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  1. Daemon Tools v4.**

    Could you please break it down to easy-to-follow steps? Thanks in advance
  2. Completed Windows Autoruns

    Could you please update the links? They don't work anymore. Otherwise a very nice tutorial
  3. Looking for some silent switches...

    Are these commands compatible with WPI? I was able to create a file with '/SAVEINF=' command but when I try to load it it doesn't work
  4. WPI 6.4.1 release!

    I never had it before, but something happened and when I try to click "configuration" button, it gives me the following message: JavaScript Error Report Message: 'configList[...]. prog' is null or not an object Url: file:///c:documents%20and%20settings/oleg/desktop/wpi_v6.4.1/wpi/wpi.hta File: configwizard.js Function: FillInConfig() Line: 174
  5. Why would you use Network Magic at all? I got it too with my wireless router but I don't see the point of using it. Regarding wireless security, you can set up WEP or WAP(which is more secure) in your router configuration. To access your router configuration you need to type ip of your router in internet explorer bar. There you can choose the type of protection and set a password for your connection. Did you read the manual?
  6. Portforwarding

    That's the site I always used, it's great. But now with moder-router+router I can't portforward for some reason. There is a section on working with 2 routers, but looks like my situation is different.
  7. Portforwarding

    Still looking for help
  8. Portforwarding

    There is no problem with firewall, I have a windows XP firewall and it automatically adds ports used by bitcomet into "expections" category. I'm pretty sure I have no software that could be blocking the ports. Dlink site for Canada is dlink.ca, however I have no idea where to find what I'm looking for and I don't think they provide this info.
  9. Portforwarding

    Yeah it does. I think I should give some more information. For a few years I had a Linksys ADSL modem to connect to the internet. My external IP is dynamic, so in order to postforward I first configured a static internal IP and then I used web browser ( to postforward the ports. Recently I bought a router (D-Link DIR-625) to set up a wireless network at home. I also configured a static IP for my router and portforwarded through web browser ( However it looks I do something wrong, because when I use bitcomet it says that my IP is blocked (yellow light). That means the port is closed, so I didn't postforward it successfully. By the way, my internet works if I only enable router through Start->Settings->Network Connections or if I only enable modem. And if I enable both of them it works as well. I think I probably do something wrong when I configure postforwarding though web browser for modem and/or router, any idea what could it be?
  10. Portforwarding

    Does anyone know how to postforward if you have both modem and router?
  11. Integrating hotfixes

  12. Integrating hotfixes

    I'm a little bit confused anout the integration of hotfixes with nLite. I use Windows Updates Downloader to download updates, but how do I find out which ones do I need to download? Also how do I know which hotfixes and updates my windows already has? (so I won't download and integrate them). For examle I have a windows xp folder on my computer and I want to make an unattended cd but I also have a folder of 363 updates (600mb) and I don't know which to integrate. And one last question about nLite. If I made an .iso of XP automated installation and integrated some hotfixes, but then I realize that I missed some, what do I do? I mean if after I made an iso file of XP, I download some more hotfixes in the derectory where I have windows updates, and I decide to include these new updates to my XP I built but I don't know which ones I already did include, can I integrate ALL the hotfixes that I have, would it be any different if I integrated just new hotfixes? Thanks for help
  13. Thanks a lot, it works fine, though I had to use %UserProfile% almost all the time or it didn't delete. I figure that writing RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\ deletes all the folders at once. By the way, what means RD? I wonder why if I write these commands in WPI they don't work? I would be more convenient than having a .cmd file. Thanks for help again, and I would be glad still if people could post their WPI commands. I have 10 lines there, I use only 1 to install a program, I could probably write something useful in the rest of them
  14. I'm trying to figure out how to delete all the icons (shortcuts) from the desktop along with the folder created in start menu of a particular program. So I need the commands which to put in WPI in order to have shortcuts and folder in start menu deleted. I didn't find any clear answer on this forum and I have no idea how to attain my goal. If you could post your commands so I can understand what to write in WPI commandline it would be appreciated