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  1. Just thought I'd update this post for fun. Bizzarly, windows 7 media centre is still working fine. Updates are available & more importantly everything media centre is working OK. I'm not going to be asking for help in maintaining this machine, I can handle that myself... I'm just feeling more inclined to let it keep running & see what happens.
  2. Thanks both for your thoughts, I am recieving but not seeing the notices, Media centre stays on top. The event viewer has the warnings, currently I can get automatic updates. At login I get a notice about activation being required, but I just cancel it out & I'm allowed to continue. I seem to remember with XP you reached the point where you had to activate, no activation, no login. I'm not sure if I want to take the risk of leaving it unactivated as I'm using media centre more & more. So far no reboots or darkened screens! regards
  3. Curious thing I noticed today....... My windows 7 media centre is still running great (installed Jan 24th 2010 on old test machine) I only use it for media centre with auto logon & media centre auto starting. The desktop does say, this copy has not been activated (or whatever it is) I guesss it's not downloading ms updates, although tv guide is still working... I wonder if microsoft have over-looked media centre in the reduced functionality thing? Any thoughts on why I can still use media centre on this pc, even though its not been activated? I'm definatley not using any crack/ hack / load
  4. You really need to copy ALL the files from the origional xplode, as explode needs these to run. Also the way you are calling xplode.exe means it will look for xplode.xml Have another read of the pdf that xplode comes with. Post back if you have further problems, there are a few of us that use xplode on here. good luck tbs
  5. Hi, I'm trying to fix a P4MKI from Epox, however, they do not seem to be offering downloads anymore. Basically I am having the BIOS ROM checksum error - System halted problem. I think the onboard graphics is shot, as I can only get anything via an old AGP or PCI card. I think the only chance left for this mobo is to attempt to flash the bios, so; Does anyone have the flash utility or latest bios for this mobo knocking about they could post here. I've tried the web but can only find a couple of sites that give a download, these have not worked, incorrect versions. Preferably the ones from the C
  6. I'm with spacesurfer on this, I had logon problems, could not even type a password sometimes! There is a work-around of sorts posted at RyanVM's site. I rename logonui.exe and change a reg key, (see second from last post in link). I have no idea what is going on but I've stopped pulling my hair out! Hope it helps some, tbs
  7. Hi, You'll need; Data] AutomaticUpdates=Yes ;if using xp service pack 2 [unattended] UnattendSwitch=Yes ;Skips windows welcome & mini setup
  8. hi BoardBabe, I've been playing around with this... I saw the forum topic where you seem to be having trouble getting the scheme to apply through T12 reg imports, I'd have thought that would work, however as you know having the reg entries in place doesn't seem to select the scheme. I haven't tried this on a fresh install so it's at the theory stage. For simplicity I used the following reg entries; Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ;Please note I changed window0 to .window0 ;I'm not sure if if makes a difference but other sound schemes follow this format [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Sc
  9. BoardBabe, first off I can't help with reg keys or file locations as I don't have any 'windows sounds' installed, (removed via nlite). Looking at you reg file, you seem to have this covered anyway. Personally I'd use cmdlines.txt to apply reg entries. You need to create a .theme file with your sound scheme defined.This Link explains how microsoft .Theme files are structured. I'd suggest; 1 - Apply the sound scheme using the control panel as you have been. 2 - via the desktop (right click - properties) save your .theme, ie: VistaSounds.theme 3 - Open VistaSounds.theme in notepad. You should s
  10. You could try installing xp sp1 and running mbsa, microsoft baseline security analyzer to get a list of needed updates. I think ms are pushing post sp2 updates only through windows update though. Depends on your usage/needs but could bring more grief than it's worth, security wise. tbs
  11. PT145, firstly I'm impressed you managed to upgrade so many windows versions on top of each other, microsoft would be proud ;-) As for the upgrade cd these are fine to use, although as you have discovered you need to provide a cd of an older windows version. Not a real problem. you are taking the right approach by testing first in vm, keep it simple and make sure the process works well before you move onto the next stage. I'd suggest slipstreaming the cd to SP2 & using ryanvm's update pack (which will save you time on windows update & ensure the system is up to date patch-wise before y
  12. frankdm, to view the security tab in XP Home see here Afraid I can't help any more, I had so much hassle getting xp Home to network & share with XP Pro I bought an upgrade of pro for my laptop , no wonder Bill G. can retire early! have fun, tbs edit: the other way to see the security tab in Home is to boot into Safe Mode and logon as Admin.
  13. FoxK The boot files for the Raid XP may be loaded on the single drive. It's easier to just have the Raid Drives installed during XP install then add the single drive later - That way you know where the boot stuff is. Otherwise more info please; Type of install, I'll assume unattended, F6 (drivers on floppy), or intergrated raid drivers. (if so How?) Type of raid, make, on motherboard/PCI card. Raid driver version? Other drivers included in install (nForce4 and nVidia graphics drivers don't play nice) Search the drivers section of the forum for your raid type, maybe a known problem. What else
  14. There's your problem. Need it running on at least one of the machines. I'd leave it on Automatic for both. Saves worrying about it. windows firewall/Internet connection sharing service; "Provides network address translation, addressing, name resolution and/or intrusion prevention services for a home or small office network." Use The firewall icon in control panel to disable to firewall, but leave the service running! tbs
  15. 371249, I know we all love the internet, but here's a thought. why not state which city you are in? someone on here might live 2 doors down from you! I'm sure for a beer they could burn you a sp2 cd. tbs, sorry - UK
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