive, the second drive is labeled c, now my english says it is a "B" c d why did microsoft keep it away? any ideas
  7. man was xpecting thm after we al had dis discussion. wel i thnk tht aqua one lookd quite for xp n r even beautiful so can v hav tht guys? or how about first time in a Xpize pack we give an option to chose the one u want? wat say guys?
  8. no i did not even search for them these osx r awsome man , why not stick to these for our zpize cursors . has anybody got more cursors from osx?
  9. Agreed, use comma's instead! guys well nobody told me not to do that before, for me it was a way of separating multiple thougths, but if you feel this is beeter, no problemos, it shall be so
  10. thats exactly what i wanted to say..... xpize is there so that u dont have to go for some 3rd party sets.... by the way..... ur osx theme link doesnt wokr....... i tried another link in that thread... got the set but not the .inf one..... looks awsome.... thanx mate...... can u giv me the inf set...?
  11. what i was speaking was... xpize is not created to create new out of the way looks.. it is created to upgrade the microsoft windows..... so we have to stick to the regular cursors..... we cant go out of the way to black contrast cursors... so guyz think of something in this direction... common
  12. wel black wit whit outlie...... dunno how it wil look.... send me a set or the link i wil see.... i was talkign abt a....... better white color..... more fresh looking... wat say
  13. hey ofcourse anybody can try n change them..... but we are a group who want to make xpize better ...... i am pointing out to the group that this is left out...
  14. guys...... i jss noticed smthng...... have u seen the cursors....... so old..... i dont thnk they hav changed frm 98....... the white colour is so dull....... does not even look fresh white...... the cursor for cd..... n the cursor with the sand clock... showcasig some work being done..... cursors are sometinh in fron of the eyes always... dont u thnk they need some wokr...... what say guys
  15. this is the tool is very good Replacer for win xp/2k try is out

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