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  1. How to modify update.exe?

    After referencing above post, I decided to modify sp 1's update.exe. I opened it with IDA and found validateUpdateSingleFile blah blah, but I can't change the word, 'test' to 'xor'. How do I change 'test' to 'xor'?
  2. I've removed the timebomb of windows 9x by replacing io.sys, but some beta builds' logo was changed retail boot logo [non-beta logo]. So I decided to find the another way of removing timebomb. For example, disassembly io.sys [or winboot.sys from precopy1.cab in 9x setup] and find the address. But I don't know how to remove timebomb. (I found the sentence 'ERROR: This pre-release version of Windows ** has expired.' and 'WARNING: this pre-release version of Windows will expire on $' by opening winboot.sys.) If you don't know 'remove the timebomb by replacing io.sys', please click below address. http://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=10569
  3. I decided install Windows 7 on my old laptop, but its HDD capacity is about 37GB! If I install it without any modification, HDD will waste at least 8GB! So I need to reduce the size of wim, but RT7lite seems to have too less listed components for removing many components. I think that 7 Customizer doesn't have components removal tool. Are there other 7 components removal tools? Do not post like 'Just use RT7Lite.' or 'I recommend that you use 7 Customizer.' [Add Question] I use Korean version of Windows 7. But Vlite shows error while processing tasks. How to solve this problem?
  4. If you want to have themes under xp, you should use windowblind and objectbar. But I want to use theme under xp, but I don't want to use that 2 tools. Is there way to theme under XP without that 2 tools?