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  1. the very first release of exfat on windows xp allowed backwards compatibility with fat32 systems. It had since been revised to stop backwards compatibility mostly doe to BIOS bugs but also security concerns. I assure that bug is still there regardless trying to boot a pc with NTFS with an additional 8TB exfat disk as storage (even usb) on board can freeze the pc and make cpu red hot. Backwards compatibility actually made exfat behave like fat32 on dos windows and files over 4gb could be read but not written. You could even boot dos windows on that exfat disk as long as the disk itself was compatible with computer bios. Attempting to modify or delete such files over 4gb caused issues. Scan disk didn't like the file sizes and defrag couldn't be used as well. The very first windows xp patch i believe was either designed for sp1 or sp2. Track that down make a vm of windows xp create an exfat disk and try it out on dos windows vm. Patching xp sp3 with the firat exfat installation patch seems to be impossible like its coded to reject it even though i don't think exfat was in sp3? someone confirm plz? So therefore like 3rd party utilities you can read your files over 4tb but that's all. Everything dos windows size compliant can be written and read on it however and taking the exfat disk and defragging it on windows xp was by far a superior strategy than dos windows. Good luck finding the very first install patch of exfat on xp windows. If you do share it put it on archive dot org its a true piece of history needing preservation not cover up (like original virtual pc 2004 with real disk access sp1 took away and left only virtual disk crap)
  2. Wouldn't it be wiser to put the Pae files from xp sp1 into sp3 running OS? for the sake of stability? I bet there'd be someone capable of making a patch for that purpose. and what about this guide but scroll down the page to second guide xp Pae
  3. It depends on means and purposes. I use the windows millennium step up edition it malfunctions with patch 3.65. My reason for using step up is demonstrated on archive dot org i can be found there anyhow.
  4. really? if you could give me a link to your 2008 update because mine borks it mine is the 2008 patch i haven't found a full 2008 edition.... The patch i have is a fake.
  5. Is this a beta? can people apply to test? the site offers older released version..... lol
  6. now that is interesting its got the goodies I was waiting for! wtg!
  7. simply: low powered supplies add stress to motherboard capacitors. power supply rating is a peak rating that is in variation with power line conditions. No power grid is perfect 24/7. a 1000 watt power supply with give at least 680 watts on demand for example regardless of PSU efficiency rating. A low end power rated PSU such as 320 watts can drop below 120 watts in bad conditions without shutting down also optionally adding overclocking there's an avenue to dead hardware and blown / reduced life caps. Not all motherboards had bad caps. The only motherboard I found with the "best" caps in early P4 generation was Dell and when I checked the PSU rating I thought they were walking on a tightrope. No CPU has a maximum energy draw bugs are in every aspect of design take a 4 slot ddr4 memory system use 2 sets of ddr 4 the fastest and the mid range speeds you get better average than just 4 x fastest sticks. Most technological advances are based on theory. Mathematical equations. Even software is based on theory like digital pokies machines gambling strings is it really random.There is also too much hype in computer MARKETING
  8. this is the only patch system I trust and it would be good to see R. Loew's patches included in a new version. i don't use the 2008 patch mentioned it causes issues.
  9. An important factor in capacitor plague is the Power Supply. If it was below 320 watt it was horrible.
  10. on windows xp one can enable IPV6 support and generally I recommend using an ISP supporting IPV6 IPV4 is so crowded its easy for it to be exploited by fly by hackers. Vista and seven I got hacked over IPV4 and ISP's aren't angels they use tracking 3rd party corporations for revenue on their customers account portals they're sometimes abused by corporations and authorities but where do people think news comes from about celebrity hacks? theres one of several answers. Using browser extensions such as script filtering and ad blocking: surf facebook and others long enough they have scripts to inject that screw 'em up. Facebooks partners can get dirty and will script you a comma into your peerblock app's blocklist as well effectively voiding your blocklists ability to filter anything even when read only access. Peerblock has a backdoor too sends statistics and leaves a closed port on your firewall effectively making your stealth status ruined. Ever since XP Microsoft's share holders have been served revenue from its app store and yuou get video ads over your ad funded apps now. Through these ad serving corporations hackers are found and even rogue government employed hackers but china's hackers are ugly as hell just block china if your not Chinese. same as Russians. They use methods such as tricking kernels with simulated hardware errors to pry into the system security layers. Such crap causes hardware failures sometimes fatal and expensive. Don't go thinking meltdown and Spectre are anything new age. Older less depth style hacks have been emerging from government agencies since Cavalari core was invented only governments can craft that level of hack intelligence.
  11. The trouble of Millennium was everyone with a 98 sticker put it in their machine that didn't have qualified Millennium hardware. So many said if the driver worked on 98SE it'd work on millennium ok so why the BSOD'S? windows 98se isn't Millennium. I however stuck to xp badged machines although they're not qualified they still out performed 98se with millennium and even with flle protections disabled i had a damn good time even today. Researching Rudolph Loew's offerings to unlock potential on modern machines brought 9x back to the retro scene.
  12. XP never failed but I never liked it as much as Millennium its a meld of Me and 2000. Ever since 9x I am treated as if its not my computer in the sense I cannot be trusted not to do id*** things to it or not be responsible. I can still run XP Pro on my 5yo pc I have created my own DVD-ROM of every driver pack xp driver from 2001 to 2014 Some legacy hardware that ran on 9x is not so good on XP for example Yamaha soundcards that loaded their drivers into memory on 9x to operate accelerate synthesizer support than relying on their software offering isn't present on xp except maybe one poor one and Microsoft generic drivers do not include marketed features beyond basic sound function. There wasn't and still isn't any pc speaker driver since windows 3.x for audio codecs. Guess overall I have my ranking of windows preference's: 1. Windows Millennium (because I hate DOS and I can now have loads of memory on it thanks to R, LOEW) 2. Windows 98SE on low spec hardware including 256mb ram or less (QEMM memory management- memory compression) 3. Windows XP X64 it had kernel protection that kept me safe online since 2005 and sometimes today where I use massive memory footprint machines. no swap file needed where i used 16gb+ram 4. Windows XP 32bit: What can i say it only allows 4096mb ram i hate swap files no real RAM disk offering that doesn't load without qualification issues to send swapping to above 4096mb barrier it is my preference on anything badged as windows 2000 5. Windows 2000 it was so boring! so slow on socket 5 & 7 Pentiums i feel sorry for anyone with that. I still use windows millennium over windows 98SE it came out before its time I never ever have BSOD. Best shot for Me is on any system Logo'd Windows XP not 95, 98 , OR 98Se Tweaking it for modern machines really makes it awesome I have a P4 @ 3.4 ghz with 2gb RAM and an ATI 128mb AGP 8x GPU. SATA built in never better thanks to R.LOEW So all up XP is number 2 on my multiboot list. I skip vista, 7 and 8 but i have to have 10. i have to have 10 for internet stuff others don't go online anymore for me unless its just IRC Chat. Even thats dangerous now but theres plenty of good stuff to do offline not just games.
  13. Just like to inform interested persons of a real privacy dashboard that also removes some built in windows apps. A built in blocklist and a Microsoft shut up blocker as well. It is available in the following link and it is the best thing I've found especially for this years internet issues I actually got some stability issues resolved by setting it up just after fresh install of windows 10. It also works on other versions as well. WPD Windows Privacy Dashboard
  14. Hi. I have my windows xp32 bit guest on hyper-v running in a windows 10 x64 host. Having internet access and a GPU driver my experience is almost complete except no audio. How to get audio from my xp guest would make me very grateful as i can then use my classic apps not available beyond xp. I read in another forum it is done by remote desktop connection but if thiat is so it would be from win10 to xp? i've never used remote desktop connection. Wasn't it great when one could just install an o.s. on a hypervisor and it worked completely. I used guest additions from Hyper-V 2012 to get support BTW.

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