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  1. /QB is a progress bar But that's not the problem, let me try to explain it - Windows installs - at T-12 all applications installs - First boot - I open Acrobat Reader 7 - Launches a MSI windows syaing it's configuring acrobat reader. - Pops up a "insert disk" error I want Acrobat Reader to boot normally after a first install, without having to insert my disk just once.
  2. Allright, I got a problem with the latest ar7 and I can't seem to solve it (yes, I've searched ). After the installation of my uA CD, I try to open Acrobat Reader 7. It gives a "configuring"-MSI progress bar and then says it can't find the CD. How do you get rid of this bar? It would be great help if you could help me. I'm all new at this Unattended stuff. If it matters, here's my installation code: <item display="Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0"> <execute display='Programma'> <program>#SOURCEDRIVE#\Install\Apps\ar\Adobe Reader 7.0.msi</program> <arguments>/QN</arguments> </execute> <execute display='Snelheidsaanpassingen'> <program>#SOURCEDRIVE#\Install\Apps\ar\ar.cmd</program> <hide>true</hide> </execute> <execute display='Registeraanpassingen'> <program>REGEDIT</program> <arguments>/S #SOURCEDRIVE#\Install\Apps\ar\reader70.reg</arguments> <hide>true</hide> </execute> </item>
  3. Well, two weeks I go I gave it a go with the current build, and I did something wrong. I didn't really care so I decided on working with RunOnceEx (which was also a whole new concept to me ). Now, with way more experience, I tried this XPlode4 and it rocks! It looks so much more professional than any other solution. Thanks Wraith, u rule. Two questions tho: - This one's probably answered yet, But I'm gonna ask it anyway. Is every program able to install in the T-12 stage? It sound totally not logical to install stuff when Windows isn't even loaded yet. - Second, these usergroups, do they only work on XP Pro or with a network? Is it basically using "net group"? Not that I need them, but I'm curious. And tnx again for this great tool, keep up the good work.
  4. lol, whoopsy No, I want it to be fully unattended. See, the least it should do is to format the entire drive to one partition. Automatically. I want to plug in my disk and only press enter one time in the beginning. I found a bit of a workaround. But if anyone knows how to create partitions via percentages (like in FDisk) in the unattended install. Lemme hear it.
  5. Alright, I'm working on an Unattended Install and coming around quite nicely. The biggest problem I have for now it's not funny unattended, it keeps asking for the partition if Windows is already installed. I don't want this. From what I've read on these forums, it isn't possible on correcting this issue with winnt.sif. My solution is a bit more complicated. Let me draw a lil' timeline to explain it. 1. PC boots 2. "Press any key to boot from disk..." 3. FDisk starts formatting and creating partitions 4. normal windows setup starts, sees first empty system partition, installs windows without asking. Is this possible? I would GREATLY aprreciate your help! EDIT= n/m, I've found a bit of a work around

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