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  1. XPlode 4.3.50711.1385

    Well I always use Xplode for my Unattened CD/DVD and I will continue to do so till it does not meet my needs and then I will create one my self. I visit here every day to see whats happening but its very unlikely that anyone posts its a shame will a new release come or is it dead Thanks Wraith for Xplode
  2. XPlode 4 XML Script Generator

    I have just had ago at using the scripts and I have to say that its quite handy but it is not all that easy to understand and use. It will help speed up the boring process of entering in all the tags and I quite like it but It will not be of use to me because I use custom tags in my code for the new features that I have added and will in the future. I think that this is to hard for most people to use, I think a lot of people that visit are not advanced computer users and this could be out of their range. If you make a interface for this then it might get peoples attention but dont count on it. I am still a bit shocked that no one answered.
  3. XPlode 4.3.50711.1385

    Maelstorm I have to agree I also do alot of programming and have just started using VB.Net which I love. It takes ages to make an application I have had to rewrite my Xplode Editor 3 times already because I was not happy with the code and features. It not really much money for the amount on time that Wraith spends improving and making the product and I hope that he keeps it up. Maelstorm I dont think I have seen the XML code generator so I am going to go find it. I know how you feel, I have found that not many people post much feedback but quite a few download it. I might for my Xplode Editor limit it to people that contribute to the forums, I dont like to do it but if nothing it done about it then Xplode will slowly die.
  4. Changes to Xplode

    Making a new layout would be hard for me, I started using javascript/xml only alittle while ago. I might give it a try once my course is finished, I should have plenty of time when looking for a job Wraith thanks for a great tool. How about a window.external.shell("#XPLODE#\xplode.exe /xml win2000.xml") function that would run the XPlode.exe with a new xml file. This would get rid of the scripting message in the theme/menu system I made
  5. Changes to Xplode

    ahh S0mE0nesMiNd1 the problem that you having with the box is to do with the size icons that you are using. The box is just a picture that sits in the background but does not stretch because it would then distort the box and it will go pixely. I did not think of this till now. The only way to fix this would be to make the box bigger or split the box up in parts so that it would stretch to whats in its contents. The reason that the box goes to the right size when you click it is that its not using a image it then uses normal table but with colours and borders. To change the colour of the interface you will need to find the right code in the css(cascading style sheet) "not sure if I spelt that right but anyway you will find this in each of the theme folders. It had taken me ages to find the ones that i have altered already. Sorry but iIcant get into to much detail in helping you at the moment I hope someone else can. I only have 1 week left till I finish college and need all my course work done which is not the case I have assignments not finished. If your questions are not answered when I have some spare time then I will be glad to help. Hope I have been some help
  6. Changes to Xplode

    Thanks IceBlackIce for posting I see how you have done it, sneaky way of doing it without coding it in javascript etc but if it does the job then it does not matter how its done. I thought about putting a random theme mode in but have not got around to it, same as adding a default theme if its not set in the xml file. Its a shame that many people dont post their thoughts/ideas so that it helps other people. I take it no one wants a XPlode editor as no one posted any ideas for it? You can post other ideas here that you would like to see in XPlode, this way it give Wraith a idea what most people would like to see and it will give people like me ideas.
  7. Changes to Xplode

    The time has come, got my storage space back and ready for a update. Note I will now be using the lastest version of XPlode and will not be checking to see if its compatable with the other versions. Sorry These was made with the last free version. Updates Theme System Added Menu Selection System Added Install List Headers Added Tree View Install List Added Testing I have not tested any of these much so expect bugs. How to use the Theme System In the XML file you should find in my examples new tags ("<Theme></Theme>" and "<Menu></Menu>"). The theme system only uses the "<Theme></Theme>" tag, this tag tells XPlode what theme to use when it loads. In the directory "\section\Themes" folder you will find folders these are the theme folders that you can use with the "<Theme></Theme>" tag to change the theme to whats in the folder. In your XML file put between the "<Theme></Theme>" the name of the folder (the theme) that you want to use in the middle of the tags like this "<theme>DRAGON</theme>", this will now load the theme "DRAGON". You will need to specify the theme because I have not added any error handling at all. Menu System To use the menu system you will need to have the menu files in the theme folder and the main menu file needs to be called "menu-frameset.html". Now to enable the menu you will need to use a new tag "<menu></menu>" that will tell XPlode to use this new menu before the main part. All you have to do is put "<menu>true</menu>" makes sure this is in the first XPlode xml file that is loaded. ScreenShots About.jpg This just shows off the about info with information about the creator of XPlode. OSMenu.jpg This is a menu that you use to select the OS system that you have installed this will then use a different XML file in XPlode that is right for that OS. It will also have a different theme to it because I have added a new theme system into the code. TreeInstallList.jpg This will allow you to add headings into the list without it trying to install them. Win2000.jpg This shows off the XML and theme that windows 2000 uses. Win2003.jpg This uses the old style (Original Look) for the theme. WinXP.jpg This will have a different background because it uses a different theme to the others. (Gallery HERE) DOWNLOAD HERE XPlode Editor I would like to know what you people would like in a XPlode Editor like feature, functions etc Please give as much detail as you can I am not going to promiss anything but I am working on multiple projects at the moment that will benefit the XPlode community. You might get some hints to what in my gallery HINT HINT
  8. Changes to Xplode

    Thought I let everyone know that i have implemented a theme systems into xplode now and a menu system that allows you to select a operating system. I cant give a link to the file yet becasue my hosting is down and waiting for it to be put back again but in the mean time you have to wait I have not tested it much so exspect some issues. Come on people share your ideas and code with others.
  9. Good XML Editor

    I use a program called Notepad++ (Link) It allows you to program in all different languages with highlighting and more. The best part is that its free to use. Recommend that you take a look.
  10. Changing Xplode Title

    I am not sure if this is what you want but I will post just in case. In the XML file look for "<display.title>XPlode Installation</display.title>", this is the tag that changes the title. All you need to do is change the text between the <display.title> and </display.title> tag to what you want the title to be. Like for this "<display.title>XPlode Installation</display.title>" the title would be called "XPlode Installation" so change that to what you want. Hope this helps
  11. Next on the agenda...

    Whats the point in having a XML Creator when you can write it manually easy enough. I think the other two are the better ones. I am at the moment writing my own XML Creator started it about two weeks ago and still working on it. I know it will make it easier to make the xml files would'nt having extra features be better, its not like you cant make the xml file. I bet the people that are voting for the xml creator are the ones that cant use XPlode because they cant understand the xml file and the people that do understand it are voting for the other 2. I think this vote was a bad idea becasue a lot of people have been having problems because they cant understand it or just new to unattended cds and they will vote for the xml creator. Their could been more of them than the advanced users which makes it unfair. Some people might think that if you make the xml creator that you are helping the people that cant be bothered to learn the xml, javascript etc to make it manually. please dont get me wrong it would be nice to have a xml creator thats why I started making my own but the other 2 take more priority. My priority that they should be done 1: Conditional Execution 2: Command Grouping 3: XML Creator Please everyone post their thoughts dont just sit in the background and use peoples ideas and not share. Let wraith know what you think and other to like me. I am starting to wonder if it worth posting my ideas for everyone because I dont get much feedback but a lot of people do download them. Please dont take this as a bad post. Just want to point things out. Please dont flame me. Just posting my thoughts.
  12. Changes to Xplode

    Wraith thats nice I thought about using flash but it would be something new that I would have to learn again I have to say that I like that, I am not so sure using colours to show the status of each item. I seam to like using icons but suppose you could use both Thanks for posting Wraith
  13. Changes to Xplode

    This is my newest version of XPLODE. Please post comments and ideas. Pictures About: This shows the about sections that can be found in the new menu that starts up. Install1: This shows my install menu I am planning on changing it show that it shows icons like "benners" install. OSMenu: This shows a list of different Operating Systems and will allow you to pick one. Select: This shows the select menu not really much to see here. Tree & Tree2: This shows the new tree menu that collapses when you click it. INFO When you pick one of the OS buttons it will load a different XPLODE XML file that has been set in the html code. This part has been made using javascript and html. You just click the button and it will run the new XML file, so you dont have to click install. It does have a downside because of security a message comes up asking to allow the javascript to run click yes or it wont work. The way that it runs a new XML file is by running "XPlode.exe /xml:win2000.xml" etc and then closing the current instance of XPlode. This was the only way that I could get it to work without Wraith altering the XPlode code. How it works When it is first run the OS Menu will show, just click one of the OS buttons and it will then load a new xml file for that OS. You can now select the items that you want to install using the new collapable menus. Click install when ready and it will install the selected items. This download only contains the needed files and not the exe file and other files you should have. So just extract XPLODE to a new folder and then copy these files over the ones allready their. PLEASE MAKE SURE ITS A NEW ONE THAT YOU EXTRACTED AND NOT SURE MAIN ONES. View Pictures HERE Download HERE
  14. complete newbie guide

    Yes i have to agree with Wraith, If you have the Doc open and the xml files it is very easy to understand thats how i did it. If you still cant do it then XPlode is not really for you and suggest that you read up on unattended install, xml, javascript and maybe batch files too before you start this again. The problem is that no noob tutorials or guides on how to use XPlode is not out that i know of so really you have no choice but to learn the so called hard way or just give up. But i tell you its very easy to use its just down to trial and error with a bit of common sense, so anyone can do it you just need to read to doc. Sorry if this post was too hard but if i dont push you then you wont learn XPlode because I dont think anyone is going to go through it all for you.
  15. Changes to Xplode

    Thanks IceBlackIce for sharing your ideas. I like your design and the idea to have a menu to select XPlode etc. This has given me the idea that I could make a menu that you run XPlode with a different config file for each OS. This will make the files a lot cleaner when handling them yet give a great interface for the different OS that I use. At first I was going to store the config file for each OS on a different floppy disks, this way I can save using floppy disks. NOTE I have disabled the downloads and images because a member PM about that I was sharing XPlode when the main download area was taken down. I totaly forgot and dont want to go against Wraith wishes so I have taken them down.