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  1. I'v put 98se on this laptop and it runs very well with 256 mb ram but the problem is i cant install any drivers for the mobile radeon 9000 igp. I'v tried the omega drivers and the 6.2/3.1 official drivers but it stops installing saying try to install vga driver first which i have. Does anyone have any experience with this onboard graphics card & is it possible to get it working? Thanks in advance
  2. Thankyou for making ur site. Im sure many people will find it usefull
  3. Success!! As soon as i copied ATRACE.DLL to the other extracted files it installed perfectly & my son is loving Doom 3 Thank you so much for your help loblo you've made my son (and me!!) very happy
  4. Iv copy'd the files to numerous places in windows and it still won't install what is the best place to copy them to get DirectX to install? sorry to be a pain but my son can't play Doom 3 without DX9 installed
  5. Thanks for the help i'l try that sometime today & let u know how i got on
  6. Hi guys I removed PC health from my Windows ME system & everything worked fine and still does apart from installing DirectX. Apparently, i need PC Health on this system to install DirectX or it nags me about not copying a file due to the removal of PC Health. is there a way to reinstall it to get my DirectX upgraded or will i be forced into a reinstall of the operating system? Any help would be much appreciated
  7. Thanks problemchild iv been running me for 3 months now using ieradicator & sp2 on p4 with 1.5 gig of ram and had no problems whatsoever. I disabled system restore & pc health too. Its great
  8. I'v searched everywhere for Oppcom 2.1 but i cannot find it Any links?
  9. Il second that xeno 86. U have my full respect & gratitude for all your hard work over the years. God bless you.
  10. Looking forward to 3.17 thanks for all your hard work problemchild
  11. I'm trying to get my Canon MP250 printer to work with windows 98se but with no luck so far. There is no driver out there for this particular printer so i tried to make an older Canon driver work (MP800) by editing the INF file for the driver but with no luck (i'm not that good at editing INF files to be honest) so i was wondering if there's a universal printer driver that gives limited usability to any printer or a driver that actually works with this printer? I know it's a long shot but it's worth a try
  12. Dynamode usb sound 7 usb sound card fully compatable with 98SE & ME. Works like a charm
  13. @ Hu$tle I'm just grateful for any help with windows 98 albeit paid for or free. Without the GENIUSES on this forum Windows 98/ME would have been dead years ago. I'v amazed friends of mine with what Windows 98 is capable of these days and it's all thanks to these VERY skilled programmers who put the time in to help this aging operating system.
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