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  1. netbookdelgob

    Windows 10 Regressions

    Never happened to me with windows 10 updates. They are laggy. ***** xaml. No issues with this, system uses 1 mb of ram. Bug isnt present in my build. Windows 10 (15063.540)
  2. netbookdelgob

    how can i run 32 bit os like windows 8.1 on 64 bit processor

    Nope. Unless its IA64
  3. netbookdelgob

    Downgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1

    Check if EasyBCD can recover the bcd entries to boot it. The recovery partition must be there.
  4. netbookdelgob

    Wait for the iPhone 7 or buy 6s plus now?

    Wait for iphone 7. Iphone 6s will get "old" in months.
  5. netbookdelgob

    Intel G41,etc video chipsets no opengl support (Fix)

    Just follow the instructions, sorry, i dont have the inf. Well, just edit the original inf, with the instructions. If you cant install the modded inf, just
  6. netbookdelgob

    deleted as requested

    Realtek has a utility, download the driver for xp/2000 for the Realtek 9181SE. The utility has wpa2 support. But needs the OldCigarettes wrapper.
  7. netbookdelgob

    Win-98 codec to play certain .avi (m-jpg) files?

    Try K Lite codec pack, the last version that supports 9x/ME
  8. netbookdelgob

    Running windows 98 on asrock mobo 970 extreme 3 r2.0

    Well you can install 98 se without ACPI support, but the RAM is a problem, you will have to limit it. Also forget about drivers, and depending on your mobo forget about USB working right without acpi.
  9. You installed it without ACPI support? In some models using NUSB when you plug an usb it freezes the machine without ACPI support.
  10. netbookdelgob

    Windows ME Driver Development Kit?

    Yes, there is a ME DDK. So, using windows 2000/xp ddk should work. Just stay away from the 2000/XP specific functionality.
  11. netbookdelgob

    Windows 98 Diagnostic Software

    TAKSI: http://taksi.sourceforge.net/ Audio is not captured.
  12. netbookdelgob

    Windows 98 Diagnostic Software

    AIDA64 maybe?
  13. I have problems too with realtek hda drivers, only with extended kernel happens. Also gma 3150 official drivers for 2k produces instability. Try installing realtek drivers before extended kernel. And reinstalling it after extended kernel. Worked for me.
  14. netbookdelgob


    Can you post the link? Maybe others are searching for it.
  15. netbookdelgob

    "Hardware support" items to be removed

    Well if you are going to make it "universal", you shouldnt remove any driver. But i think you can remove the Iomega zip driver, the infrared (My last notebook has it and its a toshiba 320cds...). And the game port... if its the game port for joysticks, i think its safe to remove. Dont know about Windows CE USB host, maybe its safe to remove, maybe its the windows mobile drivers.