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  1. I want to share 2 printers that are connected through USB to a computer From that computer i print, but there is no sharing tab on them in Devices and Printers, and also i don't see them in file explorer It was O.K. once
  2. The PSU was working, but i didn't touch the contacts. i moved some parts inside (HD) and i think that i merelly touched the inserted RAM. Anyway, maybe even the turning off and on of the computer did that, since that is what happened the first time i bought the new RAM, a few mounths ago and now again. i took out and stuck back in the RAM modules, even used the old ones and only one time it recognized. It's like a machine barely working, and even when you touch something-it breaks. Why should be the PSU closed for some time before starting again, which capacitors should i check, the mother-board's? and how? I got a suggestion, from an other forum, to take the CMOS's battery out and put back in order to reset the CMOS. curiously, i did that twice-and in both times the computer worked afterwards (it didn't after i sut doun and started again, a few times, after the first CMOS's refresh, and it worked immediatelly after the second CMOS's refresh)
  3. I have an old MSI H61M-E23 motherboard. i bought RAM, it didn't work a few times and then yes, for a few months. I touched the RAM accidentally, took it in and out, used the old modules-nothing. it felt the RAM only once and then didn't work again. Are these signs that the motherboard dies? What can i do, if at all, to save it? Thanks
  4. I made everything i could, the installer is on Automatic and running after restart (although it stops), i try to install something, even the microsoft Win 7 updates it doesn't want. I tried while it was running, as written in the Services. no use I also tried to install something as an administrator-no use Maybe it's permissions?
  5. I updated Win7. used Simplix UpdatePack. downloaded also un update from Microsoft. now 9 updates repeatedly won't install, but they are security and office updates. Used the 2 programs listed above: PowerRun and AdvancedRun, although i don't know which user to choose in the last one. i applied 2 options, but no good. The process seems to work since it's written in the process manager, but the programs i want to install, for example Acad 14, Office 2003 &, as a test, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package, all write the same error message. I remind you that i made the Regedit fixes suggested first. before tweaking with AdvancedRun i Regedit.exe didn't have UAC Virtualisation, i don't know if it's connected. After playing with AdvancedRun-now it's written nothing under UAC Virtualisation for Regedit.exe, in Task manager.
  6. I made, mistakingly, method 1 first, no god, then #2 & #1, no good. It says the keys & values contained in... couldn't be accesed, though the file has been added to the registry
  7. I have Win 7x64 bit operating system (does it say the motherboard and the CPU are also x64, or they could be x64 and still work?) I try to insytall Autocad, error, so i try to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package In both cases it writes Windows installer service could not be accessed. I ebabled most of the processes, and still: Windows installer service could not be accessed
  8. I can't make a home network like i had with Win XP. now i have Win 7 and the share button is greyed out, no matter what i do. Is there a solution to share only a network, external HD? I just want to save work from 3 computers to single HD.
  9. I didn't read your reply because i have a problem: I have overwritten 8.1 with Win 7 that i backed up before, but the dual boot menu disappeared, now i can't boot to XP. Win 7 just boots without giving the option to select, as was before 8.1 Do i have to use EasyBCD, and how? and if i will want to install a third OS, how can i add to the menu? Thanks Now that i have calmed down by writing to you, i can go and read your explanation... Thanks
  10. Yes please, advise how and where can i learn to do this (4T to XP & 8.1), and in general is there a good source of learning I also want to buy a PCIe adapter for NVMe, in order to load Win on that, but i don't know if i can use a M.2 PCIe SSD or SATA SSD I understand SATA uses PCIe, and i have them both, what are the pro's and con's for SSD? My motherboard has BIOS, will i be able to boot from PCIe SSD, or should i buy SATA SSD, and if so, why, if at all, it's beeter to use a PCIe (x16?) adapter instead of a simple SATA SSD with the direct cable attachment
  11. I had XP with a HD of 4T. maybe i formatted, i don't remember, i think not. it worked fine and i saw 2T. Now dual boot 8.1+XP and still only 2T. it sees, though, 4G RAM. It says x64 operating system, x64 based processor (old motherboard with i5). How do i know if the computer really works on 64 bit? Are motherboards and RAM's manufactured at x32 or x64, or does it depend only on the OS and CPU? Do i have to format the HD to 4T, and can XP use it? Thanks
  12. I had Win XP, then installed Win 7 and, to my surprise and content, it made dual boot and kept Win XP also. good. Later i installed Win 8.1 anew, and it installed instaed of Win 7. Now i want to move the partition where XP is (it's on an other HD and i want to disable it) How do i keep the dual boot, where is the file so i can change the path and how. By the way, do you know a program to create and resize partitions? Thanks
  13. I want to buy a motherboard and a CPU. i don't demand much from the comp or the resolution, it's 1366x768 I don't want to buy a graphics card and there is an Integrated Graphics Processor-Intel® HD Graphics support. do i need a CPU with a graphics card? What does the chip on the motherboard, does it only connect the graphics card, whether it's in the CPU or stands alone, to the HDMI etc. connectors? If i don't want to insert a separate graphics card, then, i understand, i have to buy a CPU with one inside, right?
  14. On headphones the sound and volume are good and strong
  15. Settings seem O.K: all levels high

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