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  1. There is a bug of Office 2013, you just read the message, of SOMEONE BUGS of How to install Office 2013 on Windows Vista, by @WinFX.
  2. Drivers compatible with Windows 8 or above must run on Windows 2000.
  3. @blackwingcat Blackwingcat, did you discontinue the extended kernel of Windows 2000? Or what, I need to run Office 2013 on Windows 2000 Extended Kernel.
  4. Lists of earlier versions of Windows to run modern apps:- 1. Windows 9.x - Kernel 9.x, to run Windows 2000, or Windows XP apps, or the apps compatible with versions of Windows, newer than Windows XP. 2. Windows 2000 - fcwin2k, by @blackwingcat, to run Windows XP apps, or newer than Windows XP. 3. Windows XP - OneCore API, by @Skulltrail, to run Windows Vista, or Windows 7 apps, or newer than Windows 7. 4. Windows Vista - Patched kernel files, by @win32, to run Windows 7 apps, or newer. 5. Windows 7 - VxKex, by @vxiiduu, to run Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 apps, or newer. 6. Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 - Based on Windows 10 build 9888, by me, to run apps compatible with Windows 10 or newer.
  5. What's up everybody! My laptop still is repairing and it will take time Or longer! I have a phone which has a virtual machine and I installed Windows 10 build 9888 and which works fine. 😀 And I will modify and transform to Windows 8.1. Sorry for my busiest inconvenience everybody. But don't worry.
  6. Guys! The Windows 8.1 Extended Kernel is coming in this month! The expected release date will be on Saturday 4th. ( 04/03/2023 ).
  7. Everybody, today is March! And we know that we will have an extended kernel for this month. The expected release will be on 4th March 2023, Saturday.
  8. Just have Windows Vista 64 Bit, if you have a 64 Bit based computer. Then install an extended kernel and spoof Windows 7 build 6.1 7601 or Windows 10 build 10.0 10240 to get Steam working !
  9. I am under the influence, but because of my exams, till Feb 28, I will release on March. I was trying to release on January, suddenly, my laptop broke and sent for repair and the technician says that it will take for 2 months. So, don't worry about it.
  10. Then go ask @win32! I have exams till Feb 28, and I will release on March 2023, and let him help me for Windows 7 and Windows 8.x after March! What, you guys understand?!
  11. I am reminding everybody, I will release Windows 8.1 Extended Kernel on March. Because of exams till Feb 28.
  12. My exams are till Feb 28, I will release on March 2023.
  13. Ask @win32 to help me to make an extended kernel. Streaming March 2023, I am going to make an extended kernel. The development of WinCare is on and on. I am coming right now. To everybody, I am reminding you all, March 2023 is what I have to say, exams are till Feb 28, and I will make an extended kernel for Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 10 9888 ISO transformed to Windows 8.
  14. I have exams till Feb 28. I will release on March. So, I want @win32 to guide me how to do. WinCare is what, I have to say, is that, caring the future of earlier versions of Windows, like Windows XP to Windows 8.x.
  15. Sorry, for the bad reason, I will postpone to March, as my exams end on Feb 28.
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