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  1. well, i miss aero glass and these patches are massively overweight. If i try to use the official media creator tool for setup it sets it up then deletes it from my usb so i have to make dvd. sometimes it will delete data that would be deemed contravercial without my consent or even a warning and that annoying right click save to download images that don't actually save from ANY web browser. Although i do not use insider builds this crap is not tollerable its like bugs in the revisions keep resurfacing either accidentally or deliberately as a result of turning off data collection components just that i have limited bandwidth am i a suspect?. How easy social media sites can now bork your open source proxy app and peerblock apps with malware scripts. Its safer to use a virtual machine and not the microsoft one.
  2. is it 64bit? 32bit apps are hackers paradise plugins for anti spyware ans selective script blocking do not put holes allowing hired hackers on social media to bork desktop apps like firefox x86 x64?
  3. When i was using XP64 until 2012 I knew the kernel was closed and wouldn't allow code injection. Is this the case with windows 10? because if its possible i want to close it as i will stop all those crappy software authors.
  4. My latest efforts are windows millennium edition with 2gb memory on a dual pentium 3 system alongside windows xp and windows 7. The 2gb is my systems installable limit so it was important to have that 9x support as i hate taking memory sticks out to run 9x apps. Having a windows 7 style boot menu is a great upgrade to the old dos one. There are so many things i enjoy nostalgia with. Windows 9x, windows xp, no longer supported today, but windows 7 guarantees at least an entry level web 2.0 support. I know windows millennium utilizes only one cpu but thats ok a pentium III is still snappy. Guess I found the closest thing to a win98 3rd edition.
  5. ZaPbUzZ


    I actually discovered it was the integrators fault. It broke support by changing contents of the istall disc. The integrator was ryanvm before i used nlite.
  6. If using firefox with browser extensions that block scripts and adblocking be sure to use peerblock and open vpn apps on a seperate system to firefox or you may find then circumvented by the likes of social media whom enforce de anonymizing like facebook, discord and twitter. Either use internet sharing or a virtual pc to your web browser.
  7. what i like to do is install win98se apply full autopatcher 07 + latest patch then i install windows millennium stepup to keep all the goodies plus have a larger 2gb memory available after system.ini tweak. I use an install script from archive.org to take out system file protection completely and replace it with system file checker from 98se. I then apply rp. What I would like is splash screens of a more modern boot logo but i don't know where to get one or design my own. Preferably one with the latest windows logo or even a vista animated one would be a great statement.
  8. beyond 512mb ram windows 98se gets dicey without system.ini tweaks. I had better luck installing 98se applying autopatch 07 full then using millennium step up and then applying the system.ini tweak for it to run with 2gb ram. All the best of the 9x community and a viable memory limit for it and every newer OS to windows 8 beta without having to remove memory and putting back to suit. (windows 8 beta doesn't support mmx only cpu's have to use autologin and all the spy crap of windows store etc doesn't work)
  9. I installed 98se used the full autopatcher 98se then installed millennium step up it kept the 98se stuff.
  10. From my experience to use autopatcher on windows millennium one can first install windows 98 SE Apply the full autopatcher 07 full for windows 98se then install windows millennium step up. The step up has the main components of windows millennium but retains all the updated components from windows 98se nstalled. Both operating systems had almost identical patches service packs etc afterall. The unofficial patches are also preserved. When prompted to replace newer files with older ones just opt no. After windows ME stepup completes user can then apply all the millennium addition patches harmlessly also preserving unofficial components. This gives the benefit of the best components from the 9x community and allowing up to 2GB system ram tweakability whilst maintaining stability. Lastly, web view desktop after step up still says windows 98 this is a step up bug and is only cosmetic. Good Day.
  11. I tried to use it with xp x64 but it didnt work. I found the log i post it here and appologise if this isn't the place to post: I did not do any changes or advanced config to this attempt; relied on program defaults should i format NTFS?
  12. peerblock x64.... replaces peerguardian.....peerblock I'd love anti virus and firewall in native x64 freeware
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