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  1. I went looking how to set my ethernet connection to metered, and found exactly the answer. Thought I'd share. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-networking/how-to-set-an-ethernet-connection-as-metered-to/ecdaca08-d413-4a6a-9e33-b4afb337fc18?auth=1
  2. I can't remember how I saw this link today, sometimes I can't even trace my own history.... http://blog.zorinaq.com/i-contribute-to-the-windows-kernel-we-are-slower-than-other-oper/ There it was.. and again from 2013
  3. No it won't, The basic landscape is in place, and we are seeing a whole ecosystem evolving. I've been watching my Androids update themselves to version 5 or other revisions, macOS is around the corner... with minor evolutionary changes. Not hype. With this in mind be aware of the choices available and don't limit yourself. You can use more than one!
  4. Well, moving forward.. I can't see IMHO, why the connections to the outside world can't be purely virtual in a sand boxed VM.. and the bare OS running on metal could be any almost generation. The catch is going too far and sand boxing everything... we end up in a XAML or Apple ecosystem. VMware and others could become a more complete host enviroment and do away with the underlying OS altogether. If the real threat is the outside world for an 'obsolete' operating system, and a possibly similarly critical environment based on that system- then a permanently licensed system with an air gap is the only option. The legacy of legacy systems is they tend not to rely on the actual internet.... just old fashioned networking itself. Some random thoughts....
  5. It has come to a time where, I am seriously looking at a dual boot under 10" tablet/PC Android software has matured (in my opinion) to an early style of excellence that I now need a hybrid x86 tablet to run some apps! Many things need access to basically x86 architecture for a ton of legacy Win32 stuff I need to run, but now it has come to pass that some newer software is for Android. The new open OS. Lately despite Intel cutting back on some product lines. These dual OS Chinese tablets are receiving considerable praise for their abilities, but the best part is a simple dual boot option. Emulation has been a favorite pastime for many years... but native execution is even more awesome. Lets embrace the new wave. Since the only way to to run all the best software, is to run the right hardware to rule them all!
  6. Hmmm, Icons. Thats what I was thinking when I tried to use Arduino IDE 1.0.6 on Build 10240 whilst it was freezing and causing chaos.
  7. If life is going to exist in a Universe of this size, then the one thing it cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion... The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Chapter 11. Douglas Adams. RIP.
  8. There was once a young man who, in his youth, professed his desire to become a great writer. When asked to define "great" he said, "I want to write stuff that the whole world will read, stuff that people will react to on a truly emotional level, stuff that will make them scream, cry, howl in pain and anger"! He now works for Microsoft, writing error messages.
  9. One of my laptops would only run well with Windows 7 or 8.x , after Windows 10 I had no audio and problems. Run with which ever OS works, since that is its job. Most good software don't care about new Windows anyway.
  10. https://www.hackster.io/janost/the-nano-vic-20-e37b39?ref=part&ref_id=11332&offset=25 Something about dinosaurs..... Good old fashioned technology is alive and well- it just sometimes lives in a new home.
  11. "in control" of your ability to buy apps, and remove them again to make more space to buy more! 'Promoted Apps' is a kind way of saying, "We extorted money to put on the front page of our flagship- that product, now please buy it". As a feature update, they've doubled the space! ... Darling daughter really wanted me to install MineCraft, Oh I tried... but however deep I go, my store & xbox app just won't won't connect, O&O10 or whatever its called has worked well. Not interested in fixing it either... Steam is fine, and equally an un-needed shell/loader for just games on Windows.. WTF.. Can't things just run from a desktop icon.
  12. "The beatings will continue until morale improves" In other news, they've remove the wi-fi sharing feature; http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/05/11/windows_10_build_14342_features/ Low uptake?, or because it was generally a bad idea and a security risk deplored by many when initially announced. Don't piss in my pockets and tell me its raining.
  13. That does work actually. Interestingly it somehow messes with the -not- themed Windows 10 caption buttons. Not worried
  14. I'll try that, thanks. @Klamatiel Aeroglass is working fine for other title bars, but I watched it go white after Palemoon updated. Explorer, Firefox and other broswers are fine.
  15. And possibly since v26.0.0.0, I recall it happened a few weeks back and expected a fix to roll out somehow/somewhere. but not yet. Can't find anything. Given the popularity of the browser, I'm surprised it hasn't mentioned yet. Workarounds have been mentioned for Opera and Firefox. I'll be told to use a different browser probably. This white theme is painful on the eyes. Chalk up another loss in choice.
  16. What would the architects think of NT now...... http://news.microsoft.com/features/the-engineers-engineer-computer-industry-luminaries-salute-dave-cutlers-five-decade-long-quest-for-quality/#sm.0000ss3ka84npeo0yys245hxkhmxl Compatibility was king, yet new and amazing things happened. Now Groove music (in the latest beta Windows build), might crash if used within 2minutes of login...... WTF? Groove, Zune... more rubbish with loaded acronyms and limitations like DRM, and even smells as similar and short lived as real Bull****. Loved both articles on the 'Live' update on the weather channel, and the new and unimproved Ink App attempting to replace the actually useful snipping tool. The golden days are over.
  17. Simple fun thing happened today. Normal machine (Win7), runs my chip burning hardware... A USB connected TOP2007 programmer. For others reasons I had to use this programming device on a different machine- I even had the original driver disk. Tried to setup on the i7 powered Win 10 machine... setup was unable to install the usb drivers for the device... tried as administrator ... what ever, didn't work.. stuffed about for 10mins. Went instead to a laptop running Win7, its a reasonably fresh installation.. just like the Win10 machine. Setup ran perfectly and the programmer works fine. I was even doubting it could go so well. Now, for an out of the box experience, and arguments about stability and all that.... if an OS can't run something as simple as a chip programmer installer without hassle.. its worthless. Windows 10, failed today for me. Windows 7 succeeded. Cheers.
  18. I'm hoping someone will explain why this is useful? http://betanews.com/2016/04/11/linux-bash-windows-10/
  19. Just as soon as he chooses to support the last one......
  20. A peculiar problem surfaced the other day when a friend told me of how her new Win10 laptop was having some trouble migrating her email account into the new Mail App. It turns out she ran the wizard to let the app import her existing mail from her web mail domain- and that appears to have succeeded, but then for some reason her newly imported email account was defaulted to send only, and was unable to receive email from outside of MS own welcome message. There was just one message bar that said outlook.com could add additional accounts, but it took sometime to find the right buttons to press. I configured her iphone to do the same thing in a 1/10 of the time, and I don't even own, or profess to know how to use even one. In the end it was a matter of configuring the Mail app from her newly generated MS cloud account to modify the basically local settings for the send & receive server ports and ip's. Hiding behind little cog icons and unhelpful hotlinks.
  21. Why must these updates give you a sickly feeling that something will break- then an lo, it DOES! I installed that lovely new Dell system at my friends house. Migrated their files and documents. All fine. Then we noticed it was running IE8, and we thought nothing of installing the IE11 update. At least it was already running Win7 SP1. 40minutes later on our limited connection it completed the install and rebooted the machine only to lose the monitor settings and has reverted to non-pnp analog display. The Dell website can only can a suggestion to update the bios and two other minor drivers. Nothing attempted so far has restored the previously working settings other than using a quick image of the system I made before before I installed IE11. That will lose an another hour of work to try another broswer, do another image, and possibly attempt another go at IE11 after further Windows updates are added. This was supposed to be simple.
  22. I've noticed many who do that as a backup (myself included), do your self a favor a get a comfy bluetooth keyboard & mouse, you'll almost never use a PC again.
  23. This is where M$ thinks they can sell us on this 'continuum' idea. Use your 'device' on ya big screen without wires. Just that it seems in practice apparently a bit ... (Well to say completely shit would be rude) Rudimentary. Using 'SplashTop' and hosting one of my PCs on my smartphone gives me desktop functionality on my phone using my own network. Then using a video input type card in the said PC then I can even watch TV or Satellite, or any other media on the phone/tablet. Bit more complex than their idea, but I still get Windows on my Android... I can even leave my network and use 3G to connect remotely. We live in interesting times, and with a bit of effort you can build anything.
  24. Heh, yeah, aww shucks, M$ missed out on a sale here.... So I get a phone call from a friend. The old Pentium 4 they've had for years.... I switched them to Windows 7 from XP long ago, is starting to feel slow. They run a bed and breakfast type business, and answering emails or an occasional skype call to family abroad is all it does. Knowing they have a decent LCD screen, mouse, keyboard, printer, webcam.... I said "Okay, Lets buy an used Dell i5 small form factor PC from a government surplus type store on ebay"... We got change from $250, will be fully licensed with pre-installed Windows 7, and just copy over all their stuff. (If this story sounds familier, I told my father to do the same thing about a year ago) It'll be next week or so when it arrives and I go install it.... But a 2nd Gen Sandy Bridge i5-2500 with 4gig ram and a decent 'spinner' HDD will blow their socks off. Sorry M$, they can't stump up either the cash or the reasons to buy actually new PC. And at their age, can't be bothered to learn new ways to do the basics.
  25. Yeah, So this 'Redstone' update, the new 'OneCore' is available, but what it can do is a mystery. Like you've said, where are the actual new features I might actually want. Well, not yet apparently. What ever secrets they have are yet to be disclosed. I've tried OSx in a VM, I could almost jump ship..... there are some things I could really appreciate if Windows could handle opening (say) a picture folder and do real time resizing without showing me a spinning blob. Will they ever introduce something actually useful? I've said before, nothing ever has come through Windows update that improved MY computing experience. I've disabled ALL windows updates on my systems for now and ever for some time. I'll take all responsibility if anything goes wrong. Nothing yet. (If a little known program like 'Clover' can do tabbed windows in explorer, why can't M$?, this is the kind of thing they never give us.. it even bloody works in Win10!) Time for Beer.
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