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  1. Even with these commands, the installer gets cancelled, but that alright, my autoIT installer makes it work. So I still need a way to make 'em invisible
  2. Right click on C:/ or the affected drive, and see if the first check at the bottom is UNCHECKED.
  3. Uhu, is it possible with QN? I want the same effect, but invisible.
  4. It's Office I'm trying to run it at T-12 with 7zip. I succeeded, but it isn't invisible. And I'm not repackaging it. lol
  5. Sorry for being unclear. I have a MSI, which needs to be installed. The only way to install it correctly is with the /QR or /QB parameter, so with a progress bar. Now, I want the installer to be invisible, even without using /QN. Or, another solution to my problem would be to let /QN display errors it encounters, instead of cancelling the whole install.
  6. Due to error repression I need to get an MSI-installer with /QR parameter unvisible. I can't put it on /QN or my install will not work. Is it technically possible?
  7. Alright, made a WinRAR SFX (still with office shrink, need the space =p), but now followed every step of the installer. It gives ONE error which cancels the process in silent mode. The following: "Error 1406. Setup can't write the value DW0200 to the register key \Software\Microsoft\PCHealth\ErrorReporting\DW\Installed. Check if you have the sufficient amount of privileges to gain access to the register or contant the IT-development for support." It's a translation, so not the original English error. I mean, it copy's every other register value okay. >_<
  8. Great! I'm gonna include it on my next update. Tnx Wraith! One lil' question tho, is the File I/O working or not? Screens say no, but u never know.
  9. Just drag 'em into your theme manager.
  10. Thanks! Reinstalling would be a pain in the ***, that's why I'm using this method.
  11. Alright, I'm in deep s***. I installed a new computer and registered it. Now it asks to activate it -which I did after the install -I even called the **** hotline . When I press ok, it gives me a screen saying windows is already activated with one button; "ok". When I press that, it reboots. I can't even logon to my machine. Now, after some research, I discovered it is one of the 'bugs' of the avtivation method and it can be resolved by editing something in the registry. Now, how can edit something before windows boots? Please, please, help me fast.
  12. Use the latest nightly. It's pretty stable and contains a MSI installer.
  13. Tnx, gonna try that one Too bad I don't really see the difference with other method, but let's hope. Ffs dude, at least TRY not to stamp everybody as a total n00b. I'm very grateful for your method, andit's also not the problem, as the WinRAR installer also doesn't work. Again, it works in a normal environment, just not in T-12. It wouldn't be very good if I use RunOnceEx for one program, and for the rest XPlode.
  14. Yeah, been thinking about it, but I have to get it on one CD to keep it fully unattended. :/ There's got to be a cause, thus a solution!
  15. Yeah, that problem's been solved. I deleted too many plug-ins. but tnx
  16. Alright, try this. Use RegSnap or something and take a snapshot BEFORE opening ar7 for the first time and after it has configured. I'm pretty sure it's a registry value that has to change.
  17. New batch works. The Frontpage thing is proba a frontpage plug-in. Do you modify your adobe directory?
  18. Yeah, me neither, that's the problem. The 7zip seems to work for everyone. :/
  19. Nope, 7zip installer doesn't work either.
  20. My Windows Update said so. Oh well, don't really care, I'm on SP2 now. Too late to go back now.
  21. Well, I just delete all corner-images. That way I don't have to worry about them. It works like a charm.
  22. I think the answer to that questions is "yes". It's 'just' a new pack, why should a new method be required? It's just not automated for this pack yet, am I right?
  23. Alright: 1. Clean Windows install (VMware) 2. Office Shrinker unleashed at it 3. WinRAR SFX, best compression, following script: TempMode Setup=SETUP.EXE TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qn Silent=1 Overwrite=1 I currently replaced it with an (untested) 7z, as made by your steps. Though if I decide on using this second method, I want to know how you make the SFX modules. :/

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