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  1. It's dependent on your level of MSDN subscription. MSDN Operating systems don't have Vista listed yet. MSDN Professional v/ VS does have Vista, but only x86. ... and those are the two levels I have that I could check with. I guess people with O/S subscriptions will have to wait a little while longer.
  2. Yeah, just checked again - Vista seems to have disappeared. My product keys are still there though, so I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe they're setting up a few more download servers or something, because of the demand. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. FYI, Vista is now on MSDN.
  4. You'll need to handle the non-client window messages. Whether it can be done in VB I know not, MSDN should have the info if so.
  5. New build of XPlode 4 - 4.5.51025.1615. No new features as such, but it does fix the crashing issues with Core 2 Duo's, as well as dramatically dropping the CPU usage of the XPlodeGFXInstall and XPlodeOriginalInstall plugins. You can download the latest from: http://www.voidfx.com/FX/XPlode/Download And can you also let me know if you have any problems with the installer - complete rewrite, I'm sure there are new bugs I haven't found. Cheers, Nick. ------ And for people that haven't seen it before, depending on your configuration...
  6. Would you mind testing an updated XPlode4? I've had a problem reported for GFXinstall when running on Core2's, but as you may have gathered from the first post, I can't reproduce it.
  7. Anyone got a Core 2 Duo? I've had a couple of reports saying that XPlode 4 crashes when running on them. If you set the affinity to single CPU, no problems. Multiple CPU's, problems. Doesn't seem to be a problem with HT machines or AMD x2's, just the Core2Duo's. Anybody come across it? Or are willing to test?
  8. the .h and .lib files are now available for you to write c++ apps witht them I was writing apps with them before, but they were reverse engineered, because some silly person forgot to put the header in All good now
  9. XP isn't officially supported, but it still can be done. If you're specifically looking at ImageX, you can check out my testing from quite a while back. Keep in mind that this wasn't really aimed at deployment with BDD, but rather to find a quicker way to install XP. (Sysprepped image -> WIM -> apply image to HDD from WinPE) You can check it out at http://www.voidfx.com/FX/Random:WIM_Installation Bit old, but it might point you in the right direction, at least for capturing. Also, if you look on connect, you'll find that the latest version of BDD Beta2 supports XP deployment.
  10. Just out of interest, does the new WAIK have the wimgapi.h/.lib, or is it missing like older builds?
  11. Run sysprep after the full installation, then when you're happy, sysprep -reseal -mini
  12. I don't. The main component that I get emails about is Internet Explorer, and so far, all problems have been introduced by IE being removed by nLite. I figure that if there are ways to check if nLite has been used, then I could possibly figure out from there whether required bits are missing. That said, I've not mucked around with nLite to any great degree, so I don't really know whether I can use the files it generates to figure out whether needed components have been removed. As I said, I shall pursue this a bit closer to completion, because if I can gather as much information about the installed environment, the easier it'll be for me.
  13. Initially it'll be a quick check, rather than having to check other places afterwards. If I know nLite has removed stuff, then I shouldn't need to check other places. It's still a way off before I need to sort that stuff out, so I'll get back to you via PM a bit closer to when it's nearing completion.
  14. Sales? Ha! XPlode's free now, and going mostly open-source. I just don't want to waste my time, as well as the time of others, when people have removed stuff that is needed and want support.

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