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Found 7 results

  1. I want to try and get the late-2000s Windows XP netbook feel on a modern 2-in-1 (ASUS TP200SA). I disabled secure boot, enabled CSM, and disabled fast boot in the BIOS. I then tried installing from an unmodified DVD. The install failed with an ACPI error, so I tried again, hitting F7 on the first screen. I then got the “hard disk not recognized” F6 error, so I tried slipstreaming the DriverPacks mass storage drivers with the same result. This led me to believe that it was because the storage was eMMC-based that the installation wasn’t working. I tried installing Windows 10, copying the generic
  2. Jiger


    When I try to install the update from WU, just nothing happens and when I run the file ( NDP40-KB3135993-X86_D7F3F1D40B58935F52381123D60F19B22CFCC872.exe) downloaded from here, I get an error message like "KB3135993 is not valid or blocked by another state in the machine" Has anyone else met with this? Any suggestion on how to solve this?
  3. Since I have been struggling with this project for over 1 year, and so many of you have supported that effort, I want to announce that as of last night I was finally able to achieve a WIN98SE install on my Del Latitude D630 laptop. Not perfect yet, but I actually have the installed Windows Screen which I was not able to achieve until now. This involved starting the setup on CDROM with the switches as follows: Setup /p i. That was the start. After the first reboot sequence, I had to go into the system.ini file and add the page length and buffer limitation settings. That is crucial to gett
  4. Hi! I found a while ago an old NT4 cd. Now I'm trying to install it on my main pc, but the installation program crashes without bsod immediately after loading all the stuff to memory and then reboots. Some specs: CPU - Intel I5 3570k, Mobo - some Asus p8z77 with UEFI bios 8GB or 4GB of ram (neither works) USB mouse & keyboard Same results with another 3rd gen I5 pc with Gigabyte mobo and 8 gigs of ram Does anyone have idea of what might cause this? Thanks -Jalmari
  5. Hardware: Akoya MD99330 netbook, 64-bit, AMD A4-1200 APU, 2GB RAM; 16GB USB3 stick; 2GB USB2 stick; 8GB SD card; 500GB External Hard Drive, USB Mouse. Software: Win XP 64-bit (1.6GB) with: SATA drivers, device drivers and update packs from 5eraph. Most tool programs such as: YUMI; EASY2BOOT; Rufus; EasyBCD; nLite; Partition Wizard; etc. Q: How to create a bootable XP 64-bit OS on USB3-stick? (My troubles starts with the bootloader in the second boot-step.)
  6. We have a broad range of different PC setups, which means, that sometimes the primary disk contains several partitions for i.e. data and/or a dualboot OS. Thus we need to keep those extra partitions intact. I am trying to figure out how I can determine a specific partition to install Windows on before initiating the Lite Touch Installation. As these extra partitions differ, I have a hard time figuring out how to automate this. I believe I have to find a solution where I at least know the partition number or name before initiating installation. The best option would be a disk management sol
  7. Hello! There are many similar topics regarding Windows 8 deployment... I tried to google and check out as many as I could. Wasn able to solve my issue though. I'm writing here, hoping that someone might be able to help me out. I am trying to deploy Windows 8 put problems with starting it. I have new Samsung laptop, where I have installed Windows 8 Pro. Iinstalled programs, created user-accounts etc.Then I bootel laptop from USB WinPE media and captured C:\ drive as a *.WIM file. So far everyting OK. I got second laptop (same model). Booted it also from Winpe USB media and used Diskpart to clea
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