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  1. Someone can upload a LAST SESSION.INI working in 7022?
  2. I read all the topic but i don't found nothing, only says that the HELP makes the problem but I keep the help, please paste me the solution, thank you EDIT: Natural Language maybe is making the problem?
  3. Thank you, and later what i need to keep to use the add features?
  4. What is winsxs ? I don't found that component... this is my list:
  5. What i need to keep to use the add features? I need to install AERO, I keep the HELP but don't work
  6. So I can remove all these components and install the SP1? Works ok or have some problem? That list of components it's final or it's updating yet? Thanks
  7. Sorry for this stupid question but i only understand a little of english System: System Restore Service: Volume Shadow Copy (Needed for System Restore to work) Networking: Windows Firewall Service: Internet Connection Sharing (Needed for Windows Firewall to work) If i keep these components i can install the SP1 perfectly? Only i need to keep these components? Nothing more?
  8. It's compatible or not? Somebody installed the Vista SP1 vlited correctly? If is yes please put the LAST SESSION. For me appears a ERROR THAT SAYS SOMETHING OF REGIONAL SETTINGS IN OFFLINE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INSTALLATION. Anyone knows something of this error?
  9. Hi, my question is if the vlite is compatible with this version of the Vista with the SP1 leaked integrated -> Windows Vista SP1 32Bit 6001.16549 DVD * WinBeta *. Thanks
  10. If I add the MUI SPANISH language in the installation and remove the Windows Search... later when Vista is installed i can to switch between Spanish and English or the component it's necessary for change the language too ? (i don't need other languages than Spanish and English so i don't need add other language, only I need to switch the languages). THANKS AND SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH.

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