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  1. I actually discovered it was the integrators fault. It broke support by changing contents of the istall disc. The integrator was ryanvm before i used nlite.
  2. If using firefox with browser extensions that block scripts and adblocking be sure to use peerblock and open vpn apps on a seperate system to firefox or you may find then circumvented by the likes of social media whom enforce de anonymizing like facebook, discord and twitter. Either use internet sharing or a virtual pc to your web browser.
  3. what i like to do is install win98se apply full autopatcher 07 + latest patch then i install windows millennium stepup to keep all the goodies plus have a larger 2gb memory available after system.ini tweak. I use an install script from archive.org to take out system file protection completely and replace it with system file checker from 98se. I then apply rp. What I would like is splash screens of a more modern boot logo but i don't know where to get one or design my own. Preferably one with the latest windows logo or even a vista animated one would be a great statement.
  4. beyond 512mb ram windows 98se gets dicey without system.ini tweaks. I had better luck installing 98se applying autopatch 07 full then using millennium step up and then applying the system.ini tweak for it to run with 2gb ram.
  5. I installed 98se used the full autopatcher 98se then installed millennium step up it kept the 98se stuff. So now i gots win9x version with lots of goodies
  6. From my experience to use autopatcher on windows millennium one can first install windows 98 SE Apply the full autopatcher 07 full for windows 98se then install windows millennium step up. The step up has the main components of windows millennium but retains all the updated components from windows 98se nstalled. Both operating systems had almost identical patches service packs etc afterall. When prompted to replace newer files with older ones just opt no. After windows ME stepup completes user can then apply all the millennium addition patches harmlessly also preserving unofficial components. This gives the benefit of the best components from the 9x community and allowing up to 2GB system ram tweakability whilst maintaining stability. Lastly, web view desktop after step up still says windows 98 this is a step up bug and is only cosmetic. Good Day.
  7. I tried to use it with xp x64 but it didnt work. I found the log i post it here and appologise if this isn't the place to post: I did not do any changes or advanced config to this attempt; relied on program defaults should i format NTFS?
  8. peerblock x64.... replaces peerguardian.....peerblock I'd love anti virus and firewall in native x64 freeware
  9. u want that crap on 9x lol lol lol just as spyish as flash
  10. Yeah windows betas are ok in general. The things i'll never see in windows: Support unsigned themes. Do not store/aggregate/randomize from UUID. Product activation backup / recall in the setup wizard. Service packs that bring service, not just bug fixes. Things like: updated removable media support to support DVD'S as well as CD'S a frustration in xp. extra themes, more sounds, upgraded web browser and mail client Now they are just a few things. Pre release beta testers should get their own retail key for the finished product at least 70% off its retail price or free.period.
  11. Supplimental: I've tried another soundcard same issue. all i can guess is the uxtheme between the apps are either different versions between nlite and w7 transformation pack or some new bug measure on sp3 deliberately put there to pi55 me off! But yeah try my compilation using the above mentioned tools you'll get simular results; microsoft virtual pc actually produced sound before i upgraded to my compilation. My past success was just trial and error until i got my result and that was just loading vpc and replacing missing dll's on the iso on the fly with setup errors lol this is totally different
  12. Hi. am using windows XP PRO SP3. wasted a few cd's on this lol. tried to use nlite and windows 7 transformation pack together. It works but the sound subsystem fails and unsigned themes don't work. applied the uxtheme patch within nlite and set some unattended settings. like cdkey. it doesn't matter which i use first sound will not function and the uxtheme patch doesn't either in either apps. I want to use the windows7 transforation pack to update dialogs icons etc. Nlite allows me to put in sp3 and some control panel extensions.
  13. well there are some mods of the existing 9x systems. Windows 98se and Millennium have both got a new lease of life in my Virtual Machine. I have also fortified them with proprietary executable compression. The only reason I don't share it is that microsoft would archive it. Then we'd all be ripped again. 98 1ST edition can be rounded down to just 50mb. 98se well thats just it its SE and that means its like the vista of nt .. it lags. cut out ie and outlook express implant firefox and thunderbird and plant in around oh say 2000 files from millennium you have a very sleek windows with awesome speed even in vm. Windows millennium suffers from system file protection and rollback. It would be the easiest to manicure but also the most resource hungry. At least my 98se is permanently protected from virus with the compression preventing these parasites from saving as the executable run in memory not on scratch. hey i'd even give it to a mass fileshare network but then some lil script kiddy would wreck it to ruin everyone. I speculate microsoft is in bittorrent and also in nero and norton. bittorent suffers microsofts dummy file shares causing hash fails. Norton and Nero cripple system components if your key doesn't pass. win 9x is immune to that crap. Communism is the grand daddy of proprietary in my opinion and vista is the worst case of user uncontrollability especially on the hardware scene. I use my vm windows to use the net and my system is as good as new and i can just paste a backup of my vm when i know it is ruined hacked or just shabby. Im gonna stop rambling now hope this helps. Keywords for google: 98setome 98setoxp 98wmp10
  14. I have done a lot of things. I have packed in 1.300 files into win98se from winme, replaced the win98se shell with win95b therefore removing all ie integration, I have killed it with the so called me2xp utility even though i used all instructions and yeah it wucked up the media player. oh i also used 98 sp1. basically its still not as good as winme. i have done the above to winme wucked up mp9, shell swap, removed system restore ive also put qemm97 on it and for windows both os's page to disk so much less but winme still has better memory management no matter what i pack into 98se it still has less tcp connections etc. win98se is so fast on my p4 and ive used advanced config on firefox to obtain up to 50 connections to the web at once and omg it makes anything else suck eggs. Seriously don't try the utility me2xp it is crqap and will kill mp9. period.
  15. I need to know a couple of things. Ater installation the system's autoexec.bat is still loading files into the system directory on each reboot how come? Would it be possible to place a 3rd party compression utility such as 7zip into a background utility to automatically load the set of winme files whenever it is needed than scanning the unofficial service pack cab. Is there a place online to grab a complete manual installation guide that outlines the components effects and problems that can or can't happen doing this mod. Thankyou. P.S. In case people are migrating to NT for driver compatability; winme actually accepts some xp drivers as it is a hybrid driver system unique to the rest of 9x. I have been running my own mod of this for years but i haven't been able to the registry, shell and driver components..good job. One thing i did do is put default system drivers into 98se from winme .. it was good.
  16. but surely they'd use encryption for something useful and have it for verification on vista and not lock out the 3rd parties. apart from whql verification it shouldn't be allowed to lock out linux and other vista rivals. Doing so is a violation of consumer rights across the planet. talk to consumer affaris and your local ministers make lobbies and end the drm nightmare for we need stability compatability and reliability not encrypted junk
  17. Dynamic Drive overlay allows all hard drives to work on all limitations - just uses a portion of memory to load itself into bios each boot.
  18. OK here's some of my reasons for using windows 98SE. Its margin for data/hardware errors is much wider and can cope with pre-thrashed hardware. The direct support for DOS applications and the ability to switch to DOS mode on bootup. Fewer resources to run. Adaptability to different enviroments where driver support permits; drive imaging onto other pc's without lengthy repair modes etc. Almost immune to all viri trojan and remote attacks. Windows media player 10 can be installed with mods ive discussed. Nero 7 premium works therefore allowing super mp4's to run - who cares about 4 gig limits lol. divx works fine at insane quality and compression levels encoding faster. Open Office works. Vast array of games applications utils etc run smoother and more efficiently. 3rd party tools can have the aero glass effect. 3rd party chat protocols can be implemented through sourceforge open projects. Windows based Front ends for pc and game emulaters get more cpu cycles - 25% for mame personally and i have integrated graphics! If everyone started with windows 98se for programming legacy based apps; they'd run more robust on newer systems - and they do! Latest java distro is fully compatable. These things are the tip off the iceburg for me but everyone probably knows the above and more. The problems start with driver support though and this can cause heaps of headaches. Drivers ARE the the number 1 cause of BSOD'S on all windows versions. Drivers are getting hard to implement and seriously why isn't windows 9x open source .. it should be for the sake of community education understanding and accessability. Lastly but not least windows 98se is ideal for embedding and complete stripdowns.
  19. lol happy newyear im enjoying the read btw (or thread)

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