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  1. Well, I don't use that method, so I can't see any errors in it (which I'm sure there are ). Try using the following: ROOT - $OEM$ - cmdlines.txt - i368 - XPlode - XPlode.exe - XPlode.xml - The various plugins And then in cmdlines.txt: [COMMANDS] ..\XPlode\XPlode.exe But we need a log. =p
  2. I normally am helpful, but just f***ing google it. Check here for a 7z SFX tutorial.
  3. I'll try it tomorrow, tnx I'll post back when it works ^^
  4. Nope, no error message, it's just not adding. Windows Registry Editor 5 (or something like that :p) [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\InstalledProducts\Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal] "UserAskStartStop"=dword:0x00000000 It's a new value and key.
  5. Is there any? I'm trying to add values and keys to configure my programs, but it doesn't seem to work. And what do the "@"'s do?
  6. http://www.microsuck.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8843 weeeeeeh
  7. I use Resource Tuner and it is idd in shell32.dll. Just keep pressing on the down-key and stop when you see it.
  8. "XPlode.cmd" is useless, as an OEM disk already copies everything to drive. Second, try executing "run_with_logging.cmd" and post your log it generates.
  9. Again, since I made my family switch to Firefox, i had ZERO viruses. Now that's proof. =p
  10. Some wait, most don't. Downgrading to alpha for now. edit: Alpha works, so it's a problem with Xplode.exe itself I think.
  11. Sorry to ask, but why do you need that window anyway?
  12. Delete "xplode.cmd". It's useless.
  13. Incoming is pop, outgoing smtp. Check your ISP's site (Wanadoo I presume? ) how to configure. edit: your settings: incoming: pop.wanadoo.co.uk outgoing: smtp.wanadoo.co.uk Account name: yourname@wanadoo.co.uk Password: err, duh Don't select 'use SSL'.
  14. Just detect changes in your registry dude!
  15. I don't use the WAIT tags, maybe try without them?
  16. The road I took to get to Firefox was long. I never had a real problem with MSIE (next to the freezes when typing an incorrect URL - which was actually a pain in the ***). But, NAV2k2 corrupted it some years ago. At that time I had been using Netscape now and then, just for the heck of it, so that became my primary browser. Later I switched to Seamonkey, because of the smaller update-cycle. I love Seamonkey, it rules. Around the time Firefox/Firebird 0.7 I switched to it -because I had broken my Seamonkey. Several weeks ago I formatted my computer, and after the Windows reinstall, I decided to default Firefox completly, for all five accounts of my computer -from the family. I don't regret that decision. I had zero viruses since then. My family often opens ActiveX stuff and others, and now I don't have to worry about it anymore. Off couse, I could just limit their Windows accounts rights, but I don't have the time to maintain that. That's just a lil' story. Is Firefox better then MSIE? Yes. It's (for now) safer and I'm guessing it will stay that way for a long while. I love the Gecko rendering, it does its job perfectly. I love tabbed browsing, and all the goody extensions you find on the internet. But, is MSIE unmissable? No. Although the use of MSIE is currently limited to once in four months, it's still needed for some sites. Windows Update is now done by Automatic Updates, so I'm guessing MSIE will become obsolete over some time. Not for corporates, but for home users. Though, I don't get why people won't use the Mozilla ActiveX control. It's used when it's needed, unlike MSIE's control. Is Thunderbird better than Outlook? Nah. Outlook Express did it's job fine, I just wanted something new. I like the built-in RSS tho.
  17. I just upgraded my old Win98SE computer to WinXP, and now it runs better then ever. (mostly because of the built-in WLAN) But, I must say, I like Win98SE better. I'e worked with it longer and got attached to it. And one thing that I hate, the activation. Dude, ffs. If you're gonna fight piracy, do it right. I have a legal copy and my old comp is still not upgraded. Well, it is, I just can't access it. I activated Windows in the start, as usual. I install all drivers and some programs (took over 2 hours). Next day I reboot. *BAM* "Your copy of Windows XP is not activated. Do you want to activate?". Clicking "No" results in a reboot. So I click "Yes". Now comes the goody stuff. I get another window, the registration windows to be precise, saying "Windows XP is already activated". What on earth? One button, "OK", and when you click it, your machine reboots. Again, it's a friggin legal copy. At least with Win98 you were sure to get something for your money. Next week I'm gonna reinstall and I'm afraid. That can't be right. Another thing, Service Pack 2. I don't really have stuff against it (I integrate it in my uA CD every time) but the 'upgrader' is so badly designed. First time I upgraded from a WinXP SP1 edition, it gave me errors when I was sorting my desktop or Start Menu. (lol ) Then I deinstalled it with the supplied uninstaller duh). I couldn't boot anymore! It gaves me critical errors on my winlogon.exe. I had to install a fresh copy and opy over the system32 folder to save my data. I worked on the system for a while (with lotsa errors) and formatted one month later. Installed SP2 on it and it works. But again, I was afraid of executing that SP2 installer again. It's also pretty funny that - I think all- new functions were disabled. It goes popping up balloons all the time, disable. It launches a _second_ firewall, disable. It lowers the concurrent TCP-IP connections, disable. It upgrades MSIE6, err, stick with firefox. Is there anything left?
  18. Some notes. Shouldn't AutoPartition be on 'Yes'? Otherwise only the first partition is formatted. I think he means the whole drive becomes one partition. And what does "ExtendOemPartition=0" do? I don't use it, and it works.
  19. It's probably saved in the registry. I'm not on the internet-configuration part yet. Try snapping with Regshot BEFORE and AFTER you configured. And then compare.
  20. Hell, I can't explain it any more clear. I have an Office installer. But that doesn't matter. I have a MSI installer, which I need to get to install invisible. The problem is that I can't use the /QN parameter. More in-dept, if I use the /QN parameter, the install will deinstall when it encounters an error. When I use any other parameter (like /QR and /SB, the install gets paused and an error popup shows. I NEED that popup, so I cannot use QN. Yet, however, I also NEED to let it install without seeing it. Tricky one huh?
  21. Nono, I need to run it in /QB or /QR, so an error shows up and I can repress it. With /QN, the error doesn't show up, and the install cancels.
  22. I have a problem. One of my apps isn't hidden and that doesn't look good with my shiny XPlode install. Now, the app consists out of two parts. The first one launches the second one. However, the first one is hidden by XPlode by using the <hide> tag. Is it possible to hide the second one too? Or, how does XPlode hide apps? I hope I made myself clear, it's a pain to explain it.

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