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  1. Let me fix the uninstaller first . @win32 pointed it out. Then if theirs a bug anyone can uninstall it . Well anyone have any idea how much dangerous CVE-2020-1048 is . https://windows-internals.com/printdemon-cve-2020-1048/ In Their blog , https://blog.0patch.com/2020/05/micropatching-printdemon-vulnerability.html 0patch Fix mentions LcmCreatePortEntry but nowhere IDA Pro , Relyze & PEExplorer find such reference .
  2. @Dave-H & @jaclaz thanks .'' Anyone know how to fix uninstaller issue in my hotfix repack.
  3. CVE2020-0674(0 Day),CVE2019-1429(0 day) are variant of each other . Microsoft did some quick fix but bad guys can easily work around it so i made a own patch to harden it. I have carefully studied work of 0patch but their patch is kill switch for JScript. So I made my own work around to fix it . https://blog.0patch.com/2020/01/micropatching-workaround-for-cve-2020.html My patch in action https://i.ibb.co/jhpqgrN/Vulnerability-Fixed.png It prevents both JSEncode & JSCompat vulnerability (Thanks to 0patch to find out JSCompat too can be used) Edit: I had no intention to share this patch but shared it as my friends asked me to . Some people likes to judge on basis of your age not your skill . Mastering x86 Assembly takes time . People are using my patch in wrong way then blaming me , Like using nlite addon without nlite despite knowing SFC can replace back original files from SP3.cab Many russian and chinese devs copied my RAM patch without my consent . one of my friends sent me ''I tried this too before. Don't expect too much from it as it was made by some teenage indian dude lol" Sounded racist to me . First they are dump to use nlite addon in wrong way and blame me without disabling SFC. In future , I will keep my patches to me . Why shall i bother ? WHat is the use of sharing and caring philosophy ? why shall i waste my bandwidth which i could use to watch anime ?
  4. kb3124624-v2: Fixes: CVE-2020-1035, CVE-2020-1058, CVE-2020-1060, CVE-2020-1093,CVE2020-0674(0 Day),CVE2019-1429(0 Day) kb4056941v2: Fixes: CVE-2020-0938(0day), CVE-2020-1020(0day) https://ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=22749
  5. StructuredQuery.dll doesnt exists in XP how 0patch fix CVE-2020-0729 when it doesnt exists in XP. anyone know hotfix repacking ?
  6. You need to code cave some implementations. It's a complex process so hard to explain.
  7. You didn't add any code with hex editor. That's the reason. I am comparing dlls with sp3 , I am looking out for changes made if any fix needed. Just wait I will do it for you .
  8. I think you might have corrupted some code. Their may be some other changes like dx9 upgrade . Anyway does already compatible software show same ?
  9. Kinda actually , Biostar re released H61 chipset motherboard. link You can grab i5 3570 for $20 from eBay .So a new xp compatible computer under $150 is very much possible.
  10. You can use Petools by wildbill to add a section before .rsc & .reloc and move export table their . Then use pemaker for everything else .
  11. ARM processor? XP clone ? Are they kidding? Who gonna use it .
  12. You need to add another section and move your export table there <3 If you don't mind, pm me your ntdll & kernel32 I will do it for you . I personally too like Windows XP sp1 over sp2.
  13. CVE-2020-0668: Disable Windows Service Tracing CVE-2019-1089: Disable RPC CVE-2020-0645 : Disable IIS CVE-2020-0772,CVE-2019-1315, CVE-2019-1339,CVE-2019-1319: Disable Windows Error Reporting CVE-2020-0787 : Disable Bits CVE-2019-0887,CVE-2019-1108,CVE-2019-1089,CVE-2019-1177,CVE-2019-1333,CVE-2019-1326 : Disable RDP CVE-2020-0770: Disable Windows ActiveX Installer CVE-2020-0822 : Disable Windows Language pack installer CVE-2020-0781, CVE-2020-0783 , CVE-2019-1405 : Disable Universal Plug & Play CVE-2020-0625, CVE-2020-0626, CVE-2020-0627, CVE-2020-0628, CVE-2020-0629, CVE-2020-0630, CVE-2020-0631, CVE-2020-0632 : Disable Windows Search Indexing
  14. Atmfd vulnerability fix is already made by me . I am trying to find someone willing to test it .
  15. I need someone to repack my updates in update installer. heinoganda always did for me but looks like he is inactive . @heinoganda
  16. I made patch for CVE2019-1441, CVE-2019-0889, CVE-2019-0890, CVE-2019-0891, CVE-2019-0893, CVE-2019-0894, CVE-2019-0895, CVE-2019-0896, CVE-2019-0897, CVE-2019-0898, CVE-2019-0899, CVE-2019-0900, CVE-2019-0901, CVE-2019-0902 If anyone interested I will post it in ryanvm forum Anyone one can list out all cve of gdiplus after April 2019? Edit: Now testing fix for CVE-2020-0779,CVE-2020-0814, CVE-2020-0842, CVE-2020-0843,CVE-2020-0847
  17. All nt5 oses are best and their tan looks cute .
  18. I will try to make a patch . Opatch has documented everything . I have already ported some patches for server 2008 but I didn't share anywhere .
  19. Nvidia icafe driver doesn't have support for gtx1070 on XP . Your best bet is to get a gtx970
  20. Over the years I realised that bios is what depends on GPU to work on card's . It doesn't worth to take risk . R9 Fury used to bsod with icafe driver many times . Try force installing older driver on windows 10 , new nvidia driver are particularly buggy on 900 & 700 series card

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