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  1. Making a CD Now - But would also like to know the change.
  2. Considering this topic hasnt been touched in over a week, is there any new news on the source of this problem?
  3. If your a newbie in to the registry, make sure you chekd all possible locations and did various searchs (IE: Search for the username or serial) if nothing is found, check the program directory for certain files.
  4. grisensko - Wow thats a lot of testing...The problem is mainly associated (atleast with what I have) The Nvidia Raid that is onboard your motherboards. Many people are having this problem, and currently, I dont know *ANY* Way to integrate the NVRaid drivers without getting this BSOD unless its *NOT* Unattended.
  5. Oooooo I cant wait to find out if the NVRaid bug is squashed
  6. Dont know, I run the freeware version which runs fine. Try looking in your registry for user data.
  7. Nope - No Special Switchs....just /SILENT (shows the process of it installing silently) or /VERYSILENT (Doesnt show anything, but still installs silently)
  8. Please, let us know - we are currently discussing this in: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=42673 Personally, I was having problems, however, I would like to see your outcome.
  9. No no I have tested it (and I do have the ability to press f6 and integrate drivers), but I meant I havent done anything in addition to that. I can do F6, but as many others have experienced it is unable to copy the file over when it starts to the copying process.
  10. I have yet to try anything (That and I am currently not at my home computer). If you would like, I can give it a test on my Nforce 3 Ultra.
  11. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=41234&hl= This was the only topic I could find that was close to this topic. The BSOD I was refering to I found out was caused by the NVRaid Drivers from your Mass Storage packs current bug. So I guess I have Two questions: 1) Is the NVRaid / NV IDE bugs squashed in your next Release? 2) How is it possible to use F6 while keeping it unattended?
  12. With the currrent problems with the MassStorage Driver pack, I am unable to install successfully with this driver pack. I was told it was *Impossible* to install with F6 Option if you have FullUnattended in your Winnt.sif, but the issue isnt clear. Does anyone know how to install With F6 while keeping it unattended installation (not the F6 part of course)
  13. Wow, you sure did look all over MSFN didnt you http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/ap.../office2003.htm
  14. I just want to throw this in, I own a K8N-Neo2 Plat. and have yet to encounter ANY problems involving my NVRaid Setup. Definetly nothing like what Hulk is having.
  15. Wait a Minute.... I have a Q. Is the problem with JUST the RAID - or also include the NVIDIA SATA that goes with the RAID?
  16. Nice - good to see this issue is getting resolved
  17. Would This Thread be the same problem you are having? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=41034
  18. I had this problem too. I was *TOLD* it was because you cant install via F6 if your doing it Unattended. But I woudn't know, just what i was told.
  19. Also - Is this a problem assosiated with just your driver packs or these drivers in general?
  20. Hummm, I have Nvidia SATA (Non-Raid Though) on my nForce 3 Ultra (MSI K8N-Neo2 Platinum). And I too am getting a Stop 7B BSOD, but this AFTER text mode, and right as Winntbbu stuff starts occuring. I was unaware of this issue till i found this thread, so my question is, is this why Im receiving this error?
  21. BSOD after copying over setup files Hello - Im having a BSOD problem after the computer restarts prior to the setup screen, and after it copys over the setup files. Here is the list of things I have done that may contribute to this problem: 1) used nLite's (Latest Beta) "Safe" selection and removed ONLY the "Safe" selections. 2) using nLite, I integrated RyanVM's Update package. 3) Integrated all of Bashrat's LATEST Driver Packages with Method 2 4) Put on a custom Winntbbu.dll The odd thing is, it worked perfectly in VMWare. Anyways, heres the BSOD Error: Technical Information: *** STOP: 0x0000007B(0xF8A80528,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000) If anyone has any ideas I would certainly appreciate it. Thank-You.
  22. Personal Made Scripts - This is for the update Patch. Since this is the second setup of the two, it will look for Setup2.exe Script2.au3
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