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  1. Microsoft became bastard ! Sata Nadella leave Microsoft please !
  2. Final patch Tuesday ! who are hobbyist know what heck goes behind making money for Microsoft. Windows is no more owned /licensed by user , it is now like Netflix of operating system . It is end of service not end of life . Windows XP is kicking and it will still keep kicking until the day world ends . Remember XP got Windows NT kernel which is more than enough to make it next os/2. Let windows 7 eos comes , which is obviously closer to us like door to heaven for us but it will be door to hell for Microsoft. Microsoft might not consider but you know truth is bitter. NT6.X is failure. Those who just browse Facebook and run Microsoft office they will never realise that . Windows Vista is better writen than bloody windows 7 and successor. Lazy asses over Microsoft replaced most old win32 api with stubs . Don't believe me ? Use a disassembler to see it yourself. When major companies will move to windows 10 and it's embedded versions , tons of old systems will become sluggish and un usable . We will get some tons of e-waste , we shall Thanks Microsoft for that . I know what being die-hard means and what it means to run my favourite piece of software. I don't see software as tool they are more of a living persons to me . Windows NT 5.X is & was the most stable kernel ever designed by Microsoft . I am not claiming it . Windows 2000 proven what stability really means yet being light weight . XP proven what it means to user-friendly yet robust system needs to be .Sever 2003 proven what actually stability , speed and performance means on earth . Server 2003 was regarded as rival of Linux . Three daughters of Windows NT 4.0 will be alive and kicking on the Earth . Windows 2000: robust and reliable who is smart . [/url] Windows XP : most dependable and user-friendly person who loves her user .[/url] Windows 2003: she stays Strick always on performance issues . She doesn't consider crashes as any good things . She loves to work day and night and most dependable os for servers. [/url] Picture credit goes to respective artist . I don't had links of these pictures. I have downloaded them back in days to use as my wallpapers.
  3. Surely performance will be less than physical hardware but if nothing works then something is better. KVM reduces GPU performance too in my experience though they say it is GPU passthrough. I never felt any bug but once my steam stucked and caused bsod.
  4. Well same asmedia card worked on my skylake and never worked on my Sandy bridge with same nlite cd slipstreamed with my patch Shall I continue list of such hardware?
  5. No ACPI no PAE in most cases . PAE may work in certain cases but weird issues will appear without ACPI. Problem is not pae patch of mine problem is your mobo which is not ACPI compatible with my hal. I recommend always a clean installation while dealing with nt5.x on post ivy bridge hardware. Intel 6th gen and up needs patched bios in motherboard to make XP work properly. Sad to say but todays motherboards aren't Designed for XP so don't except heavenly results without modified bios One solution is Linux and KVM Poorly written written bios are real culprit why Microsoft rejected pae in XP sp2 . People complains drivers but nothing wrong with drivers as long they use kernel routines compliant with pae . HAL has ability to deny certain drivers from using PAE altogether.
  6. https://gbhackers.com/exploiting-new-zero-day-vulnerability/ My boy
  7. Cannot say about iOS but your comment goes well with s***droid .
  8. That's problem man . They love to throw their phones after few years. Most android vendors Don't Provide regular security patches and some even don't provide android upgrade . Phones turns glitchier over years and not to mention google loves to collect every data . Android is great but implementation of android by manufacturer are worst in universe
  9. After so many years , time to say goodbye to my Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 730. IMO, windows 10 Mobile was great and better than android . It never felt slow to use .
  10. You forgot wildBill , the man who invented petools and made kernel patches for NT os first time . Without his tool, no one can extend section of a nt pe kernel without bsod (addition of section is different things) His tool can add section even before RSC and relocation table. I am angry
  11. Well your kind command accepted to port cryptography module
  12. Next time I will compile from source. Please find out as many issues as much possible. Cheers
  13. Matt do you think any possibility of having UXP on ubuntu touch or neemo Mobile or sailfish os ? I am done with bul***** of Google's mother-in-law java called Android .
  14. Tobin in msfn lol am I dreaming ? Remember me Tobin , I am the guy who troubled you and moonchild in pm26 days for keeping some old libraries in your source. But you guys updated it within next official release. Do me a one favour , don't call any XP user as moron. In open-world everyone has right to use their favourite os . He looks like a member from 2007 when I just knew how to turn on computer, play pinball and paint
  15. As far as I remember ff56 uses little bit of rust so we may revert them with code of bk55
  16. I will stay on newmoon and XP. Linux is great but in 2013 I moved from kUbuntu and I don't wanna go back. Linux is slowly becoming windows 10. Gnome is now bloated like hell and KDE plasma is heavy. I only have hope on LxQt
  17. 32bit XP so 32bit Atleast that fixed asmedia issue in my case
  18. Yes man Under light I found I has realtek alc chipset but I don want to loose creative features

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