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  1. Heres over 500 logo's to choose from its my favourite site xrx logo utility royalty free user submissions Unfortunately the logo making utility hasn't been accepting registration payments since 2006 and never made its full version openly available
  2. I got a tool once it allowed NTFS to read but not write. For example I played an 8.5 gb movie iso from an ntfs partition it worked flawlessly. but couldn't copy it to fat32 nor write it to ntfs as 8.5gb. No matter what, anything can read on windows 98se or any dos windows but its hard coded to only allow writing of 4gb files. I havent come across a disc image writer that splits massive files down to fat32 parts set yet anyone know one? Everyome instead were obsessing over squeezing dvd's down to cdroms that blank dvd's used to be more expensive and disk space was a premium. Once upon a time exfat had fat32 backwards copatability mode but it was revised. It allowed dos windows to boot but not store data over 4gb. It was revised as a security risk. Also other consumer electronics malfunctioned trying to access the old exfat as fat32 which had over 4gb data files on the file system. You'd be hard pressed obtaining that patch for windows xp32. still you can read those massive files but cannot write them in a dos windows enviroment.
  3. fat 16/32 was ans still is less latent to access due to no journaling or security however the larger the drive the bigger risk of problems so the natural partition limit of 137gb was wise. Extensible file system (exfat) is a fantastic opportunity to format a second partition of a 1tb+ disk to enjoy modern video games simular to fat32. (windows xp and above i beleive) and it has a built in backup partition table to recover from. I compared fat16 fat32 and exfat on my 256mb WD caviar from 1995 exfat won hands down for consistancy. (it was the internet browser cache lol) dos windows hasn't found any real support in modern virtual machines which is sad really. (intel works best) It would be so wonderful if someone made a fuse to add support for exfat in windows 9x kernel.
  4. There won't be a windows 11. If windows went into a subscription linux would take over the market share. With open document support open office says haha to microsoft office subscriptions. I wouldn't pay subscription for licensing i'd just use the free stuff. Theres enough inflation due to fossil fuel and corona virus problems.
  5. I have a usb gamepad it has the old nintendo design is it possible to have those configured in dos? i haven't seen a gameport joystick on sale for many years. Found a Adapter Cable USB Type A male to DA15 / DB15 female Joystick / Gamepad / MIDI but not a Type A female to DA15 / DB15 male Joystick / Gamepad / MIDI I guess that would need conversion logic
  6. I followed your instructions, and they didn't work for me. Has anyone got Image Preview working? I was hoping to get it working without 98SE2ME, but that didn't happen. I even tried the Windows 2000 version SHIMGVW.DLL 5.0.2134.1 which has more resolved dependencies, but its the same output no matter which file. None of them work for me. rp7 & rp 9.7 in millennium require completely disabled system protection and restore prior to installation and even in the versions of packs that say they disable actually don't. There are script packages on archive.org that allow the disability of millenniums system protections but it can never be switched on again after RP or it's problems time ... would like to see rp pack or simular be structured for millennium to accept as protectable i know there is XML involved. Note: this photo is the step up windows Me on virtualbox 6 and i seriously don't recommend virtualbox i have had it.
  7. Autopatcher you need to go through the entire menu to select correct parameters such as the memory / DMA tweak wants to see your pc's memory to allocate system.ini tweaks for that. using Disk DMA can lead to data errors if your hardware doesn't have DMA transfer tech and your 640mb ram hints this. Your swapfile i recommend be a minimum of twice the memory of your GPU this is to do with the arpeture (My advice for all GPU in 98+.)
  8. I wonder if the step up edition of Me would address that issue since its mosly 98se
  9. I have an MSI fm2+ motherboard its got drivers on the driver disc processors reach to 4ghz on these AMD motherboards with built in GPU on the CPU.. (AMD R7 GPU was pretty much the last supported)
  10. Spybot search & destroy classic Spybot's search & Destroy Classic Official Home It still has phone dialer removals but it has resident TeaTimer and anti malware lists The hosts file immunisation is not too extensive like others out there We should really donate to them. Let them know we still need it.
  11. hmmmm .... I was just thinking nobodys made a readyboost for 2000 yet and that'd get it up to 64gb ram in capacity in a jiffy Where chipset has a maximum a timely tie in to the kernel to a usb2 thumb drive would push that boundary Imagine a 64gb usb3 flash drive in usb2 mode and after a install routine and a reboot the system reports 64gb ram lol but it would also have to exclude a portion of flash to stay in the 64gb boundary by taking system memory into account.
  12. theres a little program out there called ntswitch it was used to turn xp into server versions and back (but also one would have to put a key in to suit) That being said, perhaps the nt core of 2000 could be fooled or recoded to allow up to 64gb on the workstation version
  13. i've been on the reactos for about 20 years waiting for multicore multi cpu support
  14. oh my .... i got Virtualbox v5.02.002.38 and i had to turn off hardware virtualisation or blue screen in guest. Then when i went to put in a generic opengl display driver for 32mb memory in guest i gots another BSOD. It doesn't like my AMD cpu by the looks. the latest v6 virtualbox allows virtualisation and graphics driver doesn't bsod in guest but sound is not working properly. I found there was internet communications it turned out to be microsoft error reports about vb runtime? If i use millennium with AC97 audio its a bit better but when i go to play music or use midi it chops and mutes. Has anyone experienced virtualbox menu screen crashes with pure virtualisation error? i noticed internet traffic about that error vbox v6.x yes, its microsoft online error reporting in the background its related to its vc library support maybe broken due to security fixes in vb runtime. well, it looks pretty but i cant rely on it for audio and been to vmware land and behold i hate it too lol guess nothing beats real hardware support so i will stick to the old pc now. besides got myself a yamaha xg ymf soundcard only windows 9x supports it's hardware midi tone bank frankly ive alwys hated nt -edit- Its windows 10's fault i found out older versions of windows 10 didn't cause this to me but linux i don't use. Maybe its time.
  15. um i tried virtualbox 6.1 and it didn't go well can someone please tell me the last known good version?
  16. well, that was interesting. It bothers me Windows Millennium is always neglected. At least the efforts here did something about it. I think its worthy to mention that what doesn't work in a virtual machine may work in a real machine. I always test in both not just one. Theres a windows 98se iso running around with an aussie timezone pre configured with it (we know who) loading it on virtualbox doesn't work but on a real machine its he best thing since windows 98SE itself. Hypervisors were not tuned for windows 9x. They are a pain in the a**. Only vanilla installations work reliably and without tweaks. I get vmware with its poultry gpu ram support (and sound issues) or virtualbox with its sound issues. (for me anyway) So I would recommend those making service packs test on real machines and virtual machines to define 2 branches for users to use. Differences between virtual pc 2004, 2007 virtualbox, vmware, qemu they all have their own issues, differences between AMD and Intel lead me to believe windows 9x is completely intel optimised thus can cause hypervisor problems with AMD cpu powered systems. There needs to be a hypervisor designed to cope and utilise post production tweaks and enhancements to windows 9x taking into account the problems of current offerings. It would be so good it'd be the end of bitches.
  17. theres always donation request like paypal? A thread for app suggestions or site address?
  18. I'm not sure but I actually have the printed license anyway. Also, it hasn't been supported for decades and has been reported by vetusware as abandoned so i wouldn't feel guilty. Vetusware i found has their version. If decided to use be sure to use the installers location(c::\yamaha) it is a wise installmaster 8 setup captured version with data integrity encryption so resistant to infection. Completely free of virus trojans and backdoors according to Avira, symantec and AVG anti virus and a hex editor peek. Missing install strings somewhere. Apart from that it is much faster to install than the official installer and no need to input license key manually. tested and working on 98 98se and millennium; a great sequencer for yamaha XG soundcards also (hardware accelerated canvas) can be found bundled with them too.
  19. google yamaha soft synth 100xg vogon you will find a 256 key polyphonic software synthesizer thats the last link to that edition on earth that works. Its the only version of yamaha soft synth that allows midi playthrough at realtime and not with a deliberate delay like the other versions to keep selling their synthesizers and extensively flogged tonebanks lol and vetusware has it too. unlike xg50 this sounds better that it has quality difference that makes it unique. Vogons have instructions on how to add the hi resolution tone bank as well. The key difference between that and any other brand is ability to switch instruments whilst playing back a midi file in its sequencer without spoiling playback makes it more fun. anvil studio bleh.
  20. well, i miss aero glass and these patches are massively overweight. If i try to use the official media creator tool for setup it sets it up then deletes it from my usb so i have to make dvd. sometimes it will delete data that would be deemed contravercial without my consent or even a warning and that annoying right click save to download images that don't actually save from ANY web browser. Although i do not use insider builds this crap is not tollerable its like bugs in the revisions keep resurfacing either accidentally or deliberately as a result of turning off data collection components just that i have limited bandwidth am i a suspect?. How easy social media sites can now bork your open source proxy app and peerblock apps with malware scripts. Its safer to use a virtual machine and not the microsoft one.
  21. is it 64bit? 32bit apps are hackers paradise plugins for anti spyware ans selective script blocking do not put holes allowing hired hackers on social media to bork desktop apps like firefox x86 x64?
  22. When i was using XP64 until 2012 I knew the kernel was closed and wouldn't allow code injection. Is this the case with windows 10? because if its possible i want to close it as i will stop all those crappy software authors.
  23. My latest efforts are windows millennium edition with 2gb memory on a dual pentium 3 system alongside windows xp and windows 7. The 2gb is my systems installable limit so it was important to have that 9x support as i hate taking memory sticks out to run 9x apps. Having a windows 7 style boot menu is a great upgrade to the old dos one. There are so many things i enjoy nostalgia with. Windows 9x, windows xp, no longer supported today, but windows 7 guarantees at least an entry level web 2.0 support. I know windows millennium utilizes only one cpu but thats ok a pentium III is still snappy. Guess I found the closest thing to a win98 3rd edition.

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