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  1. Sound is Realtek, by the looks of things, which generally have insanely good 'old OS' support... https://www.realtek.com/en/component/zoo/category/pc-audio-codecs-high-definition-audio-codecs-software That's basically ruled your PC out then, as far as I've searched there's no GPU drivers for your laptop that work properly. Searched around a bit for you and there's nothing I could find that was relevant. Sorry. It's a shame because it'd have performed fine under 7, better than it would under 10 for sure. Nice username by the way
  2. It's not. Firefox 52 based browsers suffer with memory leak hell. Also, regarding FailMoon, I don't understand the love for it as a product when SeaMonkey has existed for much longer and has much better natured developers that may actually be able to get things done in a much more civil manner with much less infighting and drama, much better PR and overall a much more polished and stable product that while might not be so good for 'XP-era' systems due to the 2.53 line being incompatible, they're literally backporting things from the latest Firefox ESR onto FF56/60's engine... not to mention that the SeaMonkey devs were forcefully kicked out of their funding from Mozilla and forced to look elsewhere, something that has been ongoing since the past four or five years now or so, while FailMoon has not had to deal with being screwed over themselves other than supposedly by their own narcissistic reasons to make up drama much of the time. Oh, also, I always knew the PM drama would happen with RT1/Feodor2 eventually and that it was only a matter of time. They've been pulling stupid things for a while like publicly denying support for people due to what Linux distro they use (Slackware in that case), the whole fiasco with the OpenBSD install script, the NoScript block in the browser, refusing to implement things while claiming to follow the standard "because they don't agree with it on a political level"*, among other things. There was something else too but I forgot what. * Guess what, web standards exist and they are to be followed generally speaking, not so much when it comes to 'design trends' or anything as that's an artistic thing anyway - ignoring those is fine, but anything that's an actual specification or whatever should not be followed liberally, so to say. Like, I dunno, take a packet of crisps for instance. Not every brand follows the same colours on the packets (glares at Walkers) but they always have the same formatting for the nutritional information and stuff; one is a design trend, and one is a standard. (Fun fact, the developer of the Mega Drive demo 'CrazyBus' - yup, that one with the loud, randomly generated PSG tones for the title screen - actually uses SeaMonkey exclusively).
  3. I'll spare the details. All I'm saying is this is a support forum and you didn't just say "I didn't read", you had to write it in a particularly snarky manner. Guess your attitude hasn't changed one bit, Dixel.
  4. For what I meant by expiry - https://letsencrypt.org/docs/dst-root-ca-x3-expiration-september-2021/ I'm not sure if that applies to the file in /files/wsusstuff or not. However you've already linked a more updated method now than the one I was thinking of in your site, so it's not an issue @D.Draker Not sure what the sudden hostility's for unless you're trying to reignite old drama randomly, D(ixel) Draker...
  5. -

    1. D.Draker


      Perhaps because you confused this website for Twitter .

  6. Well, MD5 and SHA-1 have had known vulnerabilities in them for a while, to the point one could craft a backdoored file, or certificate or whatever, and it would return the same hash if they so wished. https://micahflee.com/2016/02/backdoored-linux-mint-and-the-perils-of-checksums/ I still remember this, and reading up on it. It's no wonder MSFT decided to discontinue the SHA-1 endpoints as a result.
  7. I still remember reading about the Opera 10 hack all those years ago. Heh.
  8. Feodor2 seems to have created an overall more polished product anyway (I remember Discord working insanely well on Mypal for quite some time on an early 28.x version) and actually tried to differentiate from the normal Pale Moon at the time, though there was apparently some sort of source code misunderstanding over there too - mostly pertaining to poor English understanding on Feodor2's part and a lack of organisation I believe. I'd like to see the versioning follow its own accord and not Mozilla's, at least. Be nice to have a browser that isn't following the absurd trend of ridiculous browser numbers.
  9. Are AMD Athlon XPs not compatible or too expensive for whatever reason? I mean, gotta think about OP's legs (or his desk) getting scorched by the processor's heat.
  10. I mean, I wouldn't want to open Internet Explorer with a six foot barge pole nor install an ActiveX control, so I never really bothered to check... ... that said, wasn't it working over plain HTTP anyway? At least the dates aren't broken anymore without the ActiveX control since a while ago, that was genuinely irritating.
  11. I thought .NET 3.5 SP1's installer (dotnetfx35.exe, 231 MiB) contained .NET 3.0 SP2 already? I know it includes files for 2.0 SP2, at the least: 3.5 SP1 (covering 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5) and 4.0 (a separate component altogether) were available for XP.
  12. Honestly I feel like Feodor2 and roytam1 should have tried to build from FF right from the start considering just how much of a history PaleMoon have had towards forks. While I will admit I have an unpopular take in that both Feodor2 and roytam1's actions indeed violated the MPL 2.0 in ways, the unprofessional handling from upstream, overall childish attitude on both ends of the argument (surprisingly not so much from the fork developers but from its users), and the fact that Mypal/RT1 line probably benefitted Pale Moon/UXP by giving the upstream project more public attention than they ever could have, kind of shows that ultra-copyleft software licensing in general is quite honestly a pile of elitist/whiny control freakish behaviour that is done in such a way that it can be left ambiguous from a legal standpoint. (Which is why MIT and BSD are so popular: imposing tons of legal jargon is in itself the very antithesis of freedom, and is essentially an attempt to control the inevitable/spite people who profit from your work while simultaneously complaining about lack of proper coordination and funding for your GPL/MPL project.) I remember being an ardent PaleMoon user (using it around 2015 onwards when I discovered the Atom version) until the OpenBSD installer fiasco and that was long before Mypal & the RT1 line even existed, so I kinda saw this coming all along tbh. Just make sure the repo is cleanly organised... and this time please get a better logo, the raccoon one is kinda just eh. Raccoons are cute and all but slapping that as an icon just doesn't work all that well... @kartel To my understanding it is built much less often these days.
  13. I noticed the exact same thing under VMware half a decade ago (2017?) - I found it particularly amusing. To be fair, in general most software I've thrown at even a heavyweight Linux distro runs better than on any version of NT 6, so that's kind of saying something.

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