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  1. There are subtle differences between desktop and server. Marketing to windows 10 between some steam games tends to break on windows server 2019 their overly resource hungry mechanisms that shouldn't be in games anyhow. (Maybe its crypto mining) There is no system reset and you may find sometimes manual installs of system patches need to be done that auto update can hang or queue not sure whats up with that. NTlite is useful for admin style offline patching (get the update details from auto update paste in google get from microsoft catalog repair auto update in troubleshooter then install patch offline with NTlite) Great side is a well respected custom anti malware HOST file is better in server 2016+ that Microsoft is usually blocked in many aspects in windows 10 that don't apply in server additions thus the constant try to connect will not be there and some being large HOST offerings they're not utilized as frequently. Less tracking and exploitation. Less network latency. Given the COVID19 Pandemic and the internet shortages of everyone home bored online its a great deal less lag to surf without the "you can't think for yourself" internet cloud.
  2. so um you guys tried server 2016 or 2019? its a lot quieter online
  3. If you don't find any I tried to find some didn't come up with it, you could put a PCI soundcard they are pretty safe on eBay and disable the internal one in puter bios unless laptop. There are 6 channel surround generic versions for about $20 .AU new that are designed to run on windows 98SE second hand you can get some real nice grade units that are rare too. There are also usb versions that boast simulated surround for headphone use. cheap to buy for the retro enthusiast. PCIE versions exist but they're not supported on windows 98se and also built in audio chips are often PCIE these days (never seen your motherboard how bout a photo?)
  4. The circle is an expression of the circle shape of the disk platter i would assume but i didn't include the link to where i got it from because sometimes i shamelessly copy stuff and realize I didn't edit enough. This information has decreased how shallow my understanding of RAID itself functions the only thing is I can't use windows 98se on the test machine it would be a waste of a dual processor system I am however using it until my proper working motherboard arrives. Yes 32k stripe runs nicely but remains to be seen how useful it is to boot from if its possible.
  5. If I had followed these direction i'd probably would had a better online experience. But being the kind of person who likes to install and go, wouldn't it be fair to ask for an edition with the additional steps included?
  6. After receiving a defective socket 748 motherboard from eBay in process of its return I can do some benchmark tests. A sector is a segment of that circle. A cluster is a bunch of sectors treated as the smallest unit of storage in a file system in software - file system drivers read and write clusters at a time. A block is an arbitrary sized chunk of data that is the actual minimum amount of data that can be written on a disk. But with a stripe on top 2 40gb disks in RAID 0 what would be the ideal stripe size and cluster size of the disk format for best performance? I would assume smaller clusters for smaller files and a recommendation for running windows on a RAID but what of stripe? would stripe be best in similar or same size as clusters or perhaps there'd be a mathematical solution like a scale disk size, cluster size, stripe size?
  7. ah got it. so my wrong assumption the RAID controller BIOS option is cluster size when its actually stripe size. cool. That makes sense that windows wouldn't format 32k saying too much waste lol. Well I learned something thankyou!
  8. Answered server GPU myself with a fire wire to HDMI adapter to an HDMI dongle to switch the GPU into desktop accelerator mode,. Some server accelerator GPU's work in groups of units this is one of three so to use properly it must be switched to work independently of a server environment. They are not so good for crypt o mining but great for mathematical work units and multimedia workloads. Now that Microsoft moved away from real GPU virtual machines. As for the game many friends have reported high resource usage and this says server 2019 is immune to its bugs. I am feeling snug.
  9. I apologize for delay in response have been juggling bad eBay retro sellers however I forgot what the site I was trying download from. Anyhow, its a astonishing to get as far as connecting to sites with a browser on windows 98se I know the world is moving on however people want to go back to the old windows machines as there are many things left behind that just isn't available anymore. The nostalgic aspect is there however being able to bridge the gap between software architectural generations builds a bridge of opportunity to revisit the golden days and inspire imagination of what could be in the future. Perhaps to see the patented works of Apple quicktime or even real media to invent a new video extension that obseletes mkv for example as AMD used to study Intel patents to find new ways to do what they do without patent violations. If we look at Discord we see it is similar to IRC Chat but more evolved. But bottom line its projects such as retrozilla that keep people using windows 9x for something useful than just old games. The Environmental aspects such as the lighter 32bit base of DOS and NT this makes for lower power consumption and stops older hardware getting recycled releasing chemicals.
  10. It was set in bios to be comparable with windows 98se I did later delete that array for windows 2000 to set up within it its own array after I apologize for my apparent lack of information
  11. I did the benchmark in windows 98 I got 62mb/s I guess thats ok with ATA100 . (in windows) Cluster size was set to 32kb in BIOS and used fdisk / format from the windows millennium setup disc than windows 98se disc as it reported bigger capacity so I went with that. I have seen since there are further developed versions of those programs but hey this is a windows 2000 pc I'm running the R.A.I.D. from windows 2000 now. Striped NTFS volume runs at 92mb/s set up within windows 2000 64kb clusters. Be damned if I rely on R.A.I.D. now there is S.A.T.A. and that being said I am packing my VP6 away carefully for my dual boot windows 98se / windows xp machine project starts today. I intend to do detailed written reviews of both machines but I do not see a place for that sort of thing on this forum or is there? Thanks for reading
  12. The Microsoft versions the one we lobbied for. It just covers initial registry issues and basically so many issues are prevented. ***for the novice reader*** NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY NT BASED SYSTEM OR WINDOWS 3.X and under. For windows 95, 98, 98se, and millennium only! BE CAREFUL with regleaner from major geeks it can work TOO well and break your windows backbone! best used to help cleanup registry after software uninstall. I recommend everyone get this MS program to use just after installing win 9x even millennium. Some authors link to it in their software such as the still non defunct Evidence Eliminator (who's author got attacked by thugs sad ending to security) I've used it for its secure magnetic underwriting feature to make deleted data wiped after writing zeros on under 60gb MBR disks prior to running spinrite v5 or v6 for that factory new blank magnetic amplitude correct retro robustness of which my 1994 WD Caviar model 2250 got treated with 2 weeks ago after serving 5 years as an internet browser cache location for a giggle . (used a SATA to IDE adapter) it lives with me since 1994 my first windows 95 pc ran on that. (if any disk doesn't survive this its recycle time) If anyones gonna run spinrite only on MBR disks 40gb and under is all i can recommend (non SATA and MBR only) SFC is useful for windows millennium to keep track of changed files however upon initial use one must manually set backup location and search criteria. I use occasionally to ensure my system files do not corrupt and their changes in WinMe. I want to find out how to auto schedule it but the point of disabling system file protection in windows millennium is to be able to patch visual styles and give the user some extra cpu cycles for productivity. I have a virtual machine with it applied but I lost the location of the scripts to apply they are simular to litepc's Internet Explorer uninstaller (for that retrozilla only desktop.) Heres the link to remove internet explorer from windows 9x with IEradicator by litepc Note: the dll of internet explorer remains for desktop use.
  13. yes this is legit much appreciated will post on my archive page you are useful thank you muchly
  14. I've used it hasn't failed but we still have internet explorer hiding should be reduced to a proxy applet and a dll only lol
  15. Hi. I want to remove all the protection from windows millennium. I have ad it before it was a script job but i lost its details and lost contact to the person whom directed it to me. Purpose is to remove system file protection and restore to apply revolutions pack. I intend to replace it with SFC from windows 98se (I have done so before) I believe it was on archive.org but I can't find it archive isn't included on google results for me Just a warning to people whom use this info that windows millenniums core performance is unleashed using this but you can easily damage your O.S. with obselete app dll's and etc if you don't use SFC from windows 98se. Also where can I find the regclean.exe from microsoft? 98LITE 4.7 can do magical things to windows Me by scripts but I just don't need to do some things it can do.
  16. my suspicions were answered with thou shalt Put ram patch for 2gb ram (slaps forehead) includes virtual machines but still virtual machines don't run right on modern oracle for my AMD
  17. oh thank you i am educated cheers mate!
  18. Wow. My Gigacube Radeon 9200 Game Buster AGP card and my yamaha ymf724 pci audio hardware acceleration support is very limited. I cannot get hardware drivers signed for any version of direct x under windows 9x. Thats sad because it means these vintage parts lasted because they relied on the pc cpu to accelerate with emulated support stressing the cpu than it should. I am going to try windows 98 first edition if its not gonna do magic there its windows 2000 or xp.
  19. just like to add anything VIA chipped USB 2 PCI cards have 98se support and are stable. LOTS of old new stock exists and many SATA II PCI cards have driver support but not bookable support that needs text mode support that begins in windows NT i believe. Is wise to use built in SATA on motherboards for hopes of 9x SATA booting.
  20. Loading my 2gb pentium 3 box with windows 98se is so fast its like it isn't 18 years old. Its actually like it was manufactured yesterday. Many thanks to the Loew family lets make this live on for the good of the environment
  21. Anything kernelex is going to run slower especially if one tries to run an MMX machine as opposed to MMX II. windows 9x and 2000 only function on MMX even on MMX II cpu's.. gpu acceleration isn't easy to come by on legacy systems and theres no switch to turn on AGP texture acceleration thus without driver signing gpu's crawl. Next best thing to MMX II and AGP acceleration is memory caching and i mean system memory. As time goes on the hurdles get steeper as people whom knew the way around it move on. There is a place for nostalgia but nostalgia isn't really a forefront for marketing so if its going to be something useful it will need to run on anything non dependently as to reach the forefront and reach into the dead zones. Then it can bring together old and new be heralded for the environmental friendly impact running on unix linux and windows
  22. it runs ok on windows 98se but some encryption don't work I'd try download something it'd pop up saying encryption not enabled i don't see the appropriate encryption option in settings. Modern websites have issues loading its great to at least connect with dos windows but there really needs to be script compatibility engine development for modern script languages that there is little old school sites left to visit these days and most have encrypted downloads. Can someone come up with a list of retro sites that retrozilla can take us for our retro stuff plz perhaps a retrozilla friendly site thread keep us busy
  23. i apologize that i said windows 2000 but i actually mean windows 98se. Under windows 2000 i got to the point of set raid 0, boot into 2000 install raid driver but didn't initialize the disk signature as i knew it wouldn't load a signature blah blah in 98se. I have 98se running now and in raid 0 its just the capacity of 2 disks joined into one. So Windows 9x cannot stripe and defaults to RAID 1 even set to RAID 0. What I am going to do is remove the disks from raid replace them with a couple of 16gb CF cards and just use that on the RAID adapter to to run the memory swapping in windows 2000, PCI SATA II card will give me the ability of hardware level massive capacity over ATA100 anyhow. My SATA II card has windows 2000 support. Running windows 98se is cool with a single Pentium 3 it feels like a Pentium 4 probably that its got memory page tech in the VIA chipset and 2GB single chip side pc133 RAM runs beautifully thanks to the work of R. LOEW. I am preparing to benchmark this on a single cpu in windows 98se then I will do same with 2 cpu's with windows 2000. Windows 98se swap file I switch off since I have 2gb ram. Windows 2000 will have a 16gb max swapfile over a CF card RAID 0 for cosmetic appeal of flashing CF card to IDE adapter lights lol but maybe it'll use it.
  24. Under windows 2000 with working driver raid 0 is 2 disks joined together but not striped. I mean, its just one disk equaling two disk capacity. Weird I thought it'd be 1 disk capacity with 1 hidden for striping. It does however say in windows 2000 signature required but that means it won't stripe without windows software raid. That is just disappointing. I bet windows 98 wouldn't know what a signature software raid disk is about too. Thus Also the requirement of a windows driver to turn on signature soft raid on its likely not going to want to install windows 2000 on RAID 0 however I may try to with driverpacks integrated windows 2000. So at the end of all the discoveries It would be best used in windows as a non booting large data file storage array. Given that info I would most likely be happier with a SATA II controller and just 1 SATA II disk would both be faster than a RAID 0 ATA133 stripe and eliminate PATA cables I hate them especially those yellow cheap ones that break easily. I never used RAID before so I am a novice but I am considering aquiring a pci UDMA ATA133 RAID card as they are reported to fully support dos and windows 9x booting. I have a PCI SATA II controller but it doesn't have a bios menu so thats just good enough for non boot support of disks as well. I could get a pci ATA133 Conroller so in near future the disks installed now will run at full speed ata133 instead of ata100 Does anyone know of SATA II PCI cards that can show a RAID stripe menu without windows on post boot?
  25. cool i'll give it a go soon. thanks
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