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  1. All they need to do is a bit of BM goodness in the title bars and all is fixed. Gosh the difference. And maybe leave all the new metrotard controls for table mode. I notice 10074 has replaced the volume controls with a larger 'minimalistic' slider. Right click menu still works for now. I use mixer a lot. Cheers
  2. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2923492/backup-and-restore-feature-returns-in-leaked-peek-at-windows-10-build-10123.html @NoelC I came across this and thought of you.
  3. Ahh okay, Found a solution to 10074 not finding my NAS, https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/lync/en-US/b0ee07f9-d6e0-4852-979d-1fa5d3aef302/network-drive-cannot-be-mapped-in-w10-build-10074-clean-installed?forum=WinPreview2014General I installed a fresh install of 10074 64bit to my spare i7...... previously running 32bit Win8RP build 8400. The network drive wasn't configurable via the usual means (just like my laptop), so I went searching. This was the answer. So simple. But why.
  4. It makes you angry. Simple stupid things... like HDCP over HDMI To use a popular local satellite PVR via HDMI on the media card (I am being vague to avoid things being fixed) in my HTPC, required a 'modified' version of its software to fake/enable HDCP. But then I also couldn't run Blue-ray software for a time over VGA because of a lack of HDCP handshaking style issue... one had to run anydvdhd just to somehow enable playing of discs I paid for. A dumbass kmart player can play a BD, but not a PC. I don't even need to use the PC to record/timeshift anymore, the sat box is a proper PVR, but its nice to create my own live 'picture in picture' on my desktop, its called Windows... a fine wireless mouse and keyboard on the couch. Perfect. Piracy is a lousy excuse for making it so difficult to be a normal customer.
  5. Okay, So from those links I've learn't that apparently anyone with large drives of movies using WMC are likely pirates and are being forced into obsolescence. The new paradigm is to again receive media via 'approved sources' via the internet. Not cable, satellite or other means with freely available hardware. Freedom of choice is why we still try to circumvent imposed limitations. It was so much easier a few years ago. I still use a (well spec'd) HTPC, not for piracy- but for the best 'smart TV' available. Evolving since 1994. Time shifting was the first objective. Internet made it awesome. A couple of times recently we've bought dvd for the kids, included in the box is a download link for 'approved' software to play on alternative hardware (andriod/ipad..I dunno) So I have to pay for additional downloads as opposed to maybe utilising the fresh dvd/bluray media in my hands and uploading locally to wifi disk or thumb drive.. Grrr.
  6. From page 2... even translated reads plainly. Nothing new of substance. Simple value equation. (If we put 'security' aside for a moment... big locks only keep the innocent people out anyway)
  7. Hopefully, During my time here I've demonstrated that I'm no novice to Windows.... I hate it as much as you. Somehow, with each passing new build, less and less of the internal hardware of my 2007 era laptop and devices will operate within the 'Out of the Box Experience' Obsolescence withstanding.... First the AverMedia TV tuner PCI-e card wasn't supported or stopped working during 9841.. then about 9879 I lost native audio. (can use bluetooth headsets) The SD card slot hasn't been recognized since the 10041 fresh reinstall, and now 10074 can't find my NAS drive either. yay for Windows 10.
  8. The cynic in me is inclined to agree..... Its not like anything fancy going on, a simple usb enclosure and a recycled 2.5" laptop hdd attached to the usb socket on the router. A poor mans NAS. Not even very fast...But speed isn't the goal. (And still faster than up/downloading to the 'cloud'... at my expense) Still they think we all have fibre connected unlimited internet... sorry, I live in reality- data costs money.. more if you're rural customer like me. Obviously I can plug the drive into my laptop perfectly fine.. but that defeats the point of a remote drive accessible from which ever PC I happen to be sitting at. (On my local network) I've done away with running a power hungry server just to power a couple hdd for instant access. Going backwards into the future. Sean Edit, In further thinking, why do I need 15Gb of 'free' Onedrive off site, thousands of miles away probably. We have usb thumb drives with more speed and storage in this day and age. The message is clear to me- Cloud solutions to problems I don't have. If I REALLY want to host a file to share with anyone... GoogleDrive seems less of a hassle. I don't 'sync'.. I UPLOAD.
  9. Since I finally upgraded from 10041 to 10074, I have a NAS type USB HDD hanging off my router that can no longer be seen from Win10. I only normally simply configure 'add network location' tell it \\routername\usb-storage\usb1_1 , and it normally shows up. My other two systems (Win7 & 8.1, and previous Builds of 10) do. It is also normally possible to 'map network drive' to find it as well. Give it a Z:... well, that doesn't work either. "Windows cannot access \\routername\usb-storage\usb1_1" I'll probably have to nuke the installation, and freshly install 10074 from iso.. but I was only just forced to do this with 10041. Realtec sound is still also broken since early 9xxx builds for me. Cheers, Sean
  10. double post... here's a better link anyway. https://www.powerbasic.com/support/help/pbcc/_bloat_metastatement.htm
  11. http://www.freebasic.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8527 There was a time where the size of your program reflected your skills and time, after all, what have you been doing all day on that keyboard. So, creatively, someone decided to invent 'The bloat switch'
  12. I thought I'd add a small mention of a small feature I don't know even know still works Currently, I am using Build 10041, I like how the taskbar and startmenu (Classic Shell, and MetroTard) adopt some colour from the daily wall paper. The bit that I really like is how the settings icons also adopt the colour too. Try it. Do the later builds do this?
  13. I'm having to disable wifi on my laptop to prevent the forced install of the next build update. Selective browsing, and causing WU to fail. Currently I'm on 10041, its trying to install 10061... and now 10074 is out. Although I could probably try to change a reg string somewhere..again... I want to wait for the next build before I do anything. Data isn't cheap for everyone. Where is the 'Limited connection' switch? I'm sure I've seen it somewhere. Sean
  14. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/11220524/Chinese-hacker-installs-Windows-98-on-an-iPhone-6.html I'm sure some might have seen this... but I just had to post the link. A DOS emulator intended for some nostalgic play turned into a toy for a Chinese bloke. Plus some other cool hacks for smart watches running PlayStation games and more. Cheers
  15. Such as this BM? "We know this one will be a bit painful but there is a bug with this build in which Win32 (desktop) apps won’t launch from the Start menu. The workaround is to use search to find and launch these apps and pin them to your taskbar for quick access." http://blogs.windows.com/bloggingwindows/2015/04/22/windows-10-technical-preview-build-10061-now-available/ Seems a major bug.. not launching Win32 'apps'... I thought those were real programs. Cheers
  16. Similarly, It was only the other week or so, lacking data on my limited internet connection- I decided to switch into the slow ring to delay build 10041 downloading and using precious bandwidth. Reading some of the bugs in that build, I was pleased at my choice. Until the reboot one week later. It was pushed into the slow ring and silently downloaded onto my system. Then the reboot thay may be requided (lol) and lo, "Missing Operating System" Seems my system that has gone from Win8 and every test build upgrade process perfectly -- now failed. In a nutshell, there appeared to be some kind or partitioning changes and the disc wasn't visable in the recovery console. Only a bootrec /fixboot would temporarliy restore access in the cmd prompt. But would fail again on reset. odd. I restored it manually using a disc image I run periodically, back to build 9926, and tried to disable updating in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update\AUOptions (0) Ya know, it did work for a few days- then somehow I woke up to the same message again. Missing OS. This time the bootfix was slightly better as I was able to access the drive in a different machine and extracted the downloaded esd and made an iso from it. Clean install - and its working again. Still no Realtec audio since 9841, and I thought a clean install would cure that. And some motherboard drivers not found. Anyway, gotta run.. time pressure.
  17. Is there any way to use this as a means to play Modern App games oomek? Perhaps keyboard remapping or something since many 'Modern' games use WASD or cursor keys for directions etc. Funny that this is exactly what Windows games need- a Microsoft controller ... Hmmm. Genius. I wonder if the M$ clowns thought of this for their Windows 10 Xbox gaming/streaming mode..... or what ever it is. Xbox is a poor excuse for a PC wired to a TV. I've always just wished Xbox games could run on a decent HTPC without hassle. Originally the Xbox was a modified Pentium 3 anyway, and XMBC was the ducks guts. Yet those games were never 'allowed' to run on a regular PC. Re market the Xbox controller and Kinnect devices with native drivers for Windows 10 and it would boom to new heights for Games and Apps. cheers
  18. Unsuprisingly, when I disabled UAC using this reg key NoelC pointed me at.... HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System EnableLUA to 0 The new notifications box, new clock/calender and even the calculator didn't work anymore. Oddly the calculator, even if you click the old Win32 version- only the new metro one loads. This is the consistency issue Noel talks about. So I can't use the old calc.exe anymore. Thanks M$. It also didn't fix the installation of files to the system32 folder being disabled anyway. Its less Microsoft leading the way, more a chain gang being forced against their will to forced march.
  19. Plus BM likes to remind us every day with a big pop up permanent debug box that this is version for Win 8.1... And we don't have to go to effort and trouble of opening the debug.log if we do see random glitch and want to investigate further. Why not have a reg entry BM for the 'advanced' users to suppress the water mark and cmd box on even debug versions... He thinks we like it this way, license or not.
  20. Okay so, like the title suggests, for some reason- maybe because of some limitation, I cannot install Virtual Clone Drive (by ArcSoft) into Win10 9926. (Since it can mount my backup bluray isos) Actually It didn't work on the last build either. When installing, It informs me it cannot write to c:\windows\system32\drivers for the ElbyCDIO.sys. I've tried the take ownership method on any level of the folders.. no luck. I can't seem to set permissions either for the user or admin for writing. Apparently AnyDVD (also by arcsoft) also doesn't install says some complaint on the forum. No solution was offered. What am I doing wrong? Or have M$ made it difficult somehow..... Cheers
  21. Now if only Microsoft would let anyone classic mode, Windows 8+ might find service in real roles. Like on ships and oil rigs, space and industrial places which if you watch any amount of documentaries on cable / satellite television... I do... XP was almost clever having that awful green start button. You see it immediately everywhere... Lately I've been looking to See classic themes in use, and try to guess what they are running.. 95/98/NT..... On process control computers, and even cat scan machines. Win8++ I can't see being used for real work, unless it has a 'normal' , classic... Bu!!Sh!t free user interface. But no, they are tearing out Win32 code and replacing it with... well, rubbish. Perhaps a simple graphics driver change to 'Standard VGA' might convince/force a Win98 style theme.... I'll have to try it. Cheers.
  22. http://www.winbeta.org/news/how-bring-back-old-resizable-start-menu-running-windows-10-build-9926 Works fine to restore old, um new start menu.. aka 9879 style. Cheers.
  23. Previously, How to geek and others showed how to disable the sky/one drive icon in explorer. http://www.howtogeek.com/167058/how-to-disable-skydrive-integration-in-windows-8.1/ The location is different now, I didn't bother for 9879, but now 9926... I found the altered reg key for it, and here it is. Set Attributes DWORD to 0. Even when you disable onedrive via group policy editor, the icon is still present. This will fix it. Cheers, Sean
  24. That screen shot shows how good a bit of glass on the menu looks. At least for now, the trick to rename classic shell to cs.exe allows installation, and the blur effect still works. Microsoft have also removed the small glow animation on the taskbar icons when you hover on them. Exception is the usual status icons, pwr,snd,volume still have blue glow, but not the new notifications icon. Setting 'Disable Task Bar Transperancy' in Classic Shell, still restores some blur to the taskbar. I was slightly annoyed though, I sat at my laptop do do a few things and realized it was updating. Thanks, I would rather have downloaded the iso with my limited data package and done it manually. Cheers, Sean Edit, I see it is mentioned that transparency is planned for inclusion since the start menu has been re written. http://blogs.windows.com/bloggingwindows/2015/01/23/january-build-now-available-to-the-windows-insider-program/ Time will tell.
  25. The debug.log doesn't mention key loading for version 1.3... No watermark, no popups or dwm box ..... everything looks okay. I guess its working at this stage.

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