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  1. It works, all I have installed is BWC's kernel.
  2. I think it's awesome that this has been released, and I was thinking it would be easier to have many people working on patches to kernel32 to make more applications work. I didn't want to make a repository myself since it's his source.
  3. This is legal right? If so, it would be cool to see this on github/bitbucket/*.
  4. I have a copy of the original disc, from a Microsoft academic pack thing, it's damaged though.
  5. I'm interested in how you modify the kernel. Do you use something like Snowman or IDA pro? Do you copy the function from other versions of windows or make them yourself? I would like to know.
  6. Firefox would crash upon launch and I kept getting bluescreens(it got to the point where I couldn't remove it without crashing(this, however was with some functions enabled)).
  7. Actually, MrMaguire is right here. There is a 28c and d, both with g versions. I can't tell the difference between both builds and I still recommend the 26 series builds, since they are more compatible with programs and are less buggy(regressions in the 28 series(real ones(i promise))).
  8. For me 26dg has been quite stable, with most of my crashes coming from drivers(usually sound). I've tested it on multiple computers too.
  9. I am wondering how many animals and how much sanity I would need to sacrifice to get Skype 6.14 running on w2k. As I am somewhat content in bringing myself to madness trying to use windows 2000 as a regular OS I don't care too much if the fix is complicated, but I need to get it working. I get an access violation after attempting to log in, which seems to result from jumping to a bad address. This happens with both /legacylogin and the regular login. PS: Has anyone noticed that the 28 series of kernels from blackwingcat break firefox?
  10. :\ I had this issue with my motherboard(ASUS Z87-A), I can't really do anything about it and I need a DVI output, so I quit when I got this.
  11. It appears I found a regression in the extended kernel with the xonar dgx's drivers. On vanilla w2k these work fine, but under kernelex they cause a bsod with bad_pool_caller. EDIT: Ignore my stupidity, it's just an issue with PAE.
  12. I recently installed Windows 2000 on my laptop(using Standard PC hal, since ACPI fails and MPS multiprocessor causes an INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) and when I installed my graphics drivers(I have BWC's extended kernel) upon restarting I got a blue screen(UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP). It happens at the end of the boot process, when Windows 2000 tries to switch video mode to go the login screen. I could post some boot logs if needed. Also, after installing the Realtek HDA drivers I don't have Wave Mapper sound, but WDM-KS and Directsound still work, not sure why.
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