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  1. Please, I am not trying to be rude, it is hard/difficult to work out who is entitled to to a 'proper' license. It was only suggested that those who have been in the program will continue to be 'enabled' until your device is no longer supported. Vague at best. But anyone hoping to get on the program since the preview keys have been disabled is out of luck. Sorry to offend if my tone was harsh. -sean
  2. somehow I am starting to get confused, didnt MS say that only W7 and 8.1 users get W10 for free? So those that installed and tested, and re-tested, Win10 during its development shouldn't get a carrot too? Those that only came to the table (very) late in the program are not included. Sounds fair to me. It has cost me in time and downloads over several builds. If you think you can install a preview build TODAY and reep the benefits of the insider program.... then shame on you.
  3. They've changed the clock on the taskbar again, back to a single line, time only. That was something I liked having, date and time... you can still have it, but not with small icons set. Still they know not of choice. I have not found a way to put it back. Probably it can't, its specifically not in settings.. and there are a number of settings. Looks like they also removed most of the blur from the taskbar.. its more transperant than the action menu or start. Weird. -sean
  4. Well, I've installed the 10240. No M$ water mark.. also no glass8.eu either.. ?! (BM aeroglass working nicely so far.. no glitches. yet) Computer properties simply says Windows 10 Pro. No longer insider preview. And if you go into settings, preview/insider builds needs to be enabled with 'getting started' It even says Windows is activated... This laptop is running on pure original insider keys since day dot. Looks like an activated RTM/Escrow/Threshold something edition so far. -sean
  5. @Formfiller I am actually genuinely pleased your problems were heard (amoungst the crowd), if my own test system could fix several annoying bugs I would be with you. Currently on my laptop HP2533TX, No audio for anything for several builds now (it has a realtek audio chip, and nvidia 8400gs for video) . Youtube, flash reports an 'error', really helpful. Not working. ever. Clean installs.. what ever. No video... .. hmm weird. Disable HW accel... nope..... dunno. The fan runs at full speed when the screen goes to sleep. Something is happening I can't find...suddenly the machine finds something to do once the screen is off. Massively annoying while I do the dishes and the laptop is getting ready to blast off into orbit while doing NOTHING. Turbines running full tilt until I touch the mouse. It gets stupidly laggy after running for a few hours, everything is slow. Usual reboot to TRY to restore order. Flash player crashes frequently. No wifi after sleeping. Requires a restart, or disable/enable network adapter. I've tried clean installs..etc. It is simply broken. I am almost sick of testing Win10. Each new build costs me time & bandwidth, and nothing to show for it. Not a single fckn thing!.. Wow , a whole 2.3Gb download for almost different GUI... thats it!?.. nothing for a casual user to even CARE about. Some blur or a dark theme. fck me. Ohh, the tiles slide instead of roll now.... really.. Skepticism actually takes some effort. Whoops, I forgot the login screen thing has a circle avatar, AND a smiley now. from Wiki, "Skepticism is the process of applying reason and critical thinking to determine validity. It's the process of finding a supported conclusion, not the justification of a preconceived conclusion. It's thus inaccurate to say "Skeptics don't believe in ghosts." Some do.", Or that M$ believes that our UI is obselete. They would be correct given the notion of in-app purchases and other means by their competitors. Always late to the party. Microsoft has a VERY long record of being blind to the future. But I cannot see what part of this is an upgrade. Is the kernal more stable than 7 or 8.x?... or just more bloat. I'll reload a disc image of the the thing PERMANANTLY back to a working version of Vista or 7 eventually to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with the hardware of the machine. All the proof I need right there. On THIS laptop, Win10 is simply broken.. figure that out. Cheers PS, 10 million people are going to wake up and find everything changed overnight.... "Well, the more of you die.. the better I eat." Ice Age 2.
  6. http://moishelettvin.blogspot.com.au/2006/11/windows-shutdown-crapfest.html Whoa, this little gem perfectly illustrates the internals workings (if that is even close to 'working') of M$. Too many teams. Now add the insiders program, we get a even larger version of the problem described here, http://www.inc.com/magazine/20100201/a-little-less-conversation.html I've enjoyed reading Joel Spolsky and his links... Much of what was written 10 years ago is terrifyingly true today. -sean
  7. Well, Win10 is a naggy biatch Set Configure Automatic Updates in gpedit to '2', Notify for update, Notify to install. Stop sucking my bandwidth behind my back. So, there are two waiting for me.. Windows Defender- and some Samsung device (phone) thing. Fine, But you get a big nag box saying 'Updates Required', and it forces you to the settings app. Only then can you click the close caption and make it go away. For the next hour or so. Big pop up...no choice on delay time., interrupting work to manually click several times to close. Bloody annoying.
  8. Do you think there is any possibility that the fresher looking 'metro' skin, could get a transperancy/blur option so it looks more similar to the native Windows 10 menu? Its the only thing missing, I use it all the time, and it fits the general out of the box theme. I have become so used to have BOTH the MS start screen on my keyboard win-key, and use the mouse to activate-click, the 'real/classic' start menu, I would love it if they shared the blur. Thanks guys, very well done.!!!
  9. You picture is suggesting the apparent functioning version of Windows 10 that is displaying the page is doubting its 'Genuine-ness' and asking for reimbusment to ease the wonder and apease the Overlords. My picture is of a system of which was configured to not recieve updates, willingly and obviously downloading a list of items (at dial up speed I might add due to systems relentlessly leaching my bandwidth to excess. Now on 5% as of posting. I also have a lovely fresh install of Windows 10 build 10130 since my laptop decided to also ignore my settings and recieved the next build update. I tried to compile the .esd into an iso before the 'upgrade', but it failed... I suspected a bad download... but several hours later it survived the scheduled restart and survived. Imaging software takes away the pain of watching the process... if it fails, we'll try to fail again tomorrow...! The loss of control is disturbing.
  10. So my two systems running build 10074 don't qualify?, Should I open the gate and upgrade them now, even though one last new preview build might make it out since the leaks are flowing already (build 10147) before Jul 29th. Band-width sucking exercise just for a bad incremental update, I've been on the program with a Microsoft account.... I'm sure everything will be fine. Maybe two free 'upgrade' licences for being an insider since inception. Woot. Will there be another fast ring build before rtm... its been a while since 10130. Poor trade off to upgrade to an already obselete build just to qualify. Descisions- lock in now or later.
  11. somehow the formatting screwed up.. i dunno how.
  12. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/e7/archive/2009/02/26/some-changes-since-beta.aspx?PageIndex=2 I remembered reading the Win7 beta blogs back during the beta testing of Windows 7. This page specifically. I went hunting to find it again for your reading pleasure... please scroll down to point #36 'Performance' near the bottom. Here you will see that the team was interested in ensuring as little lag as possible. The experience of Windows. A simple little thing like opening time of the menu. ... Then in this post, how important it was for us to have control over which features are installed. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/e7/archive/2009/03/06/beta-to-rc-changes-turning-windows-features-on-or-off.aspx Sinofsky was instrumental in polishing 7... how did he lose the plot so badly in Win8... If the start screen or The removed start button were made possible to add or remove via the 'features' menu... things could have been very different. They forgot the very rules they learnt from the feedback the first time. User choice. Perhaps marketing took control of the company and dictated the direction... or they sacked anyone with sense of cohesion and replaced them with interns.. either way, while re-engineering the mothership for a touch future- they threw out functionality for everyone else. I'm not knocking change, but why did Windows jump in a time machine and go back to 16bit looking graphics and icons. All the while removing time honored controls and menus millions are familiar with. whatever, I'm just happy to share the once positive and thoughtful changes you can read about in the Engineering of Windows 7... Did those ideas & things become obsolete too? Strange World.
  13. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/04/30/microsoft_edge_sucks/ Says it all when M$ secured these domain names so, well, you don't try to use them!
  14. FWIW, I still haven't installed this update, it still shows as optional- and based on what I'm reading, it'll probably cause more hassles than it solves. Notwithstanding, ClassicShell is probably fixed, but what other bugs are roaming about. You only have to ask my 8 yr old, how many times has our Nexus 7 updated itself, and borked her favorite games. Updates make everyone in this household quiver, its not from blind fear- but bitter experiences with them. -Sean
  15. I think to be completely honest, there is probably no reason why Windows 10 won't be as stable as the previous operatings system that have occupied this system since its inception It originally ran XP MCE, then a retail Vista Home Premium , then a HDD crash (from over use probably lol),so a decided side grade to Windows 7- until the suspect 'license' expired.. so another retail Windows 8, a free upgrade to 8.1... and now Windows 10 wants to infect it. Half the reason for upgrading was for the new visual eye candy.. Vista looked awesome on a big display. So did 7 mostly. 8 had (to me) actually useful ribbons in explorer- some hate it, but I'm sick of going through menus for simple view changes or whatever.. there was the value equation. Windows 8 though made my eyeballs bleed until BigMuscle fixed the Aero. I ran The Windows 8 preview (with native glass) on the i7 until the 2hourly forced reboots gave me enough sh!ts to throw Win10 on it only just recently because it looked, and ran so well. Until they can make the new Windows 10 look good... no, AWESOME on a massive screen... We have 4 and even 5k pixel displays now in sizes over 50, yes fifty+ inches wide... I can't see myself installing it....why the hell is Microsoft making Windows look so primative, fugly. For some failing Tablet sales...really?... Now they have ruined most of the audio and networking controls to these slow, and large boxes that have less functionality with wasted white space. rant over, I could think of more. -Sean
  16. So my HTPC has recieved the GWX update, like most things in the task bar I decided to hide the icon. It will happily UN-hide itself next boot. While I may be running Windows 10 on two other machines here , I do NOT plan to use it on the HTPC for any foreseeable time. Now I have to stuff about trying to get rid of the nag ware. In the value equation, I don't see any benefit to 'upgrade'. Windows 8.1.1 MCE with AeroGlass and Classic shell is a functional and STABLE system. We almost never see the MetroTard menu. -Sean
  17. Hey folks, I thoughts I'd post something different and would love to hear from others. So, in a nutshell, it is almost impossible to know how long a computer has been powered on. There is no timer anywhere in Windows I am aware of, or the bios..etc However, it does seem that the hard drives do have (well some) a record. Running HDtune, will show a figure .. like this. Conveniently, this drive was fitted to my HTPC shortly after it was commissioned. It stands as my only record of the amount of time the system has been running. Not 24/7... it gets shutdown fully every night., but is on again first thing every day. So About 18/7. It works out to be about almost 7years , which is roughly the age of the system. I guess I am amazed that the drive has lasted this long, considering its in a demanding environment for vibration from the enormous speakers that flank the system. Thoughts?
  18. This program I use somehow uses the Vista basic theme for scalar and table 'Windows' under Win10 Weird hybrid to look at.
  19. Besides the fact I run a Win7 system in 32bit mode and will continue doing so forever since that is what stores & runs my hoarded load of software since the 90's. When I have to run 'Windows Media Viewer', an old 16bit program, which for me runs a Service Manual for a make of car. I either run it on the 32bit system, or use VMware and run a legal licensed old copy of XP which is brought out of retirement to run the software in my laptop. Its easy, its polished- and almost free. Abandon-ware is a term which comes to mind. So, yes. We Cobble bits of hardware / software together to run the needs of the day. Ideas and information are never obsolete. Annoying it is to find when PAID licenses fail to activate still useful software on rebuilt or replacement hardware. I have keys that just don't work anymore... or are often locked to specific software version numbers. Age (of you, or the hardware) is not a factor in success.
  20. http://www.sevenforums.com/windows-updates-activation/209055-how-do-i-find-my-product-key-windows-old.html If you still have the windows.old folder, you should be able to extract the key with one of the utilities mentioned in this thread. Cheers.
  21. The very definition still lies in the menus. Group Policy Editor vs 'Settings App' , one is a narrow minded easy touch for the most basic of settings. The other is real Windows. We can only hope the very serious tools that define Windows remain. 'Business Mode / #What ever'. It seems each major version download is 2+Gb of little more than visual eye candy changes and a new broken or half baked feature. Did you see todays News of Build 10130 in the internal 'rounds.... trying to tell us how much polish goes into each release. My take is the OSG group tries their best to ensure the 'Nu-Microsoft / Paid app support ring' doesn't screw up the main flighting branch core too badly. Everything else is legacy game- but lessons have been long learnt..
  22. Yeah, but that is the whole point of IoT computing. MinWin as it was called running on limited hardware.. headless if you like, accessible only via ethernet port ... No display just hardware doing a job. Now Pi2 and all that is shows -as always- we can do away with the UI.
  23. @NoelC, When I bought a retail box of Win8.0 for a reasonable price, I knew it could be of some use. When 8.1 came out, my key was eligible and the htpc upgraded itself. Later I even paid a nominal fee for the MCE upgrade. So, Now I have a new key for 8.1MCE. In a fit of boredom I decided to try to use the original set of 8.0 discs to freshly install my laptop to 8.0- figuring it was now a redundant unused key. But no, I had messages telling my the key was still in use on a different PC, and I had to buy a new one. Interestingly everything installed fine. I ran it until the Windows preview program appeared and it upgraded itself directly to 9841 IIRC. Yay for the trial program. Again. Its cost several GB of data. Somehow I hope that by being in the insider program on real hardware I might get a bargain price for a final key. For the laptop. The HTPC will remain on Windows 8.1 for a long time... its working perfectly and stable. Aeroglass/ClassicShell- everything is good enough. Yet it is entitled to a free Win10 update. decisions. Edit, This isn't about running unlicenced, I have several boxed sets & licences for Windows editions. It is annoying that a previously expensive Vista licence appears to be useless... unless I attempt to want to keep using an obselete OS.
  24. http://www.neowin.net/images/galleries/2370/screen_shot_2015-05-23_at_9.23.52_am.jpg Looks like the icons have gained a bit of life back in Build 100125, much closer to Win8.1 icons, not the bright puke yellow of now with one dimensional graphics. But I have just noticed the MetroTard photo viewer can't open GIF images. 'Can't open this file. It might be damaged' They open in IE just fine, and the older Windows Photo Viewer.
  25. I wonder if we could call the 9xxx series of Windows technical preview, Windows 9. We had the return of the almost decent start menu in 9841/9879 that could still be enabled via reg edit during 9926. I just tried the EnableXamlStartMenu (0) key and it doesn't work anymore on 10041 or 10074. No 10122 for me, I am skipping builds now.
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