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  1. Crap, I forgot about this. Try this one, if you still need it. I have no flying idea what the problem is, but this version restarts itself every half hour. The only thing close to a debug mode is the "/k"-parameter. It makes a C:\cdswitch.txt logfile, but the only thing you (or I, if it keeps happening) will learn from it is how long it stays alive.
  2. To be honest, I never tested this situation (or even thought about it). I dusted off some old digital folder and took the (non-WPI) 0.8.4-version of CDswitch (there are probably newer and better versions I made, but I don't feel like puzzling them together). I'm going to give you the only solution I can think of: a fresh compilation. Since I see you're using x64, here's a x64-version: click. And if it doesn't work (I have no idea, still using the same 4-year old pc, can't even test it), here's a normal version: click. Now, I had to change a couple of lines to make it build, and I can't even test the basic functionality (my disc drive doesn't work, maybe due to the excessive testing of this tool a couple of years back ) so no money back. Next to that, does the "/s"-parameter even work? I never tested it during a windows-installation and certainly not on Vista (it refers to a windows-tada-sound if I remember correctly). cheers,
  3. I've kinda of forgotten the usage of my own program (loss of time and such) but I'll try and help you. Also note I've never used WPI. Here are some points: - If you use one "global" WPI (read: not one WPI per disc) it's probably better to copy WPI to the hard drive and then running it (via the $OEM$-folders or something, you probably know more about this than me). - If I derive from this post correctly, you can assign different "commands" to an installer in WPI. You can simply make "cdswitch" the first command to precede every installer: command 1: cdswitch OFFICE2003 %CDROM% command 2: %CDROM%\office\setup.exe Note 1: the %CDROM%-variable is a WPI-variable, see other topics for this. Note 2: cdswitch should normally detect if the correct disc is already inserted, and then close itself automatically, so you shouldn't worry about spawning an unnecessary cdswitch-window before every install. - So, in short, here's an example setup: Disc 1: Label: "DISC_ONE" Contains main Windows-stuff and WPI and maybe some applications. CDswitch should be launched with command: cdswitch "DISC_ONE" %CDROM% WPI-installer entry example: command 1: cdswitch "DISC_ONE" %CDROM% command 2: %CDROM%\installers\setup.exe Disc 2: Label: "DISC_TWO" Contains main Windows-stuff and WPI and maybe some applications. CDswitch should be launched with command: cdswitch "DISC_TWO" %CDROM% WPI-installer entry example: command 1: cdswitch "DISC_TWO" %CDROM% command 2: %CDROM%\installers\another_setup.exe I never tested the above, but in theory it should work. You should know more of WPI than I do to make something of the above.
  4. I'm not sure how to fix the bug (since I can't even reproduce it). I do know the bug that's causing the flickering in 0.8.5, but it would take more time to fix that one than to rewrite the whole thing (which I should one day do). Like all things... if only I had more time. And, hopefully, soon on the first page.
  5. Yep, a known issue. Windows is incorrectly painting CDswitch on screen, due to it being loaded all early and stuff. CDswitch 0.8.5b contains a fix for this (I really should consolidate the versions, maybe some time later), but I haven't incorporated this change into later versions yet, because it makes CDswitch "blink". I'll probably add a parameter "--repaint" or something like that soon.
  6. This post should give you a reasonable explanation. Worked for the other guy.
  7. 1. Make sure cdswitch.exe and WPI.jpg are on the hard drive, not on a CD. If so, try placing the attachment (cdswitch.ini) in the same folder as cdswitch.exe and removing "/p:WPI.jpg" from your parameters. If that doesn't work, try resaving WPI.jpg as a bitmap (WPI.bmp) and see if that works. If all that doesn't work or you don't want to do those, just send me the picture you're trying to display. 2. So after inserting a new disc, WPI asks what programs to install? It might be better to ask for help on the WPI-forum for this one, since I never used WPI before. Sorry. :/ cdswitch.ini
  8. 1 - Is WPI.jpg in the same folder as CDswitch.exe? 2 - I'm not sure what you're asking here. You can save a separate batch file or whatever per cd.
  9. Alright, here's the deal: I don't really have time to look into this, with exams 'n everything. So I can only offer you a workaround that might not work (since I don't know the exact problem anyway). Until my precious time returns. Anyway, I think CDswitch is having some trouble running DOS-command scripts under certain situations, and those seem to exit too soon (well, windows is having trouble with it, but meh). I presume you run everything with GUIRunOnce, right? Well, at this time, run a super-duper-batchfile that takes care of the others; [GuiRunOnce] %systemdrive%\install\batch_file.cmd CMDOW @ /HID FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\WIN51IP.SP2 SET CDROM=%%i: start /wait %CDROM%\stuffthatshouldinstallfromdiscone.cmd start /wait cdswitch COLOSSUS2AP %CDROM% /p:%CDROM%\pic.jpg /ll:50 /lt:15 start /wait %CDROM%\wpi.cmd That's how I installed back in the days I still made unattended installations, sort of.
  10. If I understand correctly, try this: cmdow @ /HID FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\WIN51IP.SP2 SET CDROM=%%i: start /wait cdswitch COLOSSUS2AP %CDROM% /r:%CDROM%\wpi.cmd /p:%CDROM%\pic.jpg /ll:50 /lt:15 /rw ECHO. EXIT Now, if only someone could test it with BD and HDDVD. =)
  11. Good to know it's working, thanks for testing. Why, you want it to?
  12. Alright, the stuff I'm about to say might not be fully correct, since I don't have the resources to test it and it's been a while since I've written this code. First, if you want to EJECT the drive containing the disc with certain file: cdswitch "" /f:"director\agent\windows\i386\FILES\dir5.20_agent_windows.exe" /l:"IBM Director 5.20" Notice how "X:" is omitted from the path, "/f" works like this. Second, you want to check the new disc for a file: sorry, not possible, this required a major overhaul of the code for it to work properly. I might try and put it in quite soon (just for you ), but first I need my laptop back for that. I'll try and see later today. edit: try this one. I've found the disc I needed, so here's another new version. Use this code: cdswitch /f:"director\agent\windows\i386\FILES\dir5.20_agent_windows.exe" X: /l:"IBM Director 5.20"
  13. I've uploaded a version with a fix here. In my small tests, it worked with an empty label (still use double quotes ""). Ok, good to hear.
  14. Could you run CDswitch with: cdswitch "DELL_RESSOURCES" /g:LABEL /K and post the contents of "c:\cdswitch.txt" afterwards? Also, please make sure that "/g:LABEL" is what you want. It will eject the drive wherein the disc labeled "LABEL" is.
  15. I'll try to look into it when I have some time.
  16. I have no idea. Try doing something like cdswitch "" D: and know to tell me if it works.
  17. @rajesh.kumar: good to hear @pmshah: what's the difference with CDswitch, =)
  18. When the correct disc is inserted, it should normally exit right away. Are you using 0.8.4 or 0.9a?
  19. Heh, that's nice, but it's not really related to WPI. (Well, aside from the fact that most people using this app are WPI-users. )
  20. 1, 2, 3. cmd loads the variables at the startup. When you "load" cmd, it "loads" the variables. Pretty much nothing I can do about it. 4. Nope, there isn't, sorry. Maybe later, or a separate app, heh. 5. God, I once implemented it, but I have no idea what the state is on that. I should check that. I do recommend thern to use the "for... blah blah" to detect the drive (although I think WPI has a separate method to detect the drives?) but I don't really see what you're doing afterwards.
  21. =) That'll teach you naughty hackers! XD Wrong syntaxes don't give that error, heh (CDswitch pretty much won't do anything then). Second, it's not wpi-only. Third, what happens when you execute "cdswitch test 1" in your normal windows environment?
  22. What the hell is that supposed to mean? As said by the people before me, rather a download problem. If it remains everytime, try downloading a different version (either the one supplied with WPI, or the one from the main mirror [see sig for that one]).
  23. Nah, it just quickly compares tasks and kills the ones previously not active. I ran it after every "big one" (office/openoffice), but you could run it after every install (would be overkill though ).

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