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  1. just want to say, this is freaking awesome! can live with the watermark and the popup on startup. just hope it works with update 1, this and startisback actually makes me like using windows 8! shame we have to pay for removed features mind, but a couple of quid to support good people like yourselves is fine by me! I still find it hard to believe MS thinks people wouldn't want this? its just nuts
  2. just wondering, is there a mailing list for when this gets released? I've got windows 8...currently dual booting it in a virtual harddisk...just for testing startisback helps but I really miss the aero glass experience, its like going back 10 years using the desktop, so far i'm waiting for either this or another project like this to complete before going ahead and switching. If its got sensible pricing for a mod like startisback i'd happily pay for it also
  3. if there was a scan done that could explain it, i'm not sure if indexing service would set the last accessed time, on the other hand, if they get loaded into the recent documents, i'd of thought that itself would set last accessed stamp as its reading the data to load into the recent documents, if that makes sense? at least thats the only thing i can think of
  4. If you delete items from the recent documents menu doesn't it ad in previous ones? if you look in the folder of recent documents theres normally 1000's of shortcuts, at least, theres normally in mine, and if i delete them manually out of the recent list it just brings up the older ones I think, i'm not 100% sure, it may help explain
  5. hi, upon trying to install vista, heavily cut down onto a cd, i get the error 'Windows is unable to find a suitable volume for installation' the drive is 3.8gb, install formats it, i can only assume its formatting it to ntfs as it doesn't list the format, i haven't tried anything as of yet, just wondering if it will install onto a drive of under 4.8gb as thats what it tells me the recommended size for install is. this drive is a cf card, using a modified hitachi microdrive driver to recongise it as a fixed disk (i belive this works as i have 2 cf's plugged in, and the driver is modified to only see one of the drives as fixed, and vista will only let me select the drive i added into the inf), this is an old PII dual cpu 450 with 756mb of ram, its more out of curosity, its only use is for email and internet browsing, and xp was giving me a lot of grief, so figured i'd just try a vlited vista to see how it runs, otherwise i'll go back to xp on it...
  6. trying to install it onto a dual PII 450 with 756mb of ram, using a cf as a hd, however i get the message saying that windows hasn't found a suitable drive to install onto, i've used the modified hitatchi microdrives so vista see's it as a fixed disk, it formats it, but refuses to isntall, is there a min size for it to install to?
  7. cheers for the links!!! if you could give rep on this forum i would! Also i noticed that you can use the hitachi filter drivers in vista, so maybe I can just use vlite to intergrate them like with the xp and it'll work super easily, although I have my doubts. Thanks again!
  8. Why are you using vista them? FYI there are tons of programs in both 2000 & xp which require compatability mode to be run, this isn't just a vista thing. and why b***h about anything newer than nero 6 working when nero has been a coaster burner for sometime compared to free cd/dvd burners around which do a much much better job. if your going to complain about older software not working on newer software, stop upgrading windows! in my experiance, epson's print cd is a pain to get working in vista, but once your used to having to set the tray to manual and click some extra things its no biggie, ... oh Sonic R doesn't work in vista (but it doesn't work in XP either)
  9. I'm sure this is the wrong place to post this (i'm sure a normal vista wouldn't fit onto a small cf tho so i'm asking here!)...however I was just wondering, can vista be installed to removable media? iv'e got around it in xp by removing the drivers for removale disks and replacing them with the hitachi driver, and managed to get xp to install on a nice speedy cf, significanlty boosting the speed of an older laptop before i shell out and buy a 16gb cf, will it install onto it? i've tried searching the net but found nothing that actually says if it will or not, i know some cf's are seen as fixed disk and some as removable, but the one i want to use shows up as removable, (the ones that can work as a fixed disk, ironically seem to be way to slow to be practical) please don't tell me this is a silly idea because cf will fail after a day as windows writes to disk for a hobby, i've got a machine thats running xp, and has been for well over a year, and doesn't seem to be randomly failing even tho its running off a cf card...(don't mean to be rude, but everyforum i've asked quetions like this, i get told i'll goto computer hell for killing cf cards, and all sorts of things by people who have never tried it themselves who always know everything)
  10. don't use it if your not happy with it! you can't complain about ms making us download a file they've created in a more legit way, sure its annoying, but at the end of the day if it weren't for ms, there'd be no vista, and if there was no vista, we wouldn't have vlite, and god knows what we'd be doing, proberbly trying to mlite our mac os installs or something crazy
  11. you still need a CD KEY and still need to activate with an OEM version I've never seen a laptop/desktop come with a vista dvd myself, but I can only assume it reads the activation info from the bios if vista was preinstalled just use the key on the side of the pc, or underneath the laptop, thats always worked for me
  12. nm, forgot you had to install it after installing vista!
  13. skulltrain = win dx 10.1 support?
  14. Obviously none of this is about warez as there are legal ms cd's that have these all in one things with the cd keys presupplied n everything.. a non warez reply would be... you can overburn cd's/dvd's however not to the extent to double the size but can add on a couple of 100mb depending on the media, most cd rw dvd rw software can do this,
  15. Hrmm, after my previous silly post, I realise what I did wrong... Would it be possible to set vlite to ignore all options when slipstreaming the sp? the first time I made a disk I thought my vista dvd was already vlited! (which confused me no end as i'm sure you can imagine!) I did it 2 times and both times I saw components being removed at the end and generally getting very confused about everything... So basically, would it be possible to either not autoload last presents, or just stop prevent vlite from doing anymore after the sp slipstream and require you to close and reopen the app to make sure everythings fine for removals? many thanks again
  16. Personally, I would disable it, but on some forums i've posted i've disabled it and i get things like, nooo you will die and all your children and childrens children will be unable to use any pc or pc related item ever!, I use 3 gig of memory, and since turning it off i've noticed boot times increased, responsivenes after boot is much quicker, and i no longer seem to have random harddrive thrasing all the time...(the one thing that really bugs me with vista is the seemingly random harddrive thrashing, almost ordered a SSD as it bugged me so much) i've run all versions of windows since 2000 without the paging file (when i've had machines with enough memory to do so that is!) and the only ever problem i've encoutered was that quake 4 (demo) on xp64 run out of memory and windows just popped up with a box saying increasing swapfile size, system became totally unresponsible for a few minutes whilst it did this and then shoved lots of memory in it, after that run fine, although had to disable the pageing file again! (was running with 1.5gig of ram, and quake 4 demanded another 300mb....all i did was click ultra settings to see what would happen!) the only real reason I see to turn on the paging file in this day and age is for bluescreen's to dump the kernal to file for diagnostics. Its refreshing to see people post that it will not damage anything!
  17. is there a windows vista embedded like with xp? if there is i bet it could easily run on such a machine....
  18. It would work absoutley peachy and fine! After all, Aero is the only part of the vista gui that requires graphical horsepower... and if no ones convinced, here are the min requirements straight from ms! Windows Vista minimum supported system requirements Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Ultimate<H2></H2> 800 MHz processor and 512 MB of system memory 20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space Support for Super VGA graphics <A href="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/windowsvista/buyorupgrade/ordercd.mspx">CD-ROM drive Note a dvd is not required, and neither is a super duper processor! although vlite seems to take that 20gig harddrive and tear it up a bit so it can fit into a nice 8gig drive (its been done, and it takes frigging ages to load!)
  19. thanks!, i'll have to start downloading and reading.. one last thing, isthe WSIM a ms tool or a user made one? ... I'm half guessing its included in the waik?, very tired, about togoto bed but just thought i'd check this quickly whilst i can, shall be looking into it as soon as i get some free time, i like the download speed from microsoft servers, seem to forget i have a 8mb connection with most sites seemingly limited!
  20. Hi, i've been searching around and I can't find what i'm looking for, is there documentation explaining this xml file completly with all available components listed and options, or has anyone made a program to help automate it? I'd be interested in writing a simple app to toggle things on and off if there isn't already one, I know we have vlite but i'd like to be able to keep the source clean and just use an answer file many thanks!
  21. Have you tried the SP1, does it make a difference?! (soz for nothing to do with the answer, i'm just curious to see if its worth the wait...or rather, worththe search for the leaked sp1...not that I would ever use leaked software of course!)
  22. I thought that only worked on RC and beta builds? not rtm
  23. Ah, sorry, Yes i was a bit confused myself I do see the point of using the BartPE, I was just trying to say you can just use windows if you want to, as at first I was a bit confused the way I read your original post!
  24. I always thought the users folder was the real folder for documents and settings, and they used a hardlink (i think its hard link, or junction?) so both paths are correct however they both point to the same folder... Theres a program out there someware which shows all the current hardlinks/junctions on your computer and allows you to make new ones...maybe that would help explain it.
  25. Hrmm, not sure if this is applicable here, but... I'd of thought the easiest way would be using 2 harddrives, most bios's have an F11 or F12 key boot menu, don't waste any hd space with a dedicated partition to boot the os's. simply set the boot device as the harddrive you want to install windows too If you have one harddrive, to me the easiest solution would be to create a 8mb partition, set that partition as active, then create the other partitions around this one, install xp, then vista, boot loader would be installed to the small 8mb partition if anything happens to either of the 2 partitions the boot loader stays intact... using third party software you can hide partitions, i'm not sure if you could hide the active partition and still allow it to be booted from, so you wouldn't see it in windows, could always even have partition magic or some other software on this little partition and use the bootloader from that software, would also be able to do all your disk partitioning and what not from here then Sorry if this isn't the right idea, but I may of been confused when I read the original post!

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