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  1. Still need to test, but I might have found a Chromium 78 based browser that works on vista
  2. I know Vista and XP haven't been supported by Chrome since 2015, but what actually changed that broke compatibility? Could we easily just compile Chromium for Vista and XP?
  3. Thanks for the reply Is there any adapter software for drivers like KernelEx?
  4. I have two xp drivers i need to install. One is an Ethernet driver and one is a Graphics driver. Whenever I try to install KernelEx, it wants me to download the Microsoft layer for Unicode. As I do not have internet, I cannot download and install the Unicode layer. I've tried manually installing it separately, but KernelEx still won't install. Is there any way to get around this? Thanks, Zhongtiao1
  5. Is there a Driver Development Kit specifically for Windows ME? Or will the Windows 98 Driver Development Kit I found online work just fine?
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