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  1. Consider this, Obviously the supplied theme is glitchy. BM seems to like the RP type theme... but its incomplete somehow. If you've read any of the other threads you will find several alternatives & styles. Maybe for you the best is to DELETE the win8RP.png in your aeroglass folder and try Win10 without a theme. Its rather nice. Then if you decide you want differently coloured captions or border effects.. look in the theme altas threads and pick one. Simple.
  2. Hmm nice work Noel. I was only just using my Win7 powered machine in the workshop the other day thinking how I liked that the windows had a white border. So I've just loaded your new theme on my Win8.0 lappy, good result. , I am actually really happy with 8.0 now. All my hardware is supported, yet has a slightly nicer overall look & functionality than Win7. The new midnight theme for classicshell does suit it well. And its still seemingly immune to some Win10 backporting updates. Cheers!
  3. So I tried what you said in both classicshell and Metrotard in Win10 rtm 10240. pbrush loads paint both times. Also thrice from the 'run' menu Win-r. No old version anymore.
  4. the fact that the results were published as a couple lousy charts on a javascript infested page that renders poorly with most browser is a side note . jaclaz Precisely this is needed for desktop systems on data capped limited plans. Its more common than you would believe. Too often, soooo many sites will somehow happily load all the ads and banners and crap... yet the content never appears. News sites are the worst offenders.. but some popular forums aren't much better. My F5 button isn't broken yet.. But it gets used alot. Palemoon and Explorer differ in their performance, all those tests the fan sites talk about page loading times and blah... plug in a dial up modem and see how they REALLY fair. Youtube will load video ads in high definition without the ability to cancel or at least decrease the data usage... wasting time and money. One watches the number of html requests to paid.this, or ad.google... before the url I want does anything. The joys of the modern web.
  5. @Jumper was on the right track. Palemoon, Options,Options, Cached Web content. Clear Now. Thanks guys. -sean
  6. For those that are using a home edition (without group policy editor), the link also has a registry key. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate DWORD value: DisableOSUpgrade = 1 so, Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate] "DisableOSUpgrade"=dword:00000001 could it be this simple
  7. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3080351 A solution offered that is official. Thanks to Tripredacus for the link to the thread that had a link to the solution.
  8. And we thought they (M$) were just rearranging the deck chairs... The depressing 2D icons during the beta periods we're probably a distraction from new telemetery software freshly introduced. A decoy for the bloggers. The truth of what really happens in the depths of the mothership we mortals will likely never learn.
  9. Annoyingly due to how IE history DOESN'T actually show every site visited on a given day.. no link to share. I came across a piece discussing the highest rated complaints/feature requests for Win10. Naturally aeroglass was among the top (But not THE top apparently) requests. There was an argument/explanation put by Gabe, given that M$ put transparency & blur into most things (start/notifications/volume) EXCEPT the titlebars, BECAUSE it may conflict with sites that use a highly coloured home page title. Netflix was an example given. Yet we the glass loving minority are slightly less wrong today, since the new 10525 build apparently has at least coloured title bars now. Seems M$ have shot the polar bear look. But haven't budged on the use of solid colours. Those winds of change, seems the suggestion of regression to a Windows1.0 theme means anything they do can be considered an improvement.
  10. Hi guys, For some time now, using Palemoon- the forum doesn't display correctly. It occasionally happens during data capped periods, but that isn't the case today. Is it a problem on my end? If I use IE it displays fine. cheers. -sean
  11. I am reminded of a story... I don't have a link. but it was on local news a few weeks ago. Essentially, A radio station was playing some kind of siri voice command to disable mobile phones. (flight mode?) A novel and utterly simple way to stop data / facebook from sending and receiving while driving. "Hey Cortana, brick the phone" lol
  12. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173961-windows-10-gwx-update-removal-tool-for-windows-7-and-windows-81/?hl=%2Bdont+%2Bwant+%2Bwindows Honestly, I got lazy and ran the tool. There was possibly too much to decide to remove at the time. It seems though it probably only removed (KB3035583), but it is back again in the update list. Undoing the work. I'll go and hide the updates you've mentioned... or continue to keep now the 'notify for download, notify for install' setting in gpedit. Why did I not do this sooner on the 8.1 machine I'll never know. Lesson learned. -sean
  13. Noel, I didn't click reserve or install or anything.. and it still downloaded itself.
  14. Well, this is just peachy. I ran the I_dont_want_win10_tool last week or so on my Win8.1Media Centre I was checking the daily dl usage just now.. and wtf... high data usage. So, being the only system I trusted to take care of its updates... I didn't set anything in gpedit. So apparently now, the update to Win10 pro is 'important' I have a fresh new $windows.~bt\sources folder and an uninstalled copy of Win10 I didn't NEED. (I already created an iso from mid july release) Now my monthly usage has grown to 38%.. not shown, but you can see the damage on the 12th. A secretive overnight download. Thanks M$. -sean
  15. From another forum.... Bad Soldier: One of Microsoft's finest techs was drafted and sent to boot camp. At the rifle range, he was given some instruction, a rifle, and bullets. He fired several shots at the target. The report came from the target area that all attempts had completely missed the target. The Microsoft tech looked at his rifle and then at the target again. He looked at the rifle again, and then at the target again. He put his finger over the end of the rifle barrel and squeezed the trigger with his other hand. The end of his finger was blown off, whereupon he yelled toward the target area: "It's leaving here just fine. The trouble must be at your end!"
  16. Doesn't always happen. But you can see.. it does. No 3rd party theme etc... pure aeroglass, and thats it.
  17. I've noticed a possible slight bug in your water mark BM. In the attached shot, on first boot, it can be seen a magnified blurry watermark on my start menu. Also it happens on the action center too. It not simply visible because of the transperency- it shouldn't be on the start menu, and is much higher and larger on the action centre than the desktop position. Could you explain this? -sean edit, it seems only to happen if the background is selected to picture.. not solid. Also, the usual watermark is not visible via print screenfor the primary display.. but is on the second monitor. Different picture to help
  18. Well I received a visit from the father-in-law. JFYI, He is 100% deaf, and 95% blind. You have to see his desktop to appreciate the customization (high contract to say the least) So, he may have inadvertently clicked the Win10 reservation button. Likely yes.. but he is 70. Updates history list had Win 10 Home listed as failed several times.. I think it tried 8 times I counted roughly. The source of the failure was- a metered internet connection. He exceed the dl limit for obvious reasons. But it kept retrying. Grey Nomads of the western world are embracing wireless technology-but it isn't as cheap or unlimited as M$ likes to think. The only easy option I could see was the 'Idontwantwindows10' tool. It worked. So thanks to all involved. Our inheritance is saved again. While it may be possible to configure a fresh Win10 installation for his eyes... we do NOT wish to do that on an established system serving his needs comfortably- and not at great data expense. He'd sooner buy a new machine and learn/adjust at his own pace. 'Free' is a relative term. -sean
  19. I prefer the quote "Be reasonable, Do it my way" Anyway, FYI.. This laptop is Vista era. After several months I got sick of the pace of Vista threatening to destroy the HDD from thrashing. I decided to 'downgrade' to XP.. but had a little trouble finding device drivers. I even went so far to go online and ask HP tech support for the **** link to the page I needed with the drivers. It was then, the rep told me.. Try windows 7... It was in early beta at the time. Interesting advise hey?! I did manage to scrounge all the drivers to function as XP.. but I was never a fan, and while I succeeded to install it, he picked my interest. So I did enter the 7 beta program, and used several builds later up until final RTM and SP1. Sorting out drivers and things is a well worn path for me, and this little machine. I've maximised the RAM, installed the fastest CPU that will fit TDP, and a solid SSD. 8 yrs old, and faster than many of todays offerings. Probably the worst kind of customer really.
  20. I wonder if I ticked a telemetry counter this week. I installed (for the nth time) Windows 8.0... and actually activated it. On my laptop. Why the great gods may ask? After installing (almost) all the Win10 previews, I lost audio after 9926. Wifi has been broken after sleep or shutdown since 10074 requiring a reboot every time., 10130 then 10240 nothing changed. Only 8.0 shows no missing drivers in device manager after installation. Attempting even to 'upgrade' to 8.1 undoes the good work. Although sound somehow works.. Possibly I could fix 8.1, but at this point there is no benefit to bother. Plus it considers itself a clean install and removes all user programs and leaves only documents/files. Great... EOL for Win8 is still many years away. I'd rather my all hardware is working, than an OS that doesn't care. Glass8 still looks lovely. I have borders back. It somehow feels faster than 10, Snappier, and glorious sound again. Nice icons. And a start screen I never open because have Classic Shell. Bliss.
  21. Here is my small example of a non-glass vs glass desktop. Small but noticable. Less white. Stronger details. Title contrast helps immensely. -sean
  22. That little bit of colour & blur it puts back into the title bar... eradicating the polar bear in a snow storm look. A softer, kinder, less offensive look. I don't even use alternate theme, its all I need. Why can't M$ see the difference a bit of title glass makes. Thanks BigMuscle. I guess an updated modernframe.dll would finish it off, but I'm sure that is in the pipeline. Cheers!!!!
  23. Congratulations, Now happily what the hell kind of introduction is that?!! I'll have a pound of mercury, and a teaspoon of bul*****. At room temp they probably flow the same.
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