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  1. I use latest k-meleon, maxthon1, latest opera. Firefox seems a resource hog.
  2. On XP i use NOD32 Bussiness edition (with firewall integrated) and never had any problems...on 98se i run an older version of nod and kerio firewall (also an older version) and is running smooth for like 4 years and counting....if you know what pages you visit or stuff you get from the internet there would be no problems.
  3. Nokia suxx at coding anyway...they know only xp and nothing else.
  4. Great....i can't wait to get the final...will be ok to install on an already updated install ? What exactly is this problem ? I got a hdd related problem in that when i enable dma on my second hdd it screws the fat (tho its fixable with minimal data loss) & when i copy files between hdds crcs change. Is this related to esdi_506.pdr ?
  5. When can we expect an rc or rtm build
  6. Here's the patch in an .EXE form....just run it, select the file, patch, restart pc and enjoy. Tested by me on Win98SE. Download link: http://qshare.com/get/222538/sblive-eq-pat...1.0906.exe.html
  7. Thanks for the info whatever420! I've compiled an experimental set of drivers for the SB0100. See First Post Let me know how they go. I did some testing some time ago with the new apps - varying success. I'll re-test all the new apps and post those that work well with the VxD drivers. I have nearly a gig of Live! drivers and apps (all downloaded from Creative US, Eur, Asia, Aus, over the years) It'll take some time, so stay tuned! B) Wow over 1 gb...thats alot...hope you can scrap something for us...can't wait
  8. CT4830 Looks like you have a Generation II Live! card. I've got a Gen II myself. Generation III was introduced with the Live! 5.1. There have been driver updates since the Live!Ware 3.0 full package was released. That's the point of these drivers. As I noted in a previous post, these are the core drivers and do not include Creative applications like Surround Mixer. The Creative apps have been updated since Live!Ware 3.0 also, but there are some compatibility issues with some newer versions since they are often designed for the WDM drivers (not recommended in 9x - I tested them, and could never get them working properly...). Yeah i know the point of this post but i hate it when companies dont post updated drivers for their older hardware and only for the newer (obvious reasons) even if they are compatible...i didn't knew there were newer vxd drivers for my card besides the lw3.0 package. What about the apps? Is threr surround mixer update for the vxd drivers ? I would like to try it. Thanks for this nice compilation...would be nice if you could find the updated dos drivers (not preinstalled tho).
  9. Hmm the emu10k1 vxd is actually newer than what i got with liveware 3 full package...how can this be...shame the parametric eq patch doesn't work on it Thanks anyway
  10. Well, i have a Nokia N73 and i can use it in mass storage mode with no problems (thanks to Maximus) but what i need now is to use it in "PC Suite Mode"...and the version of Nokia PC Suite (or just the cable driver) that works with the N73 only supports 2000 and XP (yes NO VISTA )...so is there such a generic driver for this or can someone look into the cable driver/inf file to see if its moddable for win98se ? Thanks in advance. Link to the driver: http://europe.nokia.com/A4144937
  11. Would be nice if someone could make a patcher to "fix" files compiled in vc2008 to work on win98.

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