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  1. @deomsh I tried it and had a following error: Exception EConvertError in modula HDA2.DLL at 000B:043D. '$0C' is not a valid integer value. If it won't work out it's alright - I'll just make use of a conventional PCI slot on my MB and add an age-appropriate soundcard. I'm thinking Dynex DX-SC51 - it has decent sound quality, there are 64-bit drivers for it, meaning it will work with modern Windows as well, and, to top it all of, it has a Wavetable header. Or maybe not even all that age-appropriate - SB Audigy Rx reportedly runs in Windows 98 with kX project audio driver 3538c. The only problem here would be finding this exact release of the drivers.
  2. @deomsh oh ok, here they are HDAcfg.ini HDAICIN.TXT HDALOG.TXT
  3. @deomsh There was no HDATSR line in AUTOEXEC.BAT, so I added it, and now it says "TSR installed" during boot. Also now it's "TSR found" and following lines were added in hdacfg.ini: [BUSMASTER] myPCIHI=$0012 myPCILO=$0000 myPCI=$00120000 aPCIHI=$0011 aPCILO=$0000 aPCI=$00110000 Still no sound. I thought HDATSR is needed only if your system has less than 512MB of RAM. I'm using patched vmm.vxd and vmm32.vxd, so my system has 3.3GB.
  4. @deomsh oddly, now it said CODEC Index=$0 Ok, so I thought that maybe I installed the driver wrong or something like that, so I reverted back to how the system was before installing the driver and tried again. And sure enough, the settings now were different. (hdacfg1.ini and hdalog1.txt) And, since CODEC Index in hdacfg.ini was $0, next thing I tried was using Hdaicout.hda.000, but there was no sound. (hdalog2.txt) Then I tried VerbInterface=$0. (hdalog3.txt and hdacfg2.ini) Also I set HDA Sound in Multimedia and tried to play an mp3 file. The slider in the player was moving, but still no sound. Then I reverted to VerbInterface=$1, and tried different wait values. No result. HDAcfg1.ini HDALOG1.TXT HDALOG2.TXT HDAcfg2.ini HDALOG3.TXT
  5. @deomsh Okay, this is strange. I've decided to try VerbInterface=$0 again and, while thjere was no sound, HDALOG.TXT has changed. Wait values were still $100. HDALOG.TXT
  6. @deomsh Sorry for the wait, was away for a few days. There was no difference in hdalog.txt
  7. @deomsh Yes, I'm using Win98 SE as a part of multiboot system. The motherboard is Gigabyte Z370 HD3P Rev. 1.0.
  8. @deomsh: No, absolutely no sound. Hdalog.txt
  9. I tried it, and unfortunately still no sound. It appears as ALC1220 in AIDA64, and it's ID in System Devices is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A2F0&SUBSYS_A1821458&REV_00
  10. Did anyone try to make it work with ALC1220? When I tried to do it I had "High Definition Audio Controller" in "System Devices" section, but nothing in multimedia section, and there was no sound. Here's my HDAcfg.ini HDAcfg.ini
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