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  1. Hi , Welcome to MSFN A few points , thanx for notifying us about the release , especially since it was your first post . We usually have all the releases notification in the BPTN forum and use this forum for discussions about the Beta softwares. Since you started this topic , we shall start the discussion over here itself ============================================== Anyone of you tried it out? I installed it , although i knew i wont be using the URGE service , i decided to install it . to my surprise , the Installer downloaded nearly 30 MB of data just to install URGE. i do not understand what it is all about. I have been busy adding files to My Library , which is really slow. SO cant give my thought on the player as of yet. But from what i have seen uptil now , the look is hell lot much better now. Will get back to you people soon in a day or two after using
  2. Maybe you would want to thinkg about www.Autopatcher.com
  3. I think that it must be due to NTFS. Your disk is formatted with NTFS i guess? As it is , some data activity is bound to be happenning every now and then. Disk Optimization when idle , Indexing? , Logging ......
  4. Hi guys , Opened Yahoo Homepage today and was surprised to see the New homepage we all have known them to be beta testing " Mysteriously" Cant get you a screenshot but you can directly go and see it for yourself!! A small mail preview , Messenger notification , weather notification is there. Go and see for yourself!! Yahoo!
  5. M6 is out!!!! But i must bring to your point right now , that after trying out Live mail , Gmail and the new Yahoo Mail beta , i must point out that Yahoo Mail is amazingly advanced and superior!! In Speed , in Features and just everything Man!!! If Live mail n Gmail dont spice up the contest furthur , i am gonna make a switch PS - Yahoo mail has got Tabs!!
  6. He is your dad man!! Go and talk to him , if its the only comp. in the house , he would certainly let you use it. If there are other comps. maybe he wants to restrict access to that comp since it is his personal and confidential.
  7. Disable the simple file sharing . Right click on the properties of that locked folder. Now navigate yourself to the ownership tap and obtain ownership for that folder. You would have unlocked it Welcome to MSFN
  8. Hey great !!!! Can we have a look at the new things you add and the resources you change somewhere on Xpize's homepage or your blog
  9. Well i can help you in some way over here. If you integrate Xpize with nLite , you will lose the oppurtunity of uninstalling Xpize later on. Also you will not have the Backup of the Original Windows Files i.e you will only have your Xpized files. If you set Xpize to install using the Svpack method along with the switches , you would have a nice silent install of Xpize along with the backups. The best method , acc. to me , is to install xpize manually after installing windows so that you can choose each and every file you need , you have the uninstallation feature , you have the reloader etc. etc.
  10. Hi and welcome to MSFN thanx for sharing it with us , but it was posted on MSFN a long ago .
  11. New Mid - Weekly 8406 Out!! Edit - 600th Post
  12. With the SWF file alone you shall miss the text the person sends you . I save the page as .MHT file using IE. That is simple and all that is needed
  13. Hello Again friends , i will directly come to the point. Does any Mobile Phone Service Provider / Network , provide for free international incoming calls i.e if i call you from India over there in USA , you should not be charged. Is there any plan or service amongst any network which provides for so? Also , what are the charges for GPRS serivce over there? Please help me , hm .... it is a matter of love !!
  14. If he couldnt see what she did , maybe he should have used the drops for himself *LOL what a fool!!
  15. Development still happeneing or have you left it jcarle? We really loved it and wish it to materialise into what was discussed in this thread
  16. guyz , i am gettig extremely low burning speed on nero!! it is burning cds at a speed of only 5x to 10x even though i select min. 40x !! i have tried it with nero 6 and 7 both!! it was not the case before as i used to write even at 52x succesfully also while writing , the computer becomes very sluggish and slow . can anyone explain the strange happening to me? please if your solution is to switch over from nero , you can keep it to yourself as that is not a technical solution which i am expecting. sorry for the framing of the post , i am in a lot of hurry
  17. LOL , since the time i posted this first time [ it was v. 02 ] he has updated it 4 times!!! Now it is v .06 Site is up running !
  18. anyone used it?...... is it really an improvement over the last builds?
  19. Source When i visited the site to download the Nero 6 because of some problem , saw this on the Main Page!! LOL , it seems they have understood that it did not have enough to win over the Nero 6 Loyalists !!! Will give it a try tommorow Download
  20. That is not the case , you can set it to remember your email id and password or only the emiail id or none!! If you have a Hotmail id , i do recommend you to try it out once
  21. When did you think it was this way? Even when it was a smaller beta, once you were into it , direct login to the Hotmail site would take you to Live Mail !! What they have done now is , instead of sign up and wait , directly give your email id and get into the beta then and there
  22. Liveside.net Now you can get direct entry !!! Go enjoy
  23. Post-beta weekly #1 Released Thanks god the weekly pleasures wont be stooped *LOL

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