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  1. **** - I thought with the pre / post executes was meant for each item. Didnt realize it was at the end of the entire selection.
  2. Im halfway really. I build computers professioanally for friends, family, co-workers, co-workers of co-workers, co-workers of my father.....Basically anyone who comes to me I use my install disks for.
  3. I honestly dont know why this is being done. And I can already tell you I wont be able to stand it. Is there anyway (although this is not for a corporate business), a way I can pay for the corporate version?
  4. So if I am understanding this correctly, my XPCD will become obsolete after 3 weeks?
  5. That is a very good question, because honestly I have no idea how you could make an external (and probably USB ?) drive bootable.
  6. sleepnmojo - Continuous and multiple connections maxing out your bandwidth? Why do you think ISPs cap your bandwidth? Its not for illegal activites, or downloading music etc.....its for putting a large strain on your allowed bandwidth. Also - most ISPs could careless about p***ing people like me off, because we are the type of customers they dont want. Honestly, out of all of their subscribers, how many do you think they know its actually possible to cap a connection?
  7. Mine is with a Black Background and Bright Green Text. They were applied manually in Windows, not unattended (because I have yet to make my next one).
  8. faf4life is correct - Regardless of how many tweaks etc... you have, you are only allowed a certain ammount of bandwidth and your limitations. Using stuff like this to completely max out what connection you are allowed could also lead to your connection being capped by your ISP.
  9. Shipping charges of course I could agree with for some standard media mail. I meant in regards for the actual product. But either way, I still stand by what I said as I have done so on a handfull of ocassions.
  10. RyanVM, your most likely incorrect as Alanoll and msfn11 have pointed out. Any reputable company would gladly send a replacment free of charge. Im sure you havent tried it, so I dont know why your lecturing us on the issue.
  11. Check the registry after a successful install with it. A good way to search is by entering part of the serial in the registry search.
  12. last I checked, (i have an old ver on my cd) it was a simple switch like /SILENT or /s or /S. I dont know about the new version.
  13. Indeed very odd. We need an autoIT Expert like MHZ or NoLogic, because this is even too much for me. There are some hidden things like the checkboxs. Also, I noticed the changing TButton Stuff too. Oh, and as for yours, you STILL have to have the other stuff in addition to the text I mentioned (No empty quotations unless its empty in the AutoIT Spy Window). Anyhow, this was working for the first few things, the rest an expert needs to do. Run ( "xqdcXSP-Setup-EN.exe" ) WinwaitActive ("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro" , "Welcome to") ControlClick ("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro", "&Next >" , "TButton2") WinWaitActive("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro" , "License Agreement") ControlClick ("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro", "I &accept the agreement", "TRadioButton1") ControlClick ("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro", "&Next >", "TButton3") WinWaitActive("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro" , "Internet Version Check") ControlClick ("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro", "", "TNewCheckListBox1") ControlClick ("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro", "&Next >", "TButton3") WinWaitActive("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro" , "Information") ControlClick ("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro", "&Next >", "TButton4") WinWaitActive("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro" , "Select Destination Location") ControlClick ("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro", "&Next >", "TButton4") WinWaitActive("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro" , "Select Additional Tasks") ControlClick ("Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro", "&Next >", "TButton4")
  14. Also - For something like this, the middle quotations are supposed to have the "Text" that is in the AutoIT Window Info on the button, for buttons that say "Next" it is typically "&Next >". So it should be "Setup - XQDC X-Setup Pro", "&Next >", "TButton4" Assuming thats what the Text is. EDIT: seems i have an old ver. of X-Setup. Thanks for the tip Ill look into your script and what may be wrong with it.
  15. Looks liek the problem with your AutoIT Scripts is the WinWaitActive. Your telling it to wait on something that wont appear. My Window title is "Setup - Xteq-dotec X-Setup Pro" You must make sure ALL capitilization, spaces, dashes, EVERYTHING is the EXACT same. Easiest way to make sure is to use the AutoIT Window Spy. Also - this is a very poor script. The least you can do is replace the "Sleeps" with more WinWaitActive. Example: Run("Setup.exe") WinWaitActive("Setup - Xteq-dotec X-Setup Pro" , "xxxxxx") // Where xxxxx is something it says in the box, example, "Welcome to" ControlClick("BLAHBLAH") WinWaitActive("Setup - Xteq-dotec X-Setup Pro" , "Select folder") ControlClick("BLAHBLAH")
  16. Just wanted to say - When I use the reg tweak to change the CMD color defaults, for some odd reason I cant seem to use my backspace after applying this tweak. Its really weird because backspace works everywhere else, but delete still works
  17. Wow dude, no need to get mad at him. Anyhow, in the first part of Setup where its loading the files for Windows Setup, i get this message: The file ASH1205.sys Could not be found. Press any key to continue. A Quick searched shows its from the MassStorage and Im not the only one: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...5240&hl=ash1205
  18. .....You do realize it woudnt actually do anything because VMWare is a virtual PC, therefore, it doesnt have a virtual SATA drive, virtual Sound Blaster Audigy 2, etc...
  19. No - just right click the main file - and click extract here. Works like a charm, although if you go through that to not read the EULA - your just pathetic.
  20. Like I said, these have been discussed on numerous occassions. The problem is, you are obviously not reading the topics and expect them to be in the first post. It might involve more than just running a switch, perhaps extracting the main executable file. Either way, like I said, these have been done and are quite popular. And just for arguments Sake - I retieved my Alcohol 120% Switch that works fine, and it *DID* involve extracting the main executable file. /qn Reboot=Suppress No msiexec is needed, nor do I think these are ever used in switchs.
  21. Both hof these have been mentioned countless times - use the forum search function.
  22. Ugh, Can you explain how you got your main image at that resolution?
  23. I understand your willingness to learn this stuff, and I dont mean any offense, but by all means you aren't ready to go around deleting random files etc....that will just get you into trouble. If the directorys other people listed are already deleted, you *NEED* to use nLite. nLite is not something to be scared of or think that only newbies use. Its an essential tool.
  24. Yeah, I gotta admit, theres a quite a few bugs. But glad they are getting fixed. The thing is, I can start helping with the testing as I just purchased a new computer arriving Friday.
  25. Yeah, that stuff called Reading seems to come in handy.
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