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  1. Alright, thanks! But still, the first question -maybe I wasn't clear enough- must I use your suggested OEM folder? I've changed all references from OEM to Install\Drivers in the following files: - RUN_ME.cmd - M2\presetup.cmd Then I've moved M2\OEM\bin to M2\Install\Drivers\bin After those adjustments I've applied it to my XPCD. It seems to be placed all correctly, but I'm wondering if the changed folder will give me any problems. Forgive my concern, but I've got to create an extra partition to test this, so I want to get it right from the first time.
  2. Hi, I'm almost done with integrating my drivers (well, it didn't took long, thanks Bashrat ). Now, I'm usng method 2, with another folder structure. I renamed all the "OEM"'s in all the batch files and then renamed the included folder. After this, I applied the run_me.cmd. Will it work or does it have to be with the "OEM"-folder? Everything seems to be located correctly. Anyway, second, I want to install some extra drivers. How can I make this work exactly, also using method 2. Like make the DriverPacks copy my supplied drivers along with the normal packs. I'm sorry if any of the above has been asked before, but I did try to search. There are just too many topics. >_<
  3. Nanaki

    Xpize 3.0 Released

    Clock doesn't work with me? >_> Otherwise: nice!
  4. That registry value is used for registry reporting. It's automatically generated when starting an Office app. In fact, it writes the correct value during install, it just can't read it afterwards. So, basicaly, ignoring it doesn't matter. And enough now, this is still a XPlode board.
  5. Nanaki


    *taps Alanoll's shoulder*
  6. Nanaki


    Yes, you already said that...
  7. Nanaki


    Wait, wait, wait. You know this isn't a "real application" right? It's only for use within uA CD's. Otherwise, you never know...
  8. Well, it doesn't replace the file... It launches the file on the normal way, but when that error pops on the screen it presses the ignore button automatically. It may not be the best way, but it's very well the only way. I created it because noone said it was possible to install Office at T-12.
  9. Holy crap! Thank you! You're the best One thing tho, any limitations on a different language version?
  10. Nanaki

    What Is Xplode?

    It's a more beatiful and easier to maintain way to install software, instead of RunOnceEx.
  11. Try placing this attachment in the same folder as your SETUP.EXE and UNATTENDED.MST. Then run this .exe instead, no arguments needed. Tell me if it works. It's only for use in T-12 btw.
  12. Yes, I had the same problem. There's ONE error that encounters, but may be ignored. So I supressed it. What language are you installing?
  13. I can help you with your Office T-12 problem. Just run it with /QB once and tell me if you get only one error. edit= oh, and what language you're installing.
  14. Man, that's fast Thanks!
  15. Holy crap, it's definitly XPlode. :/ Alright, I tried collecting as much information as possible. First thing's first, I can't go using Task Manager as I'm installing during T-12 stage. But I used pslist to log every step. I created a "lite" XPlode script to test it out a bit. After every install I logged the memory usage. XPlode.exe keeps on growing and growing... Included are the following: - XPlode script - XPlode log (btw, the version string is out-of-date ) - 1.txt (first log) and 11.txt (last log) fully - 2.txt until 10.txt only Xplode.exe Information about pslist logs: Pri = Priority Thd = Number of Threads Hnd = Number of Handles Priv = Private Virtual Memory It goes from low in the first log (7MB) to a whopping 178MB in the last log. One last thing worth mentioning, I think XPlode4a also does this, but in a lesser deal. Hope this helps fix some stuff.
  16. 1. It's a 0.0.x release, so clearly temporarily. 2. Just change the pref back, sheesh.
  17. Holy crap, I first thought it was BlueCurve. :/ What's that cmd app?
  18. http://dl02.rapidshare.de/files/733070/214/what.jpg is what he means.
  19. Actually, I just copied the folder from Default User and All Users from my VMware to my host PC. Those shortcuts weren't in them though. Thanks! I'll try it out in my next install.
  20. In the sub-menu. This is my current code: DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Menu Start\Windows Update.lnk" DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Menu Start\Programmatoegang en -instellingen.lnk" DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Menu Start\Windows-catalogus.lnk" DEL "%Userprofile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Hulp op afstand.lnk" MOVE "%AllUsersProfile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Ontspanning" "%AllUsersProfile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Bureau-accessoires\Ontspanning" MD "%Allusersprofile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Download" MD "%Allusersprofile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Office" MD "%Allusersprofile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Ontspanning" MD "%Allusersprofile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Utilities" MOVE "%UserProfile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Internet Explorer.lnk" "%AllUsersProfile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Utilities\Internet Explorer.lnk" MOVE "%UserProfile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Outlook Express.lnk" "%AllUsersProfile%\Menu Start\Programma's\Utilities\Outlook Express.lnk" EXIT
  21. ^says it all^ I'm currently moving start menu shortcuts into the right place with batch files, but I can't seem to move the Internet Explorer.lnk and Outlook Express.lnk. Where are they exactly situated anyway? All users or Default user? Can't find 'em. I'm installing during T-12, tnx,
  22. I just can't seem to get away from the alpha. In 4.1 the "wait-problem" is fixed (kudos to you ), but I have another one now. After some time it runs out of memory. Installers complain about it and after 6 error messages or so XPlode just quits. Everything works fine with the alpha version. I attached my error log, just ignore the 'file not found' errors, they are just results from typo's. Tnx,
  23. Nanaki

    Xplode 4.1

    Come to belgium and drink some beer. You'd never go back to that american crap.
  24. We know, we know, we know... it's all over the forum.

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