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  1. @AstroSkipper No problem, you are welcome.
  2. Hi @AstroSkipper I never install any Updates, but I tested this to see if I can reproduce your bug. HP laptop from 2008 Clean SP3 + legacyupdate.net (LegacyUpdate-1.6.2.exe) - 345 Updates installed, 145 POSRedy Updates, took some time to install all. Installed all Updates, but these last 2 failed to install: Security Update for Windows XP Embedded (KB2686509) Windows Live Essentials WinUpdatesView 1.17, 345 Updates installed: WinUpdatesView 1.17, 345 Updates installed, Save Selected Items: https://pastebin.com/8gsw0ckv WinUpdatesView 1.17, 345 Updates installed, Copy Selected Items, Title only: https://pastebin.com/YBfAh0Ea Quick Startup Installed: So it works fine here. KB2686509 failed to install, I don't know if that makes any difference.
  3. I see, thanks. I have recently discovered that chrome://flags > Strict site isolation > Enabled flag can open Cloudflare-protected sites in v11, but not sure how safe this is. Have you tested this in v11?
  4. Use --no-sandbox switch to fix disappearing text, it shows message: "security will suffer" so you can also use --disable-infobars switch example: Right-click on shortcut > Properties > Shortcut > Target: \360chrome.exe" --no-sandbox --disable-infobars Welcome to MSFN
  5. Yes nice coincidence. When it comes to VirtualBox, does it use your real Video and Sound Card? Or it just emulates them?
  6. Thanks. So YouTube videos play OK for you? But you have sound crackles and video lag problems if the browser works long time without refreshing? Some rare programs can't start without Visual C++, so if you don't use such programs you don't need Visual C++ . @NotHereToPlayGames Your VirtualBox test has helped to narrow down the possible culprit, thanks.
  7. Hi msfntor, YouTube videos play OK for you with no problems (no sound crackles, no video lag) in 360Chrome v12, v13, v13.5 ? Can you tell me which versions of .NET Framework and Visual C++ you have installed on your PC? I wonder if installing all of these would make YouTube video playback better for me in v12-13.5 .
  8. @NotHereToPlayGames You achieved 0 dropped frames - nice. I don't use anti-virus. Only 1 tab open during the test. I use only v11.0.2031.0 and v13.5.1030 for these YouTube tests, both configured the same. Processes:
  9. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. So this section, Viewport / Frames, is not an indicator of playback quality, but an indicator of Internet connection quality? I tried this again: v11 @ 720p, it showed 68 dropped v13.5 @ 360p, it showed 1156 dropped; 17x times more dropped compared to v11, even on a lower 360p resolution hmm. If I try to "fix" this in v12-v13.5, what would have better chance to work? New Ethernet driver? New Video driver? New Audio driver? Faster CPU?
  10. Viewport / Frames 202 dropped in v11 2337 dropped in v13.5 Is this an indicator of playback quality? Is it possible to get 0 dropped?
  11. YouTube sound is better for me in v11 (no sound crackles). In v12 and above, YouTube videos have crackles on the sound, and video playback is often a bit choppy/laggy. Not sure why this happens.
  12. Same results here. Yes, some Add-ons can cause this, as seen from my Mypal+Moonscribe test. For me, the bug happens at the moment when the Moonscribe icon appears, when that icon appears in Mypal - it hides text/fonts in minimized v11. All these flags don't make a difference, disappearing fonts bug still happens in v11: disable-accelerated-2d-canvas disable-direct-write disable-software-rasterizer enable-pixel-canvas-recording lcd-text-aa enable-font-cache-scaling Any other similar flags worth testing? I can't reproduce it in v13.5 with my usual "method".
  13. Thanks ArcticFoxie. And thanks to @UCyborg for pointing to us the --no-sandbox switch. Is --no-sandbox switch the only way to prevent disappearing text in 360Chrome v11?
  14. Tests regarding disappearing text in 360Chrome v11, this is how I can reproduce the bug: 1. open forum.eclectic4un.me in 360Chrome v11 2. minimize 360Chrome v11 3. open Mypal 28.17.0, wait 3-4 sec to load Moonscribe Add-on icon, close Mypal 28.17.0 4. restore 360Chrome v11, text is disappeared If I close Mypal 28.17.0 before Moonscribe Add-on icon is loaded, bug doesn't happen If Moonscribe Add-on is disabled, bug doesn't happen Moonscribe Add-on ON/OFF doesn't make a difference Block/allow remote fonts on forum.eclectic4un.me doesn't make a difference Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing ON/OFF doesn't make a difference Smooth edges of screen fonts ON/OFF doesn't make a difference If I add --no-sandbox switch, bug doesn't happen This bug doesn't happen in 360Chrome v12. With --no-sandbox switch, it shows this: Is it safe to use --no-sandbox switch?
  15. 360Chrome v11: 1. open a page 2. minimize browser window to Taskbar 3. do something else for 5 minutes or longer (open: folders, files, other browser) 4. open browser window again, text is disappeared This is only from memory, I will have to test it more to narrow down the cause, and how long it takes do replicate it. I wonder if it has something to do with Fonts, open in the same time pages where I block remote fonts and pages where I allow remote fonts, not sure if this is relevant, will have to do some tests.
  16. Hi Reino, does xidel work for downloading videos? If I want to download this video for example, what would be the code to do it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video)
  17. Hi Egorkaru, is there an English version of this program?

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