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  1. Hello and nice day everyone ! Question.. Am I the only one getting this basilisk.exe application error? ~`The instruction at "0x01aedbc6" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".~` It wasn't happening until I upgraded to the last build. I hope my RAM is going dead :-( Thanks in advance and take good care! ~Sal untitled.bmp
  2. Say.. How do you guys get the youtube player to come up? I've tried everything I can see and can't get vids to post - only the link. Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you roytam1, for your hard work and dedication :)
  4. @roytam1 I very much have the same question!
  5. Turns out its something in my prefs.js file because when I removed it and ran New Moon 'as is' there is no banner for YT. Thanks for the help guys
  6. Yes I've tried changing the YT specific UA sting all the way up to Firefox 71 and its still there. The only browser (for XP) that doesn't have this issue is Maxthon and I'm not really keen on using the browser because of privacy concerns. But if New Moon won't work with YT work after March, It will still be my main browser and I'll just use Maxthon for YT only I guess.
  7. Is there a workaround for New Moon or Basilisk yet? I've tried changing the UA string to various firefox versions and nothing changes. The yellow banner is still present. Thank you in advance :)
  8. No issues thus far with both New Moon 27 and 28 and this forum. The only thing is dom.storage.enabled needs to set to true to post here.
  9. You beat me to it.. same here with the: Help>Troubleshooting Information Shows all blank places - so for now, went back to the previous build.
  10. Hey guys.. I realize its likely already been said here countless times, and I know I also read where there was a setting to make New Moon - Portable (something like pointing the program to specific appdata directories); but darned if I can find it and I've been looking for hours here. I don't care much about using a portable loader rather I prefer have the directories and the program (New Moon) all on a flash drive and have nothing saved on the computer. Again, I recall seeing something, but I could be wrong also. Sorry guys for asking and thank you in advance to anybody that would re post instructions again. Take care.
  11. I've been using SuperAntiSpyware version 8.0.1040 Free Edition for manual scanning.
  12. Just did that check and 445 is listening on my system. Appreciate that advice
  13. ^Thank you for your suggestion of hardentools - I wasn't aware of it until now
  14. So long as they are still in working condition, I'll leave it on my 2 machines with New Moon browser and use them for my games mostly and do only cautious browsing with them. I made the jump to Windows 10, and while there are many things that put me off about the OS, at least its secure and up-to-date. I guess all things must change, and since windows 7 will soon be past it prime, I couldn't see investing time and money in that OS. I think XP was by far the best OS I've even used and enjoyed.
  15. Sounds great to me, as that is what brought me here (New Moon) initially; and in turn, I found this forum quite a valuable resource!
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