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  1. I do not run any Anti - Virus software! Do not have to From the time SP2 has come out , my comp has not been infected with Spyware nor Malware nor Virus even once. All that i have on my comp is Windows Defender , which gives me background protection from start up , services and suchthings , and occassional scans from Spybot and Ad-aware. Also , sometimes , do scan online when have nothing to do. The results also support my way of security. NO Adware or spyware or malware or virus since SP2's release. BTW , i use Opera for surfing with occasional help from IE. Always wanted to ask you all , ever seen a virus attack really happen? has you anti-virus saved you from any virus attack actually? or you have it just to be secure?
  2. After being a part of the firefox craze for some months and now Opera for more than the firefox period , i agree and feel the same way to the fullest of its meaning!!!! Wov guyz , Opera seems to be getting better and better with each release!!!!! The widgets have been improved and so many other new features!!!! My love for Opera is increasing friday after friday As a friend , i ask all the firefox and IE users to use Opera once. Not just use , to use the features like site specefic preferences , user java scripts , mouse and voice gestures atlease once. I think you would be in for a surprize
  3. Well then it seems obvious that he has to keep a NTFS Partition if he wants to use this file
  4. New build - 5321 Made sure its right this time
  5. Wov , thats really huge!!! That too in 100 MB Rar files , have not heard any legal download site doing such a thing !!!! But i know it happens somewhere BTW , if you do not wish to convert a FAT32 drive to NTFS , you can do one more thing , which may be a little longer. too keep it simple , if you have any FAT32 drive which is empty , or if you can shift all the data from one of your drives to the other drives , format it using NTFS , extract the file on this drive , delete the downloaded files , copy this file back to the other drive and format this drive to FAT32 again if you need FAT system or leave it as NTFS. This should work i guess
  6. I use ATI Catalyst Drivers only!!! Still it displays MSI ATI Radeon xpress 200 I have the latest BIOS v.3.9 . It seems MSI has this limit enabled . Thanx for the time guyz
  7. No one wants them? P.S - No PMs please.
  8. My friend has a MSI RS 482 M4 and he can share 256 MB , so i thought even i can do that!!!! And about xpress 300 , i checked the Device Manager , Under the Display Adapter , it shows MSI Radeon Xpress 200 Series. Actually i think, that xpress 300 was an add on card , and xpress 200 was built on the same framework!!
  9. alsiladka

    7 Zip Icons

    Till the time we have some Xpized solution to this , Anyone know of some icon we can use for 7zip files?
  10. X200 Mate I dont wanna go for a new card is because this is a new computer i bough . Cant go on adding up stuff or my dad would kill me *LOL I plan to wait for maybe another year before getting myself a new card with great performance on Vista too!! Till then , there must be some way to do this?
  11. hi guyz , I have a MSI RS482 M2 series Motherboad with ATI Xpress 200 integrated for graphics . Now , i have been able to share only 128 MB of RAM with my ATI display card . I have 1 GB of RAM and want to share more of it for Display. In the BIOS , the UMA frame buffer Size , shows a maximum of 128 MB only whereas AGP Aperture size goes well beyond 128 MB , upto 1 GB. Due to this , my UMA Buffer size is 128 , as much as i could give to it and the AGP Aperture size is currently 256 MB. Can anyone of you Help me how to Share more of the RAM? Maybe 256 MB? P.S - I have an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ running on this Motherboard. Can i overclock it?
  12. The MicrowinX site was not accesseble when i tried to view it today ? I guess this would support all the latest High Quality games? Do i have to install DirectX later on? P.S - just a few suggestion . The ini File which i got from the attachment was from RC1 ! Have you not tried the later RCs yet? Maybe you can remove the hotfix integration and the driver integration from the INI file , since the users would be having these files in some other folders . SO this may cause problems ! Waiting for a stable public Beta release to try
  13. is there a way to select which smilies appear on the left while replying? Currently 23 are displayed and the rest you can choose by the show all screen. So is there any way to have the favorite ones displayed among those 23?
  14. Well had a look in here for the first time till now. Certainly a cool prospect. Besta luck for this. My exams have finished , so i may be able to Test it if given a chance to do so
  15. Got another invite on my dads id. Whoever wants , you can ask me
  16. No need to prove worthy , just if someone wants it he can ask for it . Preference to Mods and the Senior Members
  17. I do not think that the size would be so such a huge one. All the updates slipstreamed with the Basic Installation should not cross 700 MB Max. Why dont you try Ryans Update pack. About you hotfixes - You shall need the Genuine Advantage sooner or Later. The others you can skip
  18. alsiladka

    7 Zip Icons

    That would be really welcome Xpero . Just having some pleasing file type icon would be far far better than the current icons
  19. Join the beta It is a Public Beta now. Go join it
  20. Guyz i have been noticing this for quite a long time now. The 3 buttons at the bottom of Yahoo Messenger of 1. Yahoo Home 2. Yahoo Mail 3. Voice Messages and Call History They display a very ugly tooltip!! Nowhere else do i see such a tooltip not even in other buttons or places in the Yahoo Messenger. Is it a problem with yahoo messenger or a problem with my system
  21. Happy Bday !!! Keep rocking all the way
  22. If i got you right , you mean that when i get my news from neowin i should post neowin as the source? Although i try to keep the end article as the source to make access easier, will follow what you directed from next time
  23. Liveside.net Windows Live Messenger Beta: Automatic Acceptance Come join the Bandwagon
  24. Thank you . Dont know what got into me . Was using the numpad so mistook 6 for 3 Corrected

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