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  1. Hi Stead .... that all makes sense but the dates and times were showing as the time that I was uninstalling NORTON and installing YOUR UNINSTALLER2008! Could dates/times get changed on the recent items?
  2. hi - thank you - some jpegs .... and a few text documents were found in Recent Items, that were not opened for a long long time ... but recently appeared in the menu
  3. hello i have recently uninstalled all norton and norton 360 products from a friends computer and installed your installer 2008! after finishing the install/uninstall operations and the programs have cleaned up the computer - vista o/s - there were items found in the recent items menu that i had not opened or looked at i am now being questioned about these items and opening them without permission BUT I DID NOT open them is there anyway while running unistaller programs that vista might have thought files/folders were being opened? does anyone have any other ideas? my honesty and integrity is at stake here!

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