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  1. What shall I do when my pc broke? It is fixed now so let me restore some of my tools
  2. Well magic after using the power cord supplied with VS550 . System is stable and ran aida64 stress test for 30minutes .. Anyone can suggest me a good cpu Cooler under $100?
  3. I will not be shocked if your drive bay has a translator chip from jmicron which are hard to detect
  4. Update : same symptom return after windows 7 installation has finished Edit : I am quite sure this Power supply is failing to give enough power .
  5. Reapplied thermal paste and it is running flawlessly Edit : Moral of the story , don't cut cost on thermal compound , I used Artic MX-4 as it is safe for PCB as it doesn't conduct electricity
  6. System may not turn on due to thermal throttling ? My mom successfully entered bios and it is throttling badly. https://ibb.co/3Ymyvyt
  7. Actually I kept it on floor for taking picture. I will put another cpu , if the issue persist I will check the PSU .
  8. I have one spare G2020, the board support that chip . I will update the bios and inform back.
  9. Yes it is a 4pin power connector Edit : Sorry for my messed up cables . I am sorry .
  10. I installed new power supply to my pc . Here are specs, Intel core i7 3770K Kingston hyperx 8GB 1866MHz RAM X 2 Gigabyte GA-H61M-WW motherboard I installed new power supply and processor . When I turn on computer it asked me to save bios settings to default and I did that . After that when I click power switch it , the fan spins for few seconds and then turn off. After that when I reset bios, I entered bios settings I was seeing if their any wrong settings , the system suddenly turns off in between while I was browsing bios settings. Please have a look https://ibb.co/HNQp3Sm https://ibb.co/qNx1dcG
  11. Have to see , a latest version from last year December
  12. i have a wrapper toolkit which can make windows 95 osr 2 to run following applications. I don't know if anyone is interested in 95 . I bit in dilemma shall I make it free or make it available for $22 per licence to support myself. I am trying to get kmeleon goanna to work SMPlayer 7Zip Sumatra PDF Notepad++ WinSCP HxD Hex Editor Pico Torrent Xnview
  13. I think inviting roytam1 in this project will be great as he is Git & c++ guru so he may find out commit and change code which broke GDI font rendering.
  14. Man do you have a disk greater than 2.2TB ? I have a experimental disk patch that can even unlock GPT in XP. As you love experimenting with hardware so I am asking .
  15. No pun intended , I already worked in kernel extention project and I know how to add space to a section , move code in pe file , add import export and add relocation and anything pe32 has to offer. Heck in my early attempt I re wrote many components from assembly . I am not doing best patch competition here , I am talking why I have wrote my patch despite so many patch exist as none are close to perfect like mine(atleast in case of me and my users). I assure you I am lazy guy and I don't bother about fame so I don't reinvent a wheel for it. I share my stuff so that some nerd can benefit from my work . . I am tagging my friend neverseen here . My patch never makes chrome crash [nor does] it render chkdsk unusable . Patching just kernel will make XP unable to handle memory buffer which will render system into bsod while a application uses more than the physical memory limit . What is the use of showing 6gb ram in system properties if you cannot use it ? . @neverseen ====== Most patches causes bsod, because hal is not perfect since they can't handle memory buffer greater than 3.5GB . Back in days when I used fix128,pae64 and other patch shared by dencorso in forum , my system rendered into useless (either freeze or get into bsod ) when it crosses 3.5GB limit , first solution I came up with was using slightly customised windows XP sp1 hal and shared it first time in ryanvm forum . In next iteration , I reimplementation i fixed hal codes which looked different than sp1 hal (12 function change were useless) since sp1 hal broke my Asus xonar sound cars sue to mixing API . In next iteration , I made hybrid of my patch and patch from harkaz . Later after years of updating with new posready files , I released first version which contained all DMA buffer logic from server 2000 and XP sp1 which fixed my usb tethering issue from my phone , fixed ATI Radeon GFX issue (I used to use rx270) also ensured working stand by and hibernation mode in XP . I am grateful to Rudy for his excellent disassembler and support, wildbill for his petool and blackwingcat for his pemaker (best relocation editor ) . One day I will show some disassembly code . This is where Microsoft fixed the bug in 2003 but removed pae code from poor XP through sp2 Here is something for good read for few guys https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/895575/a-process-that-runs-in-the-physical-address-extension-pae-kernel-may-e Many may notice my patch shows slightly less ram than other patch but that's due another bug present in remote ndis driver (useful for usb tethering)
  16. Well Win32 my patch never caused any issues with ATI Radeon and Intel HD graphics even for your surprise hibernation works with my patch with so called buggy ATI Radeon . How it works then ? Let me explain . XP , 2k and 2k3 all handles pae differently . XP : keeps double DMA buffer enabled always when 64bit ramdisk is active 2k : Enables dma buffer when certain kernel calls are called by your driver (on those days high end components only used those API but that not lies today since nt is a major platform now unlike 9x in those days. 2k3 sp2 : has special hal mechanism that detects defective driver and enable DMA buffer when the driver support in separate memory space . My new patch will port fullmechanism from win 2k3 unlike my old patch which ported some to prevent just few drivers which troubled me and my user . I am using my new patch for 4months . It is so far God like stable .. I will analyse new patch by Daniel since it enables pae without pae switch
  17. @caliber Well wait for Christmas , a gift is coming in form of PAE patch (just install and enjoy type).
  18. That Russian fix128 thing breaks usb surf sticks and printer and few other . Mine doesn't because it backports DMA buffer logic from windows XP sp1. Original inventor of pae64 patch is one of my friend from a gaming forum. I still have source so I can build a automated patcher but since no one is interested before so I never ported it . I did experiment but it never released a complete version. Problem with fix128 urged me to make my own patch . I don't know if they fixed their old bug's
  19. Mine one needs integration with nlite and sfc patch
  20. We got stucked at UI Elements . Then his mid sem started so i never talked about it again.

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