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  1. Every morning a little nag screen reminds me I need 'important' updates. I select hide. It tries so hard- but even Microsoft can't change one single fact. My primary hdd has less than 1.6Gb free space. And I won't be freeing any either. It pleads me to make some room. Updates prevented. Simple. Why.. this is on version 1511 and its stable enough, and everything works. My fathers identical Chuwi laptop has bsods, and wifi issues since the Anniversary & Creators update.
  2. Just noticed a regression today. I was trying to gather network usage from my machines, One Win8.1, two Win10. On Win8, the sidebar can display estimated usage for each network. I have a few wifi networks, so I can see easily data used by each. With Win10, the usage monitoring is accessed through settings/data usage for a global wifi or ethernet figure. Less detail. But you can see which apps are using it.. but obviously the usual brower is the main culprit. The option can be re enabled with a reg hack, after taking ownership- by changed the dword to 2. localmachine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\controlpanel\setting\network 'ReplaceVan' (0) to '2' The the right click menu option appears on each available network. Less is more hey microsoft. Could have just left the feature behind the right click- but you had to hide it further.
  3. Don't get it do ya?!.. I watched a kid draw a circle in the last ad. A Circle, with her finger! Mindblow. <TIC> Seriously, they were comparing some snotty kid vs its mother at some moronic task. Finger vs mouse. Serious work like annotating selfies with arrows and comments. M$ are flogging something they think has something over the MacBook. Touch. Looks like reactive marketing to the Press over the lack of such a thing still in the Mac. I actually disabled the touch screen feature on my Win10 tablet.. it can be annoying. All I want for Christmas is the marketing and cost reduction departments of the large corporations that the wheels of need turn on- to step out of the way of the engineers and let them do good work. An amnesty on time and budget, to polish and improve core code and structures.
  4. Um, no- its been back since Win8 Geez, photobucket is so loaded with ads it barely loads... cpu time crazy
  5. So where did the up arrow go? Another regression?
  6. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2016/10/07/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-14942-for-pc/ Maybe, they are finally listening. I'd bet the newest promoted apps will be installed though.
  7. haha, Notice my avatar is a Dreadnought class starship. USS Vengeance. Even the federation needs a big heavy stick sometimes.
  8. Yeah, Gosh. When I bought my new tablet to replace my long standing laptop- it took almost minutes to remember how to log in to BM's website- and get another key. d***, I paid a nominal donation fee 3 years ago... How could Bigmuscle make a profit giving me another key?, Maybe there is more to it than that. Another desktop saved from the white noise. Glass just finishes it off. Thanks BM. Edit, All my systems listed in my signature run a version of AeroGlass. It just works perfectly.
  9. I think any growth now is likely to be new hardware sales rather than updates. While they will happen- we all know there is no real need.
  10. Stung by another 'feature'. Windows 10 tried to update the tablet again last night. Got me asking, why? Its set to metered connection, yet it was attempting to install the AU 1607. Ahh, So the metered setting is for EACH wifi access point you use/select. It remembers the settings, but defaults off for new connections. I switched to a different access point, and it thought it could go nuts downloading! When I checked the adapter settings, it was back to un-metered for the AP I was now using. (Tethered 4G mobile phone) The very annoying part is each update reboot takes in excess of 30mins of 'Getting Windows Ready" before its usable again. Feel hostage to the machine. Cheers
  11. Thanks for the explanation Noel & JorgeA, I noticed the site was unavailable for a while. In other news the tablet again did more updates, to 10586.545 (from 420) Only obvious change is now a dwm incompatibility msg from aeroglass. Great. Did BM even cover this newer version.. This is why I don"t want/need updates!!!!! It doesn't care much for the metered setting. And there more still listed waiting to install if I lift the metering. It must be a Windows 10 Home thing.. the i7 with Win10 Pro gagged with registry to 'never check' iirc, is still holding at 10586.420 I expect to wake up any morning to a brick.
  12. Overnight two posts about tablets mysteriously disappear.
  13. Just installed VMware player 12 'Free Edition' on a fresh Chuwi hi10 Chinese Dual OS tablet. (Windows 10 Home (1511.420) / Android 5.1 preinstalled) I did that to run a small installation of XP SP3/x86 for some 16bit based software I need access to. Good to keep a working XP licence and ISO handy. Obviously I've run O&O to quiet down the telemetry, but this thing runs very lean anyway. Android mode is pretty awesome too. Clean and fast. VMware would the the last mob to be put off or confused about M$ playing tricks with arbitrary version blocking. Their Job Description is running whole OS's on 'incorrect' hardware! Cheers
  14. Ahh simple. We complained the usual monthly patch Tuesday updates weren't being explained well enough. So they've decided to roll them into renamed 'monthly roll up package', that cumulatively merges the updates in a seemingly rolling cycle. Instead now they can generalize the explanations over a larger area. And basically demolish the ability to deny specific patches.
  15. http://winsupersite.com/windows-10/microsoft-shortens-recovery-rollback-period-10-days-windows-10-anniversary-update Its hard to agree or dis-agree on this one... yes it could free space.. but then again a simple button to 'clear previous editions' might have had the same effect- and allowed for choice.

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