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  1. Here's how I did it a few months ago: 1. I unpacked the contents of the English version of KEX into a separate folder. 2. Went through every single .dll and .exe of the package with Resource Hacker, replacing the contents of "Menu", "Dialog", "String Table" and "Message Table" with the contents from already localized system-native versions of these .dlls. 3. In update.inf I changed the "LangTypeValue=" so that the installer worked. And that's it. Didn't even repackage it back or anything, just ran setup.exe and installed it. Editing all the files took me awhile, but it worked in the end.
  2. If it doesn't work, Sysinternals Pskill can be used to accomplish the same goal. This one works natively in Windows 2000.
  3. I did, it works as it should (ignoring the issue mentioned above).
  4. Mypal 68 should work natively with KernelEX version 3.1b and newer. It's still possible to run it with older versions of KEX, but you'll have to refer to this guide.
  5. Can confirm, this particular version runs as it should (except for the fact that you'll have to manually terminate the .exe process in task manager after exiting the application, or else it won't start again). However, it seems that not all portable versions that are available on the internet are working in the same way - I downloaded a different portable version, and it threw up this error a bunch of times: after which it closed, because OSPP is broken and it couldn't check the license. This could be the exact reason why the installer for the full version fails, too.
  6. On topic of portable Office 2010 - the one I found starts up as it should, but then throws up this error: and then closes, because OSPP is broken and it can't check the license. Could this be why the installer fails too?
  7. Same here, Office 2010 installation errors out after being unable to install "Office Software Protection Platform" (osppsvc) service.
  8. In this case, squares mean it's likely that a .dll file localized for Japanese version was used in the version of KernelEx that was installed. It's possible to localize it manually by using Resource Hacker, but I don't remember which .dll has this particular dialog box template stored in it.
  9. I've been using a USB sound card, the sound works fine. Just about anything that supports USB Audio Class 1.0 would work straight out of the box with no additional drivers, including modern USB sound cards (as long as they don't support audio quality better than 96KHz - this is the biggest difference between USB Audio Class 1.0 and 2.0). Haven't tried any period-appropriate soundcards.
  10. Can confirm, it runs on Windows 2000 with KernelEX after modifying mozglue.dll and xul.dll. Here are the instructions I used.
  11. You know how you could use palemoon-based Mypal on Windows 2000 with KernelEX? Well, it turns out you can use Mypal 68 on Windows 2000 too, after some modifications: http://mrqash.blogspot.com/2022/04/mypal-68-firefox-68121-on-windows-2000.html And by the way, we got a fresh release just now!
  12. Great find! I can run it on my Win2000 laptop now. Unfortunately on Win98 it still errors out with "Can't load XPCOM". No other errors though.
  13. There is a way to remove the white layer at the top - just add the following to userChrome.css: #TabsToolbar { background-color: transparent !important; background-image: none !important; }
  14. I'm running it on metal, actually. Downloaded the latest version (KU211123.7z), renamed core.25g to core.ini, replaced the files in C:\Windows\KernelEx with the new ones and the system works without issues. After adding the old stubs (I did the lazy thing and just added Kexstubs.ini in core.ini instead of manually adding the stubs to Kstub824.ini) the browsers work fine, too. Looks like the memory leak issue is fixed (or at least I haven't encountered it yet). Haven't tried doing it on a fresh install, but I always install all the necessary drivers first and KernelEx at the very end.
  15. Tried it out on 98SE, was able to boot without problems (my MSVCRT.dll is 6.10.9848.0). Unfortunately any Firefox versions (and other Gecko/Goanna-based browsers) that were working before didn't start. I tried adding Kexstubs in CORE.ini, but after that they all started crashing on start, with problem being, apparently, kexbasen.dll, address 0167:7d011b65. Replacing it with the one from version 24 didn't do anything, so I reverted back for now.
  16. Yes, Youtube is very bloated. Javascript galore. I suggest using Invidious - an alternative, much more lightweight Youtube front-end. I was able to watch videos in 480p without stuttering on a weaker computer - a netbook with Intel Atom N270 and i945GME. Speaking of youtube, I wasn't able to get any sound from it on my Win98 VirtualBox VM, in SB16 or AC97 mode. And It's probably not a VirtualBox problem, because everything works fine on an XP VM.
  17. On further testing it turned out that simply creating an empty text file, naming it "search.json", replacing the original search.json with it and marking it as "read only" works too.
  18. I noticed that whenever I open Mypal without a profile folder and it generates a profile folder for the first time, address bar always works. But when I open the browser any other time, it stops working. Setting search.json to "read only" didn't help. But then I copied "search.json.mozlz4" from my SeaMonkey profile folder to my Mypal profile, renamed it as "search.json", set it to "read only", opened Mypal, and then address bar worked as it should. Never had a problem with it since then. Weird, but I'll take it. No, it was "direct2d1.1,cairo". I set it to "skia", glitched are now gone. Thanks! As for what happened to Mypal, there is a nice QRD on this whole situation (albeit with some harsh language at times) here. Looks like Feodor2 is just done with this clown show Pale Moon devs are pulling against him.
  19. I haven't been following the thread for a while, only now caught up to it. Tried it out, Firefox 52.9 ESR works, no graphical glitches. Mypal works too, but with minor graphical glitches in the UI and address bar not working. Pity about what happened to Mypal. We were just about to get a somewhat-regularly updating browser that works on Windows 98, for the first time in a decade, too.
  20. If USB works then you can go the USB audio route instead.
  21. AFAIK Acer Veriton N260G uses ALC662 chip, which should have native Windows 2000 drivers. Try these. Also try installing Extended Core v16e, it should let you install some XP drivers.
  22. What's the error code? You'll probably need to slipstream a SATA driver. Try one of these: http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/813816.html
  23. I changed the link, should be OK now. Also you'll need to install them manually in Device Manager, and when installing the drivers Windows would ask for NvCplSetupInt.exe, you can get it from 32bit XP version of the driver: https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/96076/en-us
  24. It will work, but you'll need to slipstream the SATA driver from here: http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/844979.html Not sure if ACPI would work with it, but you can try replacing your ACPI.SY_ with this .CAB file: http://win2k.org/cgi-bin/dl.cgi?file=acpi.cab Also your GPU should work with these drivers (359.06), but you'll need to install KernelEx + Extended Core v16a first: http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1114373.html
  25. Try installing KernelEx and Extended Core v16a. This should allow you to use a lot of Windows XP drivers.

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