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  1. Good evening to all, i have a small question. can i still use ms-dos or pc-dos version 7 on these motherboards? i still have asrock 4coredual-vsta here. hehe. thanks.
  2. i hope there will be a new release of this great pack.. very helpful
  3. thanks so much God Bless
  4. will future version support direct integration of wmp 11? thanks..
  5. Try These tips and tricks DesktopPipeline
  6. Microsoft Corp. will provide support for the IEEE1394b standard "within a reasonable time" after the launch of Windows Vista, according to a Microsoft Corp. representative who attended the IEEE1394 Trade Association meeting held here last week. The Widows Vista is the software giant's flagship operating system, whose broad launch is expected in January, 2007. EE Times
  7. with some limitations though..... Arstenica
  8. The Mozilla Corporation plans to rush out a minor update to Firefox, numbered, in order to address a denial-of-service vulnerability in the most recent version of the open source Web browser. The move comes despite the flaw being rated "non-critical" by security firm Secunia. more in Betanews
  9. is there a way to install IE7 in 98se? is it possible?
  10. hi . is there a traditional chinese version? thanks God Bless
  11. Mozilla today released Firefox download it from Mozilla FTP Latest Changes Include: Improvements to product stability & several security fixes. Download
  12. Microsoft Windows Vista isn't even out yet and Microsoft are now planning there next generation operating system according to Microsoft-Watch Microsoft have said that there next successor to Vista will be codename Windows "Fiji" Check out the Article at Microsoft Watch. Article
  13. Analytics firm comScore Networks announced Monday the results of its February measurement of instant messenger usage around the world, with Europe surpassing the United States in IM users for the first time. MSN Messenger was also ranked as the most used client, garnering 61 percent of the worldwide market. According to the survey, 82 million people in Europe use instant messaging software, amounting to 49 percent of the online population. In the United States only 69 million of people use IM, or 37 percent of the online population. Latin America had the highest IM penetration covering 64 percent of Web users. MSN Messenger has a strong hold over the market thanks to 90 percent reach in Latin America and 70 percent in Europe and Asian Pacific markets. Microsoft's IM client is still neck and neck with AOL Instant Messenger in the United States, however, with Yahoo! Messenger trailing closely behind. comScore also noted that new IM clients are beginning to gain a foothold outside of the U.S., with voice calling software Skype leading the charge. Skype is used by 14 percent of all instant messenger users worldwide, although that includes only three percent of the online population in the United States. Asia Pacific has the most voice chatters, says comScore, with Skype being used by 26 percent of that region's active IM population. betanews
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