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  1. The Flag is because I live in USA, By you Flag I can see all the chit you are talking about. In you maind dont exist the posibility someone in this country was not borne here? Im spanish stupid, nad I even speak enaglish. Stop using you chip drug and get a better education, that way you can use the only 1% left usefull of you brain.
  2. Authority and Money always won Not just some hotfix from updates in Microsoft Server, eliminate you possibilities to Run vLite software smooth and efficient, vLite is not helping us, by force us to download FROM MICROSOFT SERVER, a Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows Vista SP1 of 1375.9 MB (1.37GB). Other ways is impossible to use the software, plus error most of the time adding stuff to you DVD and find out when you are installing it. To some people still believe in the original purpose of vLite here is my recommendation to avoid all this selling and buying companies by the Microsoft Monopolization. OCCUR BEFORE WITH SYSTERNAL SOFTWARE COMPANY. Including their famous software ERD Commander Here is the way I finally find to run vLite: First, try to get old versions of vLite, if I remember good the first version aloud you to use ADDON, trying to inject this future in the new version and spread all around the Net will be a great idea. If not, get the following software. * RegCure (portable is better) * vLite (portable) Uninstall the version that intoxicate you system (mainly 1.2) and use the RegCure to eliminate every crap the software install in your PC. Them, Run the vLite portable software. (old version 1.1.6) You will see the software run flawless, and enjoy the old and independent vLite

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